Series of errors lead to fatal accident

  1. LEXINGTON, Ky., Aug. 30 -- As federal authorities continue their investigation into Sunday's Comair jet crash that killed 49 people, independent safety experts said it is likely that a series of seemingly small events and decisions -- rather than any large single blunder -- led the pilots to attempt taking off from the wrong runway.

    Sadly, it seems that industries other than healthcare experience similar sets of small errors that lead to tragic, deadly results. Perhaps we have something to learn from the aviation industry, and they from us, in terms of accident prevention.
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  3. by   Wise Woman RN
    Interesting that there was only one controller on the night shift...
  4. by   TazziRN
    I'm having a problem with this. Both my ex and current hubbies are private pilots. Neither would ever think of just rolling onto a runway and taking off without pausing at the end of the runway first to make sure everything's okay and ready to go. And according to the article printed in my local paper, they were on an unlit runway. That should have been a huge red flag.

    Then again.....I was not in the cockpit.......
  5. by   weetziebat
    Have to feel sorry for the first officer, who was piloting the plane. Although critically injured, he is the only survivor. Not going to be easy coming to grips with something like this.

    Can seem the similarities between the airlines and hospitals. Only have one flight controller in the tower and expect him to see and do everything. Guy didn't even know there was a crash till he heard it.

    Horrible situation for all involved.