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  2. Just for you, I found more Ecuador pics....
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    And another...
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    And another....
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    Still more....
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    These are called flutterbys... they are huge butterflies.
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    I personally think they look like fish heads.
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    And I'll post two of me...

    This is me on a cable car, the only way to get back to where we were staying (they didn't have a bridge).
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    And this is me having entirely too much fun in front of a digital camera...
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    Alright, I'm done for now... I have other pics of nature (butterflies, flowers, fruits, that sort of thing) and a few others of yours truly if anyone is interested...

    Hope that isn't too much of me for this early in the day.
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    Rebecca, your pics are great, I sure wish I could meet you in person; you are fascinating. And your pictures do tell stories. Keep sharing! Me, I am still trying to figure out HOW to get pictures to upload here so you call can see my kiddos, dh and furry friends. My life is not nearly as exciting as some here,but would love to share.......Thanks for sharing these, REB!
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    Wow, Debbie, I don't think I'm at all fascinating, but thanks.

    My sister and I are saving our pennies to go to Costa Rica or Africa next summer, haven't decided which yet. If everything works out with her new boyfriend Jared, it will probably be Africa, because he's going into the peace corps in January and that's where he'll be going.

    I've always wanted to go to Africa! I'm so excited!