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  1. Years ago, when my first five children were all under the age of 10, and I was suddenly single, I used every last cent to buy Thanksgiving dinner stuff.

    Now DFB (dead flat broke), Thanksgiving Eve, I'm cooking my pumpkin pie filling and can't find my pie tins. That's when the kids confess they were using them for flying saucers to sled down the driveway.

    Desperate for a dish, I sent the kids to bed and made the pumpkin pie in a big cast iron skillet.

    Next morning: I bought everything for the dinner --except BREAKFAST. And guess what? turkey wasn't scheduled til 6 pm.

    Poor hungry lil kiddies!

    So we had skillet pumpkin pie for breakfast. The kids loved it so much, they begged for it every year afterward!!

    A lot of our favorite family traditions get started in some ordinary way like that one-- What's the Story behind your favorite Family Thanksgiving Traditions?
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  3. by   CATHYW
    Neat story, Sleepy!

    From my first Thanksgiving until 4 years ago, I always had Thanksgiving at my Dad (and his brothers and friends) hunting camp. Daddy was the youngest of 5 boys, and they had about 20 other friends in their hunting club. They leased 40,000 acres of land, and put their hunting camp smack dab in the middle of it. Every year they roasted and barbequed a hog, and fried up some venison. All of the ladies would fix a casserole or vegetable and desert of some kind. We always had one of the gentlemen say the blessing at noon sharp, and the feasting would begin! We would eat (outdoors, of course) until we could barely wiggle. When we were young, we'd run and play afterwards. When we were teens, we'd ride horses, or ride around the woods in someone's truck or jeep. We'd always come back and snack on leftovers. The adults would sit around the fire and talk, and just take it easy for the day. Sometimes some of the men would go hunting; sometimes not. It was the greatest! All of our close friends and our relatives all in one place, once a year! I loved it, and miss it, so much. The men lost their lease when the property was sold 4 years ago. So far, Thanksgiving just hasn't felt the same, becaue there isn't a place where everybody can get together like we used to. We all splintered, and every family has Thanksgiving on our own now.
  4. by   shygirl
    My mother became hooked on Afrin one year. Do you remember this nasal spray? It was sold over the counter. Anyway, she used it for the prior year and MD made her stop cold turkey (no pun intended) and she lost her sense of taste and smell. I was around 12 at the time and she made me sniff, taste, sample EVERYTHING! Iwas so full and grossed out by the time that family came over that I couldn't eat a bite!

  5. by   kristi915
    Get together and eat!!!!

    I'm off to bed now, but tomorrow I'll share!!
  6. by   adrienurse
    I had my Thanksgiving feast last Sunday (I live North of the 49th parallel).

    Until 3 years ago I had always joined my family at the cottage for fishing and woodstove cooked turkey (we don't have electricity or running water there). I haven't been able to make it for years because of work committments etc. The last three years I have joined my friend and his (family disowned) gay friends to Thanksgiving dinner. Family is what you make of it, right?
  7. by   Sleepyeyes
    Exactly Adrie....

    Thanksgiving is a time to be glad for what we DO have.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I want Heather's turkey secrets!!!!! I hear she is "something else"...but it was before my time here....

    Seriously, I answered this in an another thread....being military, we have had to make our own traditions. Usually that involves gathering w/other military families or "orphans" away from home and making it a lovely holiday w/all the trimmings, gaining pounds as we eat. We make it a family time and while we really DO give thanks with every meal we eat; at this time, take serious pause to think of all our blessings and be grateful. That said, on w/the food and FUN!!!! And napping after eating cause we are so stuffed , lol.
  9. by   RNIAM
    I love homemade meat pie. My mom used to make it with a can or two of beef stock, or homemade, two pounds of lean ground beef, one chopped onion, one 12 or 16 ounce bag of mixed frozen veggies. brown and drain ground beef add onions cook till tender, add everything else and a little flour water, or other thickener, place in pie shell ,cover with another shell and bake for 55 minutes at 350. yummy! We ate hot meat pie every Christmas morning.