Short story-- part 1

  1. Okay.. deal is if you guys like it... I'll put up part 2...
    ok... its called Fortunado's revenge... and if I see it anywhere but here... well... I'll be mad. Enjoy!

    I was driving along the other night, just cruising around in my car. It was such a horrible night, well, in comparison to many I've had, it wasn't really that bad at that point. Just peachy keen at that point, really. Back to the story. See, me and my girl had a bit of a fight and I left, announced that I'd never be back, slammed the door, and went to the bar.
    Ok. At this point, at the bar, I was getting slammed. Slammed as to not remember the rest of the night, the week, well, hell, the rest of this relationship. As I was on my fourth Long Island Iced tea, and beginning to feel pretty good, it struck me-- that drink was her favorite. Slamming down the rest of the glass on the immaculately lacquered countertop, it shattered into a million little sparkling fragments of light, the glow from the badly cut Jagermeister sign illuminating each fragment as if it was stardust.
    My hand ached as the blood flowed from my slashed fingers, but I didn't care. I threw a couple of bills at the bartender, and fled the bar. I ran from the bar and drunkenly stumbled into my car. Climbing up into a minivan isin't the easiest thing to do when you're drunk and pissed. I got behind the wheel and fired her up.
    Throwing the car into reverse, I fled onto the highway. Swerving around, I missed the little hand painted sign on the side of the road-- it read 'danger, curves ahead, big cliff'. Boy did I miss alot.
    Zooming around at about 70 miles an hour, I did the first curve ok... a little skidding, but what did I care? Curve number two came about a lot faster than I thought it would. I missed the turn. I mean it was dark, and what do you expect? Perfection? I hit the side rail, and the car just stopped. Slam. The car was stopped, but I kept going. I flew through the windshield head first, and just kept on going. At least for a little bit. I closed my eyes. It went dark.
    I opened my eyes and found myself just lying on the hood of the car. My foot was hooked on the steering wheel. Looking up, I saw the sky. Nice, clear blue. It was lovely. Looking down I saw the ground--about 300 feet below me.
    All of a sudden, the car began to lurch. I could see the ground below sway in the breeze as the car fell the rest of the way down the cliff. I closed my eyes again, and began to pray.

    Stay tuned for part 2...
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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    OK Barbara,

    I'll be waiting for part 2 so far so good!