Share YOUR "REAL Baby Story"

  1. Just noticing that there seem to be a couple of prego people here...Let's entertain them!!

    Tell us about a highlight of YOUR pregnancy or childbirth.

    I'll go first:

    I had 5 children in 6 years. (Hey, this was a loooooong time ago.) By number 4, I was quite jaded with the whole birthing process, and I had false labor 3 times. It was annoying for the babysitter. Who was my mother. Whose opinion really counted in my life.
    Oh, and by the way--my normal delivery consisted of me showing up in hard labor, and instructing the gaggle of interns and the doc to "leave me alone, stand back and catch. " (And they did, by golly :chuckle )
    So when I had to go to the hospital for the 4th time for the 4th child, I was determined to have the kid. I walked the halls til I thought I'd drop her on the floor.
    I get to delivery room--dilated 8 cm, fullblown contractions. stopped. Silence.
    Of course, I was in a wonderful mood, lying on the table with Mother's words ringing in my ears: "You come back without a baby, I won't be babysitting for you ever again." Disaster. The whole situation sucked.
    The L&D nurse tried to break the tension. Standing over my face, she asked The Question:
    "So what you you wanna have?
    "Have? Me? Right now?"
    "Yeah. Right now."
    "If I could have anything in the whole world?"
    I contemplated my life. Yes, it truly sucked at that moment, all righty. "Anything, hunh?"
    "I'd like......"
    "Go on..."
    "A cuppa coffee and a cigarette!"
    --- I honestly had NO IDEA that she wanted a BABY GENDER. :roll
    I had the baby on the next contraction. She was a cutie. But the weirdest, most fascinating thing was: the placenta came out completely whole in the bag!! :chuckle
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    Not a whole lot to tell. Had my first discernible contraction at 7:59am. Went straight to the hospital, even though doc said to come to office first for an eval if it was during office hours. (I'm stubborn) Got to hospital about 9-9:15, water had broke en route. On admission I was 8 cm.

    They held me off until the doc got there (single doc practice and he was in the office - waiting for me to show up for my 10am appt). I pushed once. Then I pushed again, but they yelled at me to stop for a minute (episiotomies suck), then I pushed again, and it was over.

    My guy was born at 11:03am. 3 hours and 4 minutes from start to finish. No anesthesia, nothing.

    I wish each and every one of you a quick labor and a healthy baby. (a good epidural would be nice, but if it's quick, what's the difference?) :kiss

  4. by   Beach_RN
    My Son.... was 2 weeks late, went for a stress test that afternoon.. baby was fine... they said if I don't go within the next 72 hours they would induce me!

    Went into labor that night at about 2AM... made sure to take a shower, and change the message on the answering maching in between breathing to ease the contractions.... told my hubby not to stop for lights and get to the hospital! only 3 cm when I got there... they broke my water.... my son's heart rate needed to get monitored because during the contractions... they said his heart rate kept going down.. ????...anyhow.. I get my epidural... but they are unable to give it to me full strength because of my son's heart rate! (of course I still don't know if this is the real reason... Heather feel free to let me know) I felt everything... I felt the epistiotomy, the the pulling of the placenta, the stitching.... ugh.. painful but not unbearable! 5 hrs labor... from start to finish...home to the hospital!

    My daughter... 2 weeks early.....went to the dr. for my check up.. I was 5 cm... didn't feel a thing... drove home... dropped off my son at my parents house.... hubby and I went to hospital.. got stuck in traffic...walked up to my room...already 6 cm... they broke my water... and gave me the BEST Epidural ever! Didn't even know when it was time to push! Felt nothing... I was on the phone.. talking to my mom. as the dr. was stitching me up! and she was a 8lb 2 oz baby girl! 2 1/2 hrs... from the time I arrived at the hospital! was the recovery that was brutal... my epistitomy.. became inflamed... the dr. said it was an allergic reaction to the stitches he used... Again... I don't know.. this is what he told me... it was awful.. I cried for 10 days.. I couldn't sit, walk... lie down.... nothing... it was unbearable!

