Should I write him or let it go?

  1. hi everyone,

    I need your advise badly. Almost a year ago I met this guy and we started going out.
    Then for some reason, I felt like I was too good for him. I was supposed to move and I
    told him that I would let him know when I would be moving. In the meantime, I never
    called him. However, I was mad at him because he never called me either. As a result, almost a year later I started thinking about him again. Should I write him and tell him how sorry I am even though he might have a girlfriend now just to be friends. Or forget about the whole thing. Please any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. by   mom22
    Personally, I'd go with your first instinct. You are probably just lonely now. Get out of the house!

    The reason I say so is because once, I moved far away and left a boyfriend behind. About a year later, I called him up and had him come for a visit. I knew I had made a mistake the minute he stepped off the plane. Yikes. I showed him around the new town and had a nice visit, but boy was I glad when he left.

    Try harder to remember why you decided to unload him in the first place.
  4. by   hanginginthere
    Hi mom22,

    Thanks a lot for your advise. You just don't realize how your story is so identical to mine. I was also thinking to tell him to come for a visit. However, You made me realized the initial reason why I left him in the first place. Thanks a lot for your advise.
    You really help me in my confusion. And I also think it just loneliness. Thanks mom22
  5. by   CEN35
    Well......after a year you thought about him? lonliness.....or just thinking about the past. If he hasn't called in all this time either? Forget it and move on!

  6. by   neonnurse2
    fugettabowdit!!! And him!
  7. by   moonshadeau
    I agree with the other posters. I think that you are maybe just lonely being in a new town without the old friends to fall back on. Try going out and discovering the town's history and seeing the sights. New England has a great history. Or get in the car and just go driving. Vermont can't be too far away. Believe me it is gorgeous.
  8. by   e-nurse
    You know hangin, I'm new to CT and have been feeling lonely myself...we could do some exploring of the area together
  9. by   hanginginthere
    Hi e-nurse,

    That's sounds like a good idea for us to explore CT. However, how can I get in touch with you. let me know your e-mail address so that we can write to each other more often. Mine is