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When do individual rights to make personal health decisions end? How far should the nanny state go to insure our safety? I recently found a source for raw goat milk. In my state, that's difficult... Read More

  1. by   Jolie
    My post-nursing career has taught me more about food safety than I ever imagined possible.

    My personal opinion on the OP's question is no. I don't think the sale/purchase of raw milk should be illegal. I'm not a fan of the nanny state and I believe that people have the intelligence to inform themselves of the risks/benefits of the products they buy from local small-scale suppliers and make the choice themselves.

    For those who don't want to be bothered by these details, there are large scale producers of food and beverage products that are subject to local and federal regulations intended to protect consumer and food safety. The frequency of those inspections vary greatly by location and type of operation. The quality of those inspections vary greatly by the personnel who conduct them. And the overall effectiveness of those inspections varies greatly by the response of the stakeholders: whether deficiencies are corrected and follow up enforced.

    I encourage everyone to realize 2 things: Much like a JCAHO or State inspection in a healthcare facility, a health inspection of a food producer is a snapshot of a single moment in time that may or may not bear any resemblance to the usual operating conditions. Inspections are rarely random and unanticipated. And also like healthcare, the actual quality and safety of the product received has far more to do with the overall culture of the operation than the score stamped on an inspection report. We all know hospitals that boast national recognition where we would not admit our hamsters, and other little-known, unassuming facilities that actually deliver excellent care. It's the same in the food industry. Know where your food is coming from and you'll be fine.
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    Quote from macawake
    I guess I don't really see the raw milk appeal. The risk/reward ratio is in my opinion not tilted in favor of unpasteurized milk.
    I believe a lot of the reason for wanting to consume raw milk has to do with enzymes that are destroyed by heat (i.e. pasteurization). It's also much better for making cheese.
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    Quote from HelloWish
    I drank raw milk for at least 5 years and never got sick. However, I knew the farmers and their practices. I wouldn't drink raw milk from any commercial manufacturer however!
    I won't drink pasteurized milk from a commercial dairy! I get mine from a local dairy. It tastes better, the cows are treated better and I would rather my money go to a local farm. I also buy my egs from the dairy. Or from a friend who raises hens. Again, they taste better.

    FTR: It is legal to sell raw milk in SC, so long as the dairy is permitted by DHEC. They have to have inspection, test random samples of the milk, label the milk as Grade A Raw etc.
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    Agree with you!
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    I have been drinking raw milk for several years and will not go back. I am not going to get the details exactly right, but the dairy we purchase from is kept extremely clean. There is an unannounced montly visit from a government agency (not my dairy so I cannot recall name-sorry). The owner checks the milk from each goat regularly for puss and hold very high standards to keep her animals healthy. Mind you there is puss and often antibiotics in pasturized milk in the grocery store. The problem is places that do not uphold to high levels of cleanliness and responsibility. Also, keep in mind if the consumer is healthy too and has a strong immune system. We have never gotten sick, the milk is much more filling, very different even from lightly pasturized. I am very dissapointed everytime we end up with regular pasturized milk.