    But overall I must say. the worst part of labor for me was losing my diginity.... having all these people come in the room and continously check me! ugh.. i hated it! I made sure all I had was soup and crackers.. towards the end of my pregnancy because I was so nervous about having a bowel movement during labor.. I had heard about all these stories.... PLUS.... I got a bikini wax when I was 9 months pregnant with my son! AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGAHHHHH.. I made sure I didn't do that with my daughter.... Never get a bikini wax when you are pregnant! Oh my gawd... that was worse than the labor!

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  5. by   Mkue
    I have an unusual story about MY birth..haha..

    years ago in a small rural hospital my Mom shared a room with a Hispanic lady.. in those days the babies were brought from the nursery to the mothers for feeding... well My Moms nurse did not check the baby ID's when she brought the babies to my mom and her roommate.. all of a sudden the Hispanic lady starts screaming.. because the nurse gave ME to the Hispanic lady because I was so much darker than her baby and I had a pile of BLACK hair.. yikes.. evidently she KNEW I wasn't her baby.. haha.

    Once the mistake was discovered everyone calmed down !! I'm sure nothing like this could ever happen today with all the double and triple checking, plus private rooms !

  6. by   Nurse Ratched
    Mkue- glad you opened it up to stories from those of us who have only been born, versus actually given birth lol!

    When I was being birthed, it was at a Navy hospital and apparently there was not a doc readily available. The nurses held my mother's knees together while I was trying to come out so I wouldn't be born without a doctor in the room. I was born with a dislocated hip (on the bright side, I can sit really funky and it freaks people out.)

    So if anyone has a really old Dr. Winklebower standing over them, watch out!
  7. by   night owl
    This is more like a nightmare...
    Had my epidural with my son and everything was fine when it started to wear off at 9 cm, I had another dose and was numb all the way up to my neck! I couldn't feel myself breathing and the nurse kept telling me to breathe......breathe.....breathe, bp was 80/40 and thought I was going to be a dead mother. Had a c-section and was scared as all h*ll and felt like a quadrapelegic. Kept saying, "Is this stuff going to wear off soon I hope???"
    With my daughter things were quite different...Scheduled for a c-section, but she came so fast that she was natural and no episiotomy Went home the next day. If you can have them natural, by all means, do so!
  8. by   nurs4kids
    Most fun I ever had in my entire life!!! not, but wouldn't take anything for the memories..

    My first one..
    First labor pain started at 1300..
    Got to doc's office around 1700..
    Contractions frequent, but irregular..
    Doc examine's me..2cm..sends me to the floor to be monitored..
    stick me in triage, place one of those belt monitors on me..
    it's 1830ish by now..
    I'm in intense pain..can't walk, breathe, talk, etc.
    I have this timid, obviously new nurse...
    she puts the monitor on and leaves..
    I'm watching fetal monitor drop to low 50's..and being a peds nurse, thinking this baby is in big trouble (seeing visions of cp)..
    I call the nurse, tell her the baby's HR's bradying to the low 50's..she tells me it's because I'm not lying still through a contraction and the monitor isn't picking up...
    Try as I may, the pain is so intense, I can NOT lie still THROUGH an entire contraction!! Finally...
    this goes on an hour or so..she's more concerned because I will not leave the gown on (I'm buring up and modesty isn't one of my better qualities) sister asks her if she's ever been in labor..she says, "no"..sis says, "well, who sees what is not a big concern to a laboring mom"..
    2030 She comes in and tells me they're about to d/c me home. I advised her that I didn't know WHO she thought she was sending home, but I was not going anywhere..that my baby is distressed..
    She tells me for the hundredth time that I must be still through a contraction..I have become impatient by now..
    so, I say, "Honey, let me put a bowling ball in your stomach, wrap a boa constrictor around your abdomen and shove my foot up your ass!!...and let's see how still YOU can lay!"
    She calls the doc because I'm an irrational patient...
    The doc comes in and I can tell she's ready to tear me apart..disgustedly, she says.."let's examine you again!"..
    6cm..she breaks my h20..meconium fluid...
    they irrigate and insert scalp monitor..
    the nurse decides to put in an iv so i can get epidural(which btw, was never in througout entire delivery)...
    baby is in distress..
    @2115, baby is delivered WITHOUT epidural, WITHOUT epesiotomy..forcep delivery.
    I was not happy. Thank God, baby was fine.
    Funny thing noticed after home and pics developed..Hubby was at work when I went in labor. He worked for Roto-Rooter at the time as a plumber...You KNOW I freaked out when, a week later, I was looking at the pics from immediately post delivery..he's holding MY baby...STILL in his work clothes!!

