Serious thoughts......

  1. ok here i go! i have always tried to make everybody happy. always tried to do the right thing! always cared about what others thought!
    however, all this appears to be a downward spiral..........and the reason why nice guys finish last! i am gonna say right now, there are a few of you that just don't rank here and in 3d! some of you have said some things in the past that were just outright rude, belligerent and arrogant. some of you have been real and just!
    i have always said: "if you can put yourself in another persons shoes, you will always think reasonably, fairly, and non-judgemental without ignorance. i have always felt, that anybody that can keep their word has my utmost respect, and devotion. as i will do the same for them!
    i have always thought, that those who are judgemental, disrespectful, and cannot put themselves in the other person shoes, do not deserve sh*t! so i am going to ask a few questions, and want honest answers.
    some of the disrespectful, arrogant and ignorant i will ignore....i have been here almost 6 years i wll never fail, blow over or disappear because of a few know it all idiots...the rest have my undivided attention!
    #1 - what is your definition of honesty?
    #2- what is your defintion of being truthful?
    #3 - at what point do you decide, somebody is worth your time and effort in any situation (i.e. work, friend, or relationship).
    #4 - how long is long enough to see if something will or will not be right?
    i have my thoughts! i want yours? i know what i think, who i respect from this board, and those that are nothing more than hot air and helium.
    it's all about me.........i'm done with everbody else.......the bottom line in my opinion is this; you cannot make everybody happy, all the time! sometimes not even part of the time. you'll be lucky to make one or two people happy. the only person that counts is yourself!
    conceited maybe....frustrated yes..........truthful no doubt!

    all arrogance, ignorance and stupidity will be ignored......

    100% me!!!!!! i am out!!!!!!
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  3. by   Tookie
    Read this, not quite sure what you are aiming this at.
    All l try and contribute here are my thoughts - sometimes quite seroius others not so - a lot depends upon where you are at at the time you are writing - recently my mood has been - l dont want to get into heavy, nursing, exploring - l try and keep myself honest but like most people l wouldnt expose myself too openly.
    CEN35 - l am as l said not sure where you are coming from.
    I am happy just to be a part of this board.
    Have reread my contribution - and yours - l answered this as l was on the board at the time - as l said not sure where you are coming from and l am not taking it personally.
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  4. by   RNforLongTime
    We are all only human...mere mortals if you not everyone is going to agree and get along...that is what this BB is discussion and debating of certain matters. "There are those that like to "stir the pot" and those people should just be ignored.
    As with Tookie, I am not sure what you are aiming at. I just contribute my thoughts and take on certain matters.

    So....Rick...if you want to talk...let me know!
  5. by   bagladyrn
    Rick - from this and past posts it sounds like a lot more than this board is getting to you. I'm sorry if this is so and wish there was some concrete help I could offer. Vent away and blow off the ones who just seem to want to put people's ideas down without offering alternatives. Broad shoulders available any time!
  6. by   JonRN
    This post is so mysterious, can you possibly be a little more specific about what is bothering you? I really don't care to be categorized, because I am not sure which category I belong in. If I am one of the hot air helium guys, I would appreciate knowing about it. I try to be honest whenever I post on a serious subject, just as in RL when I discuss a serious subject. But if I am just screwing around, like the peeing on the floor thread or the bra thread........well, that is different, also like RL. I can't say I've never stirred the pot, but I don't make a habit of it. A lot depends on what the subject is, and what mood the poster (me and others) is in. I respect your sticking around for 6 years, and enjoy reading your posts, with the possible exception of this one.
  7. by   cmggriff
    Rick, I think we all have our definition of honesty and goodness. I think we all try to surround ourselves eith people who think the same way. And I believe each of us has different reasons for wanting to be around like thinking people.
    I like being around the ones who question everything. They make me sharper. They force me not to become complacent. But I know people who don't want to examine their lives. They get angry if their basic assumptions are questioned.
    I try to give everyone a certain minimal level of respect, except child abusers. But I find as I age I have less time to spend on jerks. Keep up the fight. Never quit. You will fail. Learn from that and start again. Gary

