Sex and the City

  1. well ladies (and gents) who watch is almost over
    if anyone is a fanatic like i am, lets discuss the possibilities of the shows ending...
    i think(hope):
    carrie and big get engaged
    charlotte gets pregnant/or is able to adopt
    samantha admits she loves smith
    miranda and steve live happily ever after in brooklyn

    i would also like to bid farewell to my second favorite show, friends
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  3. by   Tilleycs
    My fiance LOVES this show (she's from Queens originally)! Some of the best money I EVER spent was for the DVD sets of the first 5 seasons for her. We've had a great time watching them when we went to the beach for long weekends. She also likes having them play as "background noise" while she cleans, pays bills, etc. I think it's a great show (VERY well done), and it's great to watch a couple of times, but I can't watch it over...and over...and over again like she can.
  4. by   AmyLiz
    I totally agree. Carrie & Big have to get together. He loves her. She loves him. She's not happy in Paris. AP is a nice guy & all, but he's never going to give her his all like I think Big will (at least I hope he will).

    I must say I was jumping up and down last night when Big was talking to the girls and Miranda told him to "go get our girl"!!!!

    I hope Charlotte gets a baby. Those puppies are darn adorable though, I must say!

    And I hope Samantha tells Smith that she loves him and/or Smith proposes & she accepts. He loves her so much & is so sweet to her!

    And Miranda...I think she's already well on her way to being happy with Steve & Brady in Brooklyn.

    I absolutely love SATC. I will dearly miss it when it's gone. (Heck, I always thought it should be an hour long instead of a half hour, cos it ends too soon!)
  5. by   Elenaster
    I looooovvvvveee SATC too and I will be so sad when it's over. I heard some of the insiders hinting that HBO may develop a spinoff show....would it be Carrie in Paris? Spinoffs are usually terrible, but maybe the folks at HBO can do a far better job than the networks.

    Oh well, does anybody know when "Six Feet Under" will be back on? It may help me through my SATC mourning period.
  6. by   RN760
    First the Sopranos starts in March and then Six Feet Under will start in June to take over the old season time that SATC used to occupy. Very sad
  7. by   NHLPN
    I am so sad. That is my FAVORITE show....
  8. by   Averykat
    I'm so sad that it's ending! Definitely my favorite show on TV right now.

    I've been telling my boyfriend for the last three or four shows that Big would be back in the picture - and finally he is! It just wouldn't be right to have it end without him. :wink2:

  9. by   Kim62
    I am addicted to SATC! I don't know what I'm going to do without my weekly fix. What I would love to see happen is for Big to go to Paris and at first Carrie will be mad at him, but then he hands her a jewelry case and when she opens it, there is a new "Carrie" necklace. She then understands that Big gets her like AP never will and Carrie and Big live happily ever after. Okay, I am just a little too into this show. I think I need to get a life. :chuckle
  10. by   ladyjane
    kim, that's exactly what i think will happen too!! love, love this show. i need to rent the dvds for the first 3 seasons.
  11. by   AmyLiz
    Kim, don't sweat it. Everyone (husband & daughter) look at me like I've got 3 heads when I'm sitting there yelling at the tv ("Charlotte! PICK UP THE PHONE! PICK UP THE PHONE!!!!").

    I can't help it.