    Baby #2..
    Induced...epidural..ahhhhhhhh..cake walk.

    I can't say which way I prefer..natural if more controlled is very special, but painful. However, you DO forget the pain. I seriously considered going natural the second time, but chickened out.

    As much slack as smoker's get, I have to say my nurses were always shocked with how quickly I recovered after delivery...
    nicotine withdrawal is a wonderful ambulation motivator.
  9. by   live4today
    Baby number one: Labored 22 hours before she was born. Not one medication they injected me with worked! right! Natural all the way....even felt the entire episiotomy.....and I was the ripe old age of 18! Where was my Mama when I needed her? :chuckle

    Baby number two: Labored a few hours, water broke, admitted to hospital, labor stopped. Twenty four hours later, pitocin started, baby born four hours later with no additional medication administered. Man, those lamaze classes sure did help with that labor and delivery process! Piece a cake. :kiss

    Baby number three: Labored five hours, no meds given until I crowned completely. Painful, but quick birth. :angel2:

    I have no idea what my mom went through when she was pregnant with me, or having me....she's never talked about it.
  10. by   dianah
    First child, in labor about 9 hr from start to finish ("elderly" primip, at 34 yr). Demerol 25mg IV once, about three hours before the birth. In deliv. room, I remember pushing, then MD telling me to stop pushing, which in my mind I did, but there was this little involuntary push that happened, and baby came out ..... along with about a liter of blood, and an "almost" 4th degree tear. First child 9lb, 12 oz (I'm 5' 2" about 128 lb before pregnancy). Took 1 1/2 hr to stitch everything up (Fam Med MD called the OB/Gyn chief to do the job). Hgb dropped to 9.5; PP nurses tried to get me to sit up in w/c to transfer from immediate PP unit to private room. Them:"Sit up, Mrs. ___." Me: "I can't." Them: "Sit up, Mrs. ___." Me: "I CAN'T, I'll pass out!" They throw me back in bed. Did orthostatic BPs on me when I got into the room, ran fluids all nite to hydrate me then discharged me the next day w/iron supplements. Yeah, felt pretty WEAK!! Sure was painful getting up and down for awhile!!
    Second child, labor lasted about 5 hr. At delivery, small episiotomy, "textbook" delivery, according to nurse in room. No meds. This child was 8 lb 12 oz. It was so good to have labor DONE!!
  11. by   Mkue
    Baby #1, Boy, (episiotomy was painful) , 6 lbs. 6 oz. 20 yrs. ago

    Baby #2, Boy , Emergency C-section, 14 yrs. ago 7 lbs. 14 oz.

    Baby #3, Boy, C-section, 13 yrs. ago... 8 lbs. 3 oz.

    The End
  12. by   hoolahan
    Baby #1 C-section for Breech. 8Lbs 10oz, little booger wouldn't turn for mommy. I was so stupid, read all the books, wanted to whole "perfect" experience....well, you don't always get what you think. Eipdural didn't take had a window effect, felt every slice and stitch...NOT fun. I am screaming that I can feel it, and the anesthesiologist gives me fentanyl to shut me up, rapid IV push. I passed out ....for about 5 minutes! (You know how when someone is really anxious, it's takes a lot to put them down? It wasn't enough!)

    The finniest thing was, my hubby is in there, next to the anesthesiologist, who is "narrating" the progress for my hubby. "OK, now here comes the head....." big pause..."Ah, wait a minute, is this a breech?" My hubby says Yes, anesthesiologist says, "Oh, then that is his butt!" My husband said he was so relieved, b/c David started to pass meconium as he was being delivered, and all my husband was thinking when the anest told him it was the baby's head coming out was, "God! Is that kid UGLY!!!!"

