Sick in bed going nuts...

  1. I finally have an entire weekend off!

    I have caught the cold from *@$#! from my beloved teenagers (strangely their girlfriends also have it!).

    I feel like POOH

    The boys whined when I fed them mac & cheese for dinner. Some one just had the nerve to bring me the cold part of their order of fries and Mc Nuggets ( have no idea where they came from... hey where the ranch...HEY wheres my cash card and my car??!!)

    All of my 6 cats are trying to be on me or my laptop.

    So are my 2 (over 50#) dogs.

    My hookshot is improving from putting snotty tissues in the garbage can across the room.

    My Mom (a nurse) and my daughter (an unemployed asthmatic CNA) keep calling to do mucus color checks (yellow).

    My husband is at work and does not feel sorry for me at all.

    I need cigarrettes, icecream and more kleenex (the stuff with lotion please)

    Sttheessth thisth thucks!

    The Nyquil buzz is kinda nice tho...

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  3. by   puzzler
    Sorry to hear you are feeling so rotten. But look at it this way-- you will be over it before the holidays.

    You are also getting in some quality time with the cats, dogs, and laptop. But it is a lousy way to spend a week-end off.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  4. by   KC CHICK
    Get well soon!!!
    For your husband's sake....I hope he doesn't catch it. You know, 'cause you'll be busy too....he'll have to take care of himself...he won't have anyone to feel sorry for him either..etc., etc.
  5. by   nur20
    Get well soon kids-r-fun !!!!!!!! Your PEDIATRICS awaits
  6. by   kids
    SICK IN BED DAY 2...

    Awakened to eerie silence...

    Last memory is laughing (coughing) at Duece Bigalow, Male Giggalow...must have (thankfully) lost conciousness...

    Bed is in total disaray but the cats and dogs are gone...there are some suspicious tufts of hair floating around, there is no blood on the walls but still this not a good sign.

    I have kleenex, thank the goddess, it is the lotionkind. I suspect the cats tried to help my dripping nose situation while I slept as they are shredded all over the bed.

    Peed my pants coughing on the way to the bathroom.

    Somebody brought me ice cream!
    There are 2 bites left in the carton...
    I have no memory of eating it, check natural shelf, no ice cream there...

    Found cigarettes.
    Find I have the vital capacity of a 22 week premie.
    Peed pants again.

    Have located 17 year old son, he proudly informs me he has played Everquest online for 27 consecutive hours.
    Hands me empty ice cream bowl and asks me to put it in the sink. Son is now picking useless cigarettes from body cavities.

    The 2 dogs are noticeably larger.
    I now have 3 cats.
    George has barricaded himself inside his house using empty food dishes.

    Husband, 18 year old son, credit cards and cars are missing, note mentions computer upgrade and car stereos...

    Send beer...

    And a gun
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  7. by   Jenny P
    Kids-r-fun, have you found out how to open the new Nyquil bottles? I found that to be the worst part of being sick for me.

    You WILL live through this, but I am concerned about if your family will-- or if they should! LOL! The idea of eating all of the ice cream and then HANDING the empty bowl to you! That is cruel and unusual treatment.
  8. by   night owl
    I see you have the "peeing your pants thing" going on. That's the worst part about having a damn cold and it s@#ks! Stress incontinence is the worst...It gets so bad sometimes (especially if I have bronchitis) that I go out and buy baby diapers, store brand (size 3, 16-28 lbs) they work better than those expensive serenity pads. There's 28 diapers for $4.98. OR the BIG bag 54 diapers for $7.00.

    Nyquil, I use 1/2 of the dose when I can't fall asleep. Puts me out in 20 min!

    Hey, I hope you're feeling better...

  9. by   kids
    Mom and daughter have arrived on a mission of mercy...

    They nave brought ice cream, diapers, a HHN and videos.
    Thank heavens, I was really starting to burn out on the Black Sheep Squadron marithon on The History Channel.

    Dayquil is kicking in, haven't blown my nose in at least 15 minutes.

    Andrea (daughter-21) has found the missing cats under the sofa. And has coaxed a terrified George from his house with carrots.

    Husband is doing dishes.
    Nathan (son-18) is doing laundry.
    Justin (son-17) is vaccuming up the cigarettes he removed from his orifaces, the tufts of hair, and shredded kleenex.
    (mother-in-law/Gramma is supervising).

    There is talk of clean sheets.

    I am headed for the shower.

    Yes, I still feel like POOH.
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  10. by   pkmom
    Hey, I'm really feeling for you. At least you have some help, my hubby thinks I'm just being a baby when I get sick so he ignores me. He's the type who rarely get sick.
    Here's a question: Why in the world are you trying to convince your hubby to move to Oklahoma? I just moved here a few months ago and I am going through some major Texas withdrawls!
  11. by   kids
    I'll confess, my children can tell you that around here if you want sympathy go look in the dictionary, you'll find it listed between s**t and syphilis. The rule here is if you need an ambulence we will call one.

    Husband hates sick people and knows eventually I'll get well, forgive him and start cooking again.

    My Mom remembers me doing things like...having a lap-chole on the 14th and back passing meds on the 22nd, ...having a THA and back on the floor with an infected incision 3 weeks later, I packed it with ABDs and covered it in saran wrap. (I went downstairs to outpatient infusion for IV ceftriaxone via my PICC after work, I still don't know why the wouldn't let me do it myself). If I am in bed its because I don't have a choice.

    We have friends in Moore! I love OK. My stepson is in OKC with his Mom and we all miss him. My inlaws and the rest of the clan are up north of you in Alfalfa Co. which has the best catfishing I've ever found including Arkansas. It is an area with a low human to acreage population, the hospitals in Enid are always offering killer bonuses. Even my husbands Ex, who is making a killing doing hospital contracts in OKC says she's never seen conditions so good.
  12. by   kids
    Originally posted by Jenny P
    ...have you found out how to open the new Nyquil bottles? ...
    I do not allow unleashed small children in our house. I break the outter child-proofing cap off of everything with a pair of channel lock pliers.
  13. by   pkmom
    Why would you love a place where one street can have 5 different names! I've been told I will get used to it, but this place makes me a little bit loonier every day. Moore, what's in Moore...a bunch of houses and a serious path of tornado damage.
    I must say that there are some great people here. OK is way more relaxed than Dallas, I like that part. I don't know anything about the job market here; I'm just a student.

    Well, anyway, I'm glad your starting to feel better.
  14. by   kids
    Well I made it upright, into clothes and out of the house today. Still feel pretty crumby but I can breathe.

    My house is clean and I didn't have to do it!

    Hey PK, I prefer northern OK. As for street names...I don't think I have ever seen a street sign (other than traffic control) in Alfalfa County

    thanks all