    ps. What about the rock climbing, dude?
  8. by   baseline
    Hmmmm....I haven't been here very long, but I too am a little confused about what it is you are seeking with this post. I am not particularly confrontational and I choose the posts I respond to carefully. I come here to relax, meet new friends and learn new concepts and ideas. I grew up in a political household and learned early on to dislike that kind of discussion. So I don't go there as a general rule. On-line "relationships" so to speak are body language or facial expressions, and I am careful to re-read most of my posts as I lean towards sarcasm and tend to be a tad dry..........I don't want to be a "MISSY" like Miss Heather!!! :-). ( Just an example of misinterpreted statements....)
  9. by   CMERN
    I also am fairly new at this BB, I like baseline think I tend to be a tad dry maybe even sarcastic...that is my security wall..CEN35..I have notice that i haven't seen many post from you lately and honestly YOU and your expertise and insight were one of the reasons I ever continued viewing this BB as a nursing student. I finished school spent my 6 months in E.R. as an R.N. before I was brave enough to join and post here... You do seem upset in the above post..I am sorry and have missed your post..and thats the truth... Is it relationships or this BB causing you the pain? me
  10. by   Q.
    Gary provided some good thoughts, I must say.

    I used to always think that "oh I would NEVER do that" or "oh that would NEVER happen to me" but guess what, it did. I have found that life experiences definitely have made me a better person, even if in only coming to an understanding about everyone else.

    I think everyone tries to surround themselves with good, honest people, and, the majority of time that happens. Sometimes though, people who are probably good at heart are not always good for you. There is a difference.

    Honesty and truthfulness to me are feelings expressed from the heart, at that moment. What's true today however, may not be true tomorrow. And that's the tricky part with people and emotions.

    As far as deciding how long or at what point to decide if something is right, well, I've always asked that question and never really found an answer, other than a gut reaction. Like this job I'm in; at what point do I bail? Hmmm hard to answer. Is it affecting my personal life? A bit. My stress level? Yes. How much of it can I take? Well that's all an individual answer. This you know.

    Rick, as I've gotten older and exposed to more and more shyt, I too have taken on a "selfish" attitude, in particular with my family. I have an evil grandmother who is 80 some years old. Is it "right" that I don't see her, speak to her, etc? No, not really. Some people may argue that I'm the youngest and I should respect my elders. But she doesn't respect me. As a child she blamed me for just about everything. order to live MY life as happy, I cut her off. Plain and simple. I've learned that life is entirely too short to constantly live it for others. What makes ME happy is peace and simplicity. If someone/thing doesn't encourage or foster that, well...shoo they go.

    I know the feeling of your life spiraling out of control sometimes; it sucks. But Rick I am TELLING YOU that it doesn't have to be that way. You CAN say no, you CAN make decisions for yourself that make YOU happy for once - whatever that is.

    So, I don't know if I answered your questions or provided insight - I think sometimes I still know what it is your asking, but then again, it's been a long time since we've corresponded and we've changed quite a bit I'm sure. But in either case, I do think it's high time you invest in yourself for now.

    Take care.

    Your friend always,
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  11. by   Lausana
    Eh? I think we need more information--is this personal, professional, strickly online relations? To me, some are just more important than others so it changes how I'd respond.

    But to me, if you've decided how you feel, then what we say won't make a difference?? Right?
  12. by   shygirl

    I don't really "know" you that well but, I'd like to think I give a person the benefit of the doubt and if they screw up, that's it. They have made thier choice. I think it's wonderful that you have chosen to have the "all about me attitude" Too many times in our lives people take advantage of us......because we let them, right?

    You remember that old saying "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." I think that is so true.
    What is really going on here? Did you and your SO fight or something? Did you have a fight with a family member or a "trusted" friend?
    I think we as people should surround ourselves with happy, upbeat people. There is enough sadness and horrible things happening around that we should not have to deal with it by choice. Good luck and I hope your mood lifts!
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  13. by   CEN35
    hey all...........

    i'll try to answer all the responses.........

    first i am not upset or angry. quite the opposite i have been doing ok, and been in a rather good mood. i suppose part of it is the "all me attitude", which i am not use too having. however, the do anything for anybody else thing had become old. that attitude allows many people to take advantage of nice people. this was definately not meant, to pick out and catagorize people from here or anywhere else. a a few said, some are worth it, and the others should be ignored.
    as far as the board? nobody has p*ssed me off here, beyond some of the normal irritation that can be overlooked.....except for one time.
    sure work, and as i said "in 3d", and other areas there are many little things that get too me. that's where much of this came from........and so it was just kind of a non specific question about what peeps thoughts are on honesty, truth, morals and many other things.

    of course.............the frustration part.........and maybe a slight bit of non-specific venting c/b r/t the fact, at the time of this post, i had just got done working 37.5 out of the last 60 hours. it was also non-stop, being blasted go go go go go while at work!


  14. by   Q.
    It's good to hear that you're in that mindset already (of being "selfish" so to speak)

    Try not to let the "little thing" get to you, though. It takes practice, but they CAN be ignored and you can have a pretty peaceful life as as result....