    And, while I'm on the subject, had a very young nurse try to have my son nurse, repeatedly, while he is screaming bloody murder, clenching his little arms together in front of his face and I am in horrendous pain. I am convinced his suck reflex was depressed from the fentanyl. I finally burst into tears and tell her to please just take him to the nursery and give him a freaking bottle, b/c it isn't worth it to feel so stressed with this whole bf thing. She takes him away, I just get comfortable, she brings him back and says "He's hungry, he just took 4 oz of glucose water for me in the nursery, let's try it again." Huh??? WHY would he eat now, when his tummy is full. I said no thank you, I am exhausted, please feed him formula. Next am, an "older" nurse came in, very experienced OB nurse, and just sits there with me, and helps me, and all was fine for bf. The nurse made all the difference.

    Baby 2: Natural VBAC, no meds at all, 3 days of false labor, sent home once, tunrs out she was posterior, so midwife had me sit up (on the toilet) and suddenly, I felt this gigantic churning movement and had the urger to push. I begged Susan not to make me get up and walk, but she and my hubby each took me under the arms, and forced me up and onto the bed, a few pushes and she was out. Small episiotomy which was the least of my pain.

    Immediately after the second baby, I was BUZZING on some MAJOR endorphin high! I mean you could NOT shut me up. I gigled, got up, walked around, talked to everyone. My neighbor just had her baby the day before and said if I wanted we could be roomies. I said Cool, we stayed up til 3 am exchanging our stories. It was the best buzz I've ever had!

    To those who plan to BF, a tip I learned, a little shot of Jack Daniels after dinner, will get you both a nice little nap (Just don't do it every night!)
  13. by   deespoohbear
    Here is my baby story:

    Let's was the end of February 1995. I had just passed my state boards in January and we have moved out of our house trailer into an old farmhouse we bought. I had just accepted a position in a nursing home. I came home from running errands and my husband said: "Wendy called. (That was our caseworker). There is a sibling group of 3 boys that will be probably be eligible for adoption. They are 3, 5, and 6 now. Wendy wants to know would we be interested in having them." The case worker sent us some basic information on the boys, healthy, one redhead and two brown haired boys. No known medical needs. Oldest one struggling in school some.

    My husband and I talked and prayed about it for a couple of days and then decided, yes we would like to have these boys. We called the caseworker and told her yes we would take them. She called back the next day wanting to know if we could take the oldest 2 the next day because their current foster family was leaving to go out of town. We still had a lot of our stuff packed away in boxes in the spare bedroom we had. Not to mention that we weren't prepared for a child in the next 24 hours, much less two of them. We had not told anybody about the possibility of adopting these boys (not even our parents) except one couple who were our best friends. Our families and friends knew we were working with an adoption agency though. After I got off the phone with the caseworker, I called my husband's sister and told her she needed to come out and help me get the room ready upstairs for the boys that I was getting. Boy, was she ever surprised!! :chuckle

    I had an extra bed that my parents had given us. My SIL and I got the room cleaned and put up the extra bed. (The other child wasn't coming for 5 more days). I think we called my husband's parents that evening to let them know. The next day we drove the 2 hours to the Social Services department in the county the boys were living and picked up the two older boys. They were sitting in a room playing Candyland. They offered each of us a piece of gum. The boys got up and came with us. The case worker came out to the parking lot with us and got the boys' belongings from her trunk. Their stuff was packed in paper grocery sacks. The boys told the caseworker bye, and hopped in our car. Not that first tear from either one of them. We stopped at a McDonald's a little while later for lunch. As I was sitting with the boys I asked them how they wanted to refer to us. (They were placed in our home as a pre-adoptive home) and the oldest child just stated plainly: "We always call our foster parents Mommy and Daddy."

    Took the boys to meet their new paternal grandparents. They walked right in like they owned the place. We got home and I called my parents to let them in on the news. (My parents live 300 miles away). My Dad actually dropped the phone when I told him. My folks were up in a week!!

    The youngest child came 5 days after the first one. The caseworker brought him down to our home. So, our little family was complete. Went to church on Sunday with all three boys in tow and everyone was so surprised!!

    Now, my babies are 14, almost 13, and 11. Not babies anymore. I know this isn't your typical "baby" story but it is mine.
  14. by   misti_z
    WOW......such strong women!!!

    It is truely scarey. Right now I say I want to go meds. We will see how that changes once I start laboring, huh?!?!?!