Shopping for school clothes

  1. ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!! Ok, off I go to shop for school clothes, a chore I detest, my daughter doesn't come with me, I just buy the clothes, she tries them on and decides which ones she wants and I return the others, I found this to be the easiest method instead of dragging her with me. She is 15 and hates to shop, can you believe that? I wish all schools had uniforms. Oh well, off I go.
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  3. by   moonshadeau
    My sister who is 17 is into the "name" on the clothes rather than the clothes itself. She has found the great gift of second hand resellers. Now she finds all the brand names that she wants at a better price, so when it ends up to be a pile on the floor it isn't such a big deal. Now if only the clothes weren't so hideous.

    When I was in high school there was a great place that we called the Barn. Which is what it was. A place that people dropped off all the clothes that they didn't want to deal with. If you can imagine that clothes were strewn at least 6 feet high in some places and everything in there was 10 cents. You could still find some things with the tags on. You could throw clothes every which way and find real treasures. I stopped going when the owner got bored and put everything on hangers. Ruined the fun of being messy.

    I have digressed.

    Hope that you found some good deals shopping.
  4. by   night owl
    My daughter probably wouldn't wear anything I brought home for her. She has to drag me to the stores. It got so bad that sometimes I give her the money and wait for her and her friend in the car. No more because that could mean 2-3 hours! So now I tell her. Ok we'll go, but you only get an hour. I hate waiting for her to decide between two lousy pair of pants. This or that simple. If she can't decide, then she usually buys both. *sigh*

    Another thing I can't stand is when she buys a pair of shoes or sneakers, after a few days she doesn't wear them. Why? because they "hurt my feet?" Didn't you try them on at the store and walk around in them??? "No." My God girl! I need tranquillizers during this time. :zzzzz
  5. by   ptnurse
    Originally posted by BadBird
    ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!! Ok, off I go to shop for school clothes, a chore I detest, my daughter doesn't come with me, I just buy the clothes, she tries them on and decides which ones she wants and I return the others, I found this to be the easiest method instead of dragging her with me. She is 15 and hates to shop, can you believe that? I wish all schools had uniforms. Oh well, off I go.
    I think we have the same daughter, except mine is 12. She shops with her arms folded across her chest. Maybe she thinks that the clothes will just jump onto her body. I usually shop and take back what she does not want too. But this year I got an unexpected gift. She wanted to go with me to shop and she actually showed some interest, tried on clothes and we were finished in about 2 hours. It was great. I wonder who that kid was. She looked like my daughter, but she sure didn't act like her.
  6. by   NICU_Nurse
    I used to love school shopping! Long gone are the days when you could get acid-washed stretch jeans for $9.99...*sigh*

    I'd never make it in today's high schools. Thank goodness the whole "Sixteen Candles" thrift shop thing was still cool when I was in school. When I was a freshman, we'd go shopping at 'Rave' and I could get an entire wardrobe for $150! Underwear and accessories included! Man. I pass that store now in the mall and I think, Good Jaysus, who would let their daughters out of the house in *that*??? I'm aging before my time.

    By graduation I'd moved on to the Gap, but that was as name-brand as it got for me. Man, we COMBED those thrift stores. When I was a senior, the whole grungy t-shirt thing was in, so we could stock up on those for 2$ apiece! Camp Whattamadinky and all those soccer I see Abercrombie and Fitch selling them for $30 dollars each! Men's blue jeans for $5 a pair. Our wardrobes were humongous, and cheap as dirt. I'd have never made it as a homecoming queen- I couldn't bear to pay retail price for clothing, even then!

    My parents knew not to go shopping with me at the mall because they'd lose their sanity in a millisecond. My dad occasionally took me shopping, but he had a strict five minute limit for dressing rooms. If I wasn't out of there in five minutes he'd leave me alone in the store with no way to pay for the clothes!

    Wait until it's formal time! My mother and I got into hissing fights over those dresses. We'd both collapse in tears in the dressing room after long days of her suggesting I wear whatever froufy chiffon concoction she could come up with and me insisting that I could be seen in nothing more than six inches of fabric below my rear end or I'd be banished to the dork hall of fame. I think I'm going to call her and apologize now.
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  7. by   LauraF, RN
    I cannot imagine how it will be by the time mine is 15. She is 8 years old now. Unfortunetly she is getting rather heavy. I'm having trouble getting the right size for her. I have tried 10&1/2 and they fit pretty well around the waist but she won't wear them at her waist. She keeps pulling them down under her gut, so her belly hangs out. Drives me CRAZY!!!!!! She is my step-daughter and unfortunately I have tried to talk to her mother about the weight and the clothes but she doesn't care. So I talked to the daughter about wearing sweats this winter. She's ok with that.
  8. by   karenG
    oh I am so glad my son wears uniform! so much easier- shirt, tie, trousers and blazer! done!!

  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I am glad I will be homeschooling from now on. The pressure to "look just so" is ridiculous---the money parents spend is outrageous also. And that is just one thing they have to deal with these days, how to dress. For us, thankfully, this pressure is off and both my kids LOVE Old Navy. WE can get some really fun clothes on the sales racks that work for all of us. NO standing in line buying school supplies, either. What a relief.
  10. by   Keely-FutureRN
    I wore uniforms through school which took the hassle out of deciding what to wear every morning. I wore a pleated checkered skirt (black and dark green) a button up white shirt and a tie (a very hideous one) and a blazer. I didn't look the coolest but at least everyone else at my school didn't either.

  11. by   BadBird
    My daughter wanted cargo pants, to Old Navy I went and I bought her 4 pairs. I recently bought her several pairs of jeans so in the pant department she is set. Next will be a few new sweatshirts or hoodies as she calls them, can't wait for Fall. I will have to drag her out of the house to try on new shoes I figure I will wait until she is ready since hers still fit. I just don't look forward to the arguing anymore. Anything I pick out is too fancy for her, I learned long ago no lace and nothing pink, God Forbid!!!!!
    I did buy her a beautiful blouse in white for her band concerts which of course she tells me she won't wear because it is too fancy, she will wear it or eat it as far as I am concerned but I will save that battle for another day.
  12. by   colleen10
    I'm 28 and just went school clothes shopping with my mum last week, LOL!!!!!!

    We went to the mall and bought some fall clothes. She even bought me some stuff too!!! It was like the good old days, only now we don't get into as many arguments on how "outrageous" some of the clothes I used to pick out are.

    I really don't envy any of you parents out there, whether you have boys or girls or both. Clothing now a days is sooo expensive. I remember when I was in middle and high school - the late 80's and early 90's - "Foxmoor or Foxmore" was the big place to shop as was "County Seat". You could go into those places and get some outrageous clothes for cheap. My mum would take me there, drop down a couple hundred dollars and I would literally have all the clothes I would need for the next school year. The hardest you ever had to think about "putting together" an outfit was matching your scrunchy socks with your leggings!

    Good luck to all of you parents out there!!!
  13. by   colleen10
    PS, my boss has a 13 and 10 year old daughters and "going back to school shopping" for the 13 year old involves finding a legitimate tatoo parlor.

    She is getting a tatoo on the small of her back for "back to school".

    I truly do not envy any parents out there.

    My husband worked our churches summer fair a few weeks ago and said when he got home "we're never having girls". When I asked why he regailed me with stories of how some of these girls were dressing at such young ages. I had to agree with him. After him telling me what I saw I'm not so sure I want to have teenage girls now too.
  14. by   eltrip
    I LOVE uniforms!!!! It's what my daughter wears to her public elementary school. It makes life so much easier.

    "Okay, honey, do you want to wear your pants, skirt, jumper, skort or shorts? Your skort? Okay, then...what color shirt do you want to wear, yellow, blue, or white?"

    And then we're done! Gotta love it!