Shooting suspect arrested

  1. Regarding the thread I started last week about the nursing assistant who was shot to death tring to help a coworker
    they arrested a suspect.

    Albuquerque Police have arrested and charged an Albuquerque man they believe was one of two men who robbed a Las Palomas Nursing Home employee and shot and killed the man who came to help her. That employee had just walked outside to cash her paycheck at a mobile check cashing service.
    Now, 27-year old William Larocque is in custody on a $600,000 bond. He is charged with an open count of murder and armed robbery. He was arrested at his south valley Monday around 2 p.m. Court records show larocque was arrested in the early 90's for drug possession.

    Police believe Larocque was one of two men rushed up to spray mace on the Las Palomas employee and take her cash. hat's when 25-year Casey Dominguez of Albuquerque saw the woman in trouble and chased the men. At least one of them turned and fired, killing Dominguez with a gunshot wound to the chest. An intensive manhunt followed, but turned up nothing.

    Police issued composites of the men, but no arrests till yesterday.

    Now, a judge has sealed further details of the case, because the investigation is at what police say is a very sensitive stage. The accomplice in this crime is still on the run.

    "Detectives don't want to jeopardize the investigation of this case in any way shape or form," said police spokesman Det. Jeff Arbogast.

    The judge who sealed the documents wrote that releasing more information might expose confidential sources, interfere with the case or result in obstruction of justice.
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    Right ON!
    Get a rope!
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    Originally posted by Rustyhammer
    Right ON!
    Get a rope!
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