Should we get a new puppy?

  1. Hi Friends,

    For the past few months my daughter and I have wanted to get a new addition to our family, a new puppy to love. My concern is that out dog is 11 years old, a wonderful Humane Society Special mix of golden retriever and daschund. He is a wonderful dog but just lays around the house as his arthritis hurts too much to play a lot. I had him on medication and almost lost him to a massive GI bleed so the vet doesn't want to give any more meds. Do you think it would be selfish of us to bring a new dog into our lives, our dog is usually afraid of other dogs and he will always be top doggie and I don't want to upset him. My poor old doggie just lays around, eats, goes out a few times, when I try to take him for a walk we make it about 3 houses then he stops. I am torn because my daughter is begging for a new doggie and I am such a sucker for animals. All thoughs welcome. Thanks
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  3. by   sunnygirl272
    edited after i re-read your post...

    i think it would be cruel to the existing dog to bring an exuberant pup into his home.,....wait until he has passed on, or been euthanized...
    poor old soul deserves to live his last days as the king of the house...
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  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    WE have a 12 year old beagle. We thought he was dying...he was really getting sick and looking bad. My son was already grieving and mourning the poor guy (he is 2 years older than the boy). Anyhow, we did get a pup...a golden retriever girl ....2 years ago. Guess what? The beagle rallied, came around and began to look better. His diet was changed, and this pup brought out a new life in him I had not seen in a year or two. It was rough on him at first and I would have to sometimes crate the puppy to get her to leave the old guy alone. But now, 2 1/2 years later, they are buds....we take them to the ocean and I dare anyone to say my beagle is almost 13....he runs,jumps and plays like a dog much younger. it seemed to bring out the best in him. Follow your heart. Just remember, having a pup is so like having a new baby....the WORK! If you are ready for that, go for it, but set limits so the older dog is not upset too much or hurt.
  5. by   Ortho_RN
    He might liven up with a new face around... or the opposite might happen.. Its a tough call.. Good Luck..
  6. by   lindalee
    I do rescue. We frequently see older dogs rally when a younger one is introduced into their homes. It is not unusual. With a pup though I would sure get a crate. It would be unfair to allow the pup to constantly bother your old guy. Pups are a huge amount of work, you might consider a dog that is a little older. I love pups but they are a full time job for a long time. LOL
  7. by   Rustyhammer
    There is ALWAYS room for another dog.
  8. by   whipping girl in 07
    I agree with Rusty, you can never have too many dogs. My puppy has brought out the puppy in his mama and his auntie (they were always playful but you should see them now!). Of course, they are not old, arthritic dogs. If the older dog has a problem with the puppy, you can keep them separated. I've been keeping my two female dogs separated for a year and a half (so they won't kill each other...two dominant *****es...wish I'd known that when I got the second one, otherwise I'd passed). It's a PITA but it can be done. If you get a big breed dog, you might decide that it can be a mostly outside dog, while your current dog is a mostly inside dog.

    Besides, a new puppy before the old dog dies might soften the blow for your daughter. I know it was almost a year before I could even think of another dog when my Axel died (and I'm an adult!).

    Golden retriever and daschund? Now that's a special dog!:chuckle (Right now I'm picturing Mom and Dad doin' it!:roll :roll )
  9. by   Vsummer1
    Originally posted by konni
    Golden retriever and daschund? Now that's a special dog!:chuckle (Right now I'm picturing Mom and Dad doin' it!:roll )
    Oh the picture in my mind............
  10. by   hapeewendy
    I dont really know ...... I'm not an expert on dogs,never had one (sadly)

    but it has to be said that Konni you are just PURE EVIL for putting the mental picture of the daschund and the retriever "goin at it"

    lets just hope the daschund was the father!!!!!!


    or maybe not , depending , you know what they say about little dogs !
  11. by   Tookie
    OUr dear old dog is getting very old - in her case there is no way she would be accepting of a new pup.
    She is so jealous - of the cat - will often round him up.
    She is a very geriatric dog - has a few behvoiur problems - l stopped taking her out in the car some 5 years ago as she would get so possevie of her moving kennel - she would bark at any dog in the street - l had to stop taking her out when she had a snap at me - as l was trying to tell her to stop.
    It is very individual - in our case no - jones is just too spoilt and jealous to accept another dog. We love her and nurture her - we will probably only have her for a little while longer now.
    Good luck in what ever choice you make
  12. by   Q.
    I kind of agree with Sunny on this one.

    I have my 12 week old pug, Fattie. He's a handful, to put it mildly. But this weekend I am also dogsitting my sis's Bichon, Sparkie, who is 13. Sparkie is blind, partially deaf, and basically "Old." He gets extremely stressed with Fattie around; he starts to whine and shake, and most likely when Fattie pounces on him, it may hurt. Pretty much Sparkie sits on the loveseat and since Fattie can't really get up there, he's safe!

    I would suggest waiting until your older dog passes on. I see Sparkie too stressed with Fattie (and this is just a babysitting situation!) and it just doesn't seem worth it.
  13. by   BadBird
    I am rethinking getting a dog right now, my doggie is so precious to us, I think I will just spoil him until he goes to doggie heaven, I don't want to cause him any stress, that just wouldn't be fair to him as he is a valuable member of our family. Thanks for all the responses.
  14. by   Ortho_RN
    BadBird.. I think that is a good decision...