Signs of Spring

  1. Mother nature is messing with us here in the Midwest. It is a beautiful day in Kansas. I've checked the Daffodils and they are peeking out. But as a true Kansan, I know we are just getting a taste. The first real sign of Spring for me is seeing my first butt crack of the season and it has not happend yet.

    How do you know when Spring has sprung in your area??
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  3. by   NurseDixie
    The daffodils have sprouted up, but I haven't seen a robin yet, that's my first sign of spring.
  4. by   jnette
    Quote from NurseDixie
    The daffodils have sprouted up, but I haven't seen a robin yet, that's my first sign of spring.

    Yep ! It's those fat little rockin' robins!
  5. by   suzy253
    Love those chubby little robins as the first sign of spring. Here in New England (southern NE) I hear birds chirping but there's still some snow on the ground left over from the last storm we got. I hope they don't get cold
    This weekend is supposed to be in the 50's but I'm not getting my hopes up too much cos March could be a bit weird. So tired of looking at the brown grass and bare trees. Would love to see a little green. Then before you know it you'll soon see me posting that it's too hot and how I can't stand the humidity.
  6. by   manna
    It was gorgeous here a couple of days ago, but now it's cooooold and blustery rain again. Yuck!
  7. by   Chrislynn2003
    I know spring is near when the a flock of birds is out every morning at 6:30 and when they decide to "crap" on my car right after I've been to the car wash. :chuckle

  8. by   Dave ARNP
    It's pouring the snow outside.
    Looking for 2-4 inches by morning.


  9. by   Pab_Meister
    Here in Buffalo: Chile today, hot tamale.

    Translation: 32 F today, and by Sunday - waaaaaaaaay up to 50 ...and sunny! Wooo hoooo!!! I guess that's why Buffalo is often referred to as "the Miami of the North". I'll have to dig out my suntan lotion.
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  10. by   angelbear
    We are starting to get a few warmer days here and there but ya just know we are gonna get socked again before spring. I HATE WINTER I DEMAND SPRING NOW pretty please.
  11. by   Dixen81
    I drove home from school yesterday in snow and freezing rain. Today I drove home in the sun with the windows down, enjoying the warm day. Flip-floppy spring in the south.
  12. by   Ted
    Earlier yesterday it was 40+ degrees outside! Yea!

    Tonight its about 15+ degrees outside. Boo!

    Spring. . . It's taking its time getting here. . .

  13. by   jnette
    Quote from angelbear
    i hate winter, i demand spring now pretty please.
    ditto !!!
  14. by   sprtbikegrlsv65
    Ahhh you know it's spring when you start to see all the "seasonal" motorcyclists out and about...those are the ones that only break their bikes out for spring/summer and garage them all of fall and winter (even on a nice day)....i want to go for a ride....

    i have my Oakleys, my helmet all shined up, jacket out of storage (i am a seasonal rider hee hee) and i'm ready to roll...oh does anyone have a bike i can borrow?