Septal/Sinus Surgery ???'s

  1. Okay, all of you experts, and life-experience folks out there-I am scheduled to have septoplasty and turbinate surgery WITH nasoantral windows and maxillary sinus surgery. This is all supposed to happen on Monday, Dec. 3.

    I, usually a quite matter-of-fact person, went for my preop today, and got quite an education. My doctor said that this would be a surgery that would allow me to RTW the next day, and that I probably would need only Tylenol for pain. Today I was told to plan on at least a 23-hr admit, probable IV pain medication (MSO4), a good 7-14 days recovery time, nasal irrigation 6-8x/day for up to 3 mos., and a weight lifting limit of 15 lbs. for up to 6 weeks. Yeesh! What am I getting into?

    Please, any of you ENT nurses, and anyone who has ever had this type of surgery, give me an idea of what to expect. Being of ER and Occ Med background, I've never dealt with this kind of stuff, except when someone began to bleed, post-op. I sure would appreciate any education and information.

    Thanks, from someone who got a little knock-kneed when she read the part in the surgical permit about the brain being seperated from the sinuses by a "paper-thin bone." I knew that, but there it was, in black and white, and I SIGNED it, giving them permission to go in there and play!
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Cathy, since no one has replied to you, I do know that my husband had nasal polyps removed from his ethnoid sinuses a few years ago and they had to chip away some bones up there to get at the polyps. He looked the same as usual, but did take some time off from work (neither of us can remember how long) and didn't feel so hot for a couple of days but was back at work in less than a week. The follow up visits were kind of gross watching the ENT stick the thingy up his nose to check the surgery, but they never bothered my husband cuz he wasn't watching!
  4. by   kaycee
    I have no idea, my background is ER but I want to wish you well!
  5. by   semstr
    Hi Cathy,

    Had this operation about 10 years ago, due to chronic sinusitis in all my sinuses (is that the correct plural?) and a septum with holes (must have had them since my birth)

    Anyway the operation was done in local anestesia (don't do that!!!! it is absolutely terrifying!! Even though I was a theatrenurse at that time and knew the noises), was in hospital for 48 hours, because (hey as a nurse this is as normal as ever) I started bleeding and they had to do a tamponade.

    I looked like a boxer after he looses a fight!!
    My husband came into the room and didn't regognize me at first!
    Pain wasn't that bad really, i just felt that I had a watermelon instead of a head!!

    I was at home for 2 weeks after that, it was winter too and a very cold one (we had days down to -25C) and that really hurt my nose and the newly opened sinuses.

    I didn't have a sinusitis for 2 years, but now I am having them again on a regular basis (up to 3 times a year). My ENT wants to operate again to clean everything out ones more and use another technique on the holes that are still there (they weren't able to fix all of them the first time), but I don't know about that.

    All in all the operation was NO FUN, but yes, you'll survive and if it is necessary better do it. (better than taking antibiotics and Nonsteroids 10 times a year)

    So take care, Renee
  6. by   CATHYW
    thanks to the 3 of you for your support and information. the surgery was done on dec. 3, without any complications. i spent the night in the hospital, and drove myself home tuesday a.m. (i live an hr. from the hospital.) for the first couple of days i felt as though i'd encountered some hornets. most of that is past now, and the nasal irrigations seem to be working well, even if they aren't pleasant. the good news is: my husband says i don't snore anymore! :d

    by the way, you'll notice that from home i'm cathyw.
  7. by   kaycee
    So glad to hear you did ok. Sounds like it wasn't quite as bad as you thought.
    Hope you feel better every day so you can enjoy the coming holidays!!
  8. by   semstr
    Hi Cathy,

    so glad eveything went well and you're ok. Now take care of yourself and don't overdo it!!

  9. by   CATHYW
    To use an old phrase, ya'll are just plumb good folks! My husband and I went to the storage building this evening and brought home a carload of Christmas decorations, PLUS some gifts that we bought after Christmas last year, that I had forgotten!
    We are really looking forward to Christmas this year-out of our 5 grown children, 3 of them and their families will be with us for Christmas. One lives in Utah, and the other in Virginia. Plus, we have our 6 month old granddaughter's first