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  1. Last night I had this nightmare...actually it was a terror. I dreamed that PA had passed this new law that if you were a nurse longer than 15y, you had to retake boards (don't ask me for the I said, it was a dream).

    Anyway, I took the test and failed, big time. I mean I really failed. The dream just sort of ended there with me having failed the test, and just looking at the result incomplete disbelief.

    Whew! As much as I complain, I would not want that to happen.
    So I think I am going to avoid those, "I took my boards and feel terrible" posts for a while. This is one dream I don't want to have again.
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  3. by   litepath
    ....An anxiety dream for sure!~~~
  4. by   Mkue
    wow Fab, good thing it was just a Dream, how creepy.