(Tonight is called "Silvester" here, that's the saint of the day.)

    May the coming year be healthy, peaceful and full of joy for all of you and your families

    Take care and don't drink too much champagne, Renee

    (have to write this already, cause my new year will be here in a few more hours. And I'll be dancing the Blue Danube Walz at 00.00)
    Translation for guten Rutsch, have a good slide ...........
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  3. by   aimeee
    Thanks, Renee! No chance of too much champagne here. We only have the one bottle to split among the four of us.

    Best wishes to all for a wonderful new year!
  4. by   fergus51
    Happy new years to you to Renee! I plan to have WAY too much champagne!
  5. by   night owl
    hey renee, how bout dancin to those leibesleider waltzes??? (did i spell it right?) love those little diddlees! have yourself a great new year /"silvester"! i'll be sliding in and probably falling on my a$$! i'll try to behave, but that's no fun! :d

    peace to all!
  6. by   hoolahan
    Thanks Renee, right back to you! Anf Happy New Years to everyone!!

    My friend is very susperstitious on NY's. She says however you take the year out is how you will spend the whole next year. For me, this makes having all the laundry done and folded. I do not want a year of chasing my tail with piles of laundry. I also make sure I have the shelves and fridge stocked.

    My friend also insists on pork being eaten on NY day, so I picked up a beautiful roast, hubby will fix it, since I am working. My friend also washes her hands with coins first thing in the am. I don't go quite that far myself.

    Anyone have any traditions on NY? It's my in-laws wedding aniversary, so we go there every year for a party. My F-I-L has several goofy games set-up with prizes, like who can spit the peanut m&m's the farthest (yes, this is after the first bowl of whiskey punch is gone.) Then he has a music contest with snipets from songs, and we have to guess correctly. And when you walk in, you have to guess the right number of beans in a jar. Every year he changes the type of beans and the size of the jar. It is a night of corny fun, and I love it! After about 10, we break into some very serious poker playing!
  7. by   semstr
    Hi to all,

    you all survived? No, hangovers? Well thank God for painkillers and Selzer and hot Gulashsoup.

    Sorry, but I don't know what kind of walz you mean...........

    But we always dance the blue danube one, that's Austria's real national tune.

    What we also do, is open the windows (no matter how cold) and let the new year in.
    Then we buy little "Glücksbringer", you know litle pigs, hearts, money, chimneysweepers (they're supposed to bring you good fortune) etc. and give them to the people you love.

    After that you do the "Bleigießen" (have to look that one up in dictionary. OK, Blei is lead). Heat the lead on the oven, with a special spoon and let it melt, then you throw the melted lead into cold water.
    The most curios forms accure there. And everybody tries to interpret them. As you can imagine pretty hard that time of the day

    Then on 1.1., doesn't matter how long and wet the night was, you watch the "Neujahrskonzert" with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on tv.

    Normally, everybody crashes after that!!

    Take care, Renee