Siblings I'm a bit worried

  1. Hello my beloved friends. Listen, the main reason this BB is so special to me is the love we share for each other. I'm extremely worried about Rebecca,AKA Delirium. She stated she wishes she was dead. Well three weeks ago,so did I. I even started to make the plan. We've got to keep checking on Beck until the crfisis phase is over. BELIEVE ME When someone says they want to die,TAKE IT SERIOUSLY PLEASE. I KNOW. I WAS THERE. IT HURTS TO TAKE THE NEXT BREATH. So let's keep an extra vigilant watch over our Allnurses sister Rebecca tonight. Beck if you're reading this, You have helped me more than you could possibly know. If I never told you this before I'm telling you now. You are a giving and loving person who honors not only the nursing profession,but the human race as well. PM me if you need me for a shoulder to lean on okay? I'm here for you. Don't do anything drastic.PLEASE. IF you feel control slipping from you I beg you get in contact with us,or SOMEBODY. I love you Beck. Hold on. Warrior Woman.
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    Reb is an amazing, strong, resilient woman that has been through alot more than some of us will ever know. This is a crappy setback for her, but she'll come out a better person for it (if that's possible).

    Reb knows I love her, and I'm here for her.

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  4. by   sunnygirl272
    i think at one point we have all, or most of the honest ones of us, said out loud or to ourselves that we wish we were dead(along the same lines as"i'm gonna kill so-and-so!"...i dont think that necessarily makes us all suicidal...i realize theresa that you were really that down, and you were wise to seek help and support...reb has close ties with several of us, and i feel i can speak for all of us that reb is frustrated, tired(exhausted), and in need of a vacaion...she is working, going to school and trying to improve her situation by amputating a necrotic lover...she is down abouthaving to return home to her mom's...tired from her recent er trip...and emotionally exhausted from aforementioned amputation... ...but not imho suicidal...she has plans for the future, both near and far...and has asked for an ear to listen when she has needed to blow off steam...
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    I agree with the others here. Reb's a survivor. She's taking time out to heal, and she knows we're here - always.
  6. by   warrior woman
    Gotcha!! Sorry. W.W.
    No reason to be sorry! It takes a big person to step forward when they think someone is in trouble, and I'm sure Reb will be touched.

  8. by   sunnygirl272
    yeah, i didn't mean any offense, WW...just had visions of this thread spinning out of control....and my hackles went up...sorry, friends..
  9. by   bagladyrn
    If you have concerns that someone is intending suicide or self harm, it's better to overreact than to underreact - if it is just emotions talking they will forgive you and appreciate your care for them.
    Much better than having to say "I wish I'd paid attention when they said it"
    Never apologize for being the caring person you are Theresa.
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    Originally posted by warrior woman
    Gotcha!! Sorry. W.W.

    warrior woman,
    what a heart you got
    delirium rock on
    micro and out