Serena Williams self advocates, blood clots found

  1. Serena Williams gave birth, then 'Everything went bad' - CNN
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  3. by   Lil Nel
    I read the article on this topic today, in the NY Times.

    NPR has also been doing an occasional series on the number of women who die shortly after giving birth in the United States. One new mother they focused on was a NICU nurse. Another worked for the CDC.

    When the statistics are presented to you, and you hear the women's stories, it is very sobering. Something is seriously wrong with post-partum care in this country. These are preventable deaths.

    Both patients and healthcare providers need better education. Ms. Williams was fortunate in that she is familiar with the signs and symptoms of PE. She wasn't going to be denied proper medical care, and could advocate for herself. Not everybody can do that, even when they are highly trained nurses.
  4. by   elizabethgrad09
    When I posted this, I was thinking of a nurse that I work with who a while back was doing something physical and felt something happen (I'm keeping the details vague for her privacy). Because of her medical history and symptoms, she suspected she might have a GI bleed. She was admitted to the hospital, kept herself NPO, and despite initial resistance, was able to get the correct procedure ordered and performed. So the problem is not just in post partum.
  5. by   Lil Nel
    No, it isn't just a post-partum problem. But the United States has a high number of post-partum deaths. And they are largely preventable. But the overall problem is a crappy healthcare system.

    I recently took care of a GI bleed patient, and begged and pleaded to get her transferred out to the large teaching hospital as her condition was worsening, and nothing other than blood transfusions was being done for her. After one and half-days of begging to get her OUT of the tiny rural hospital that obviously wasn't equipped to care for her, the patient was transferred to the larger facility.

    Why does it take begging and pleading by nurses to get the right thing done? The patient couldn't advocate for herself because she could no longer speak coherently.