single forever???

  1. Ok, mabie im just sad after reading about every one and thier hubbys and kiddos. Mabie I'm having my own little pity party. I'm not really sure. I AM SO SICK OF BEING SINGLE. UGh!!!! MY BF of 1 1/2 yrs broke up w/ me 3 mos ago which is no problem....he was a loser and I was to sad to do It myself...he did me a favor. I think I just really miss the stability of it all. Im 28 every one else my age is married w/ kids or at least has a kid. I am just now deciding what I want to do w/ my life. Im not one of those peaple who have to have someone in my life to be happy. Before the ex I was alone for a long time...not a prob. Ugh I don't even know what the point of this thread was anymore. Geeez Is this what they mean by the biological clock starting to tick!!!???? Is that why I've had such a bad headache...hehe
    I've had afew date recently nothing very interesting though. Already tired of having to date again. I wish that whole part could be skipped. Any whoo.....guess im just tired of putting on the happy face for friends and family wanted to sulk for a while....thanks for listening, I LOVE ALLNURSES...It's like cheap therapy!!!
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  3. by   dianah
    Slog on, sister! There are pluses and minuses to being single and being in a relationship, respectively. Do what is right for you, you'll know what is right when it comes. Just be you, don't try and change for anyone or accept any less than the best for YOU! Things may look different/better after a good sleep. Positive thoughts coming your way . . . LOOK OUT!!!!
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i am enjoying being "single" again. like you, i don't depend on others to make me happy, however, i don't believe too many want to be lonely.

    i think it is alright to feel lonely (for the opposite sex company) but those whom you love (family, friends, etc.), i feel, should fill the void of being alone, if not yourself (do something that you enjoy, etc.) and or inner spirit. i really do believe there is a big difference in the two (being lonely and being alone).

    sometimes we need more time than others to "heal" from a break up and often times than not, some will not be content with anyone else until the healing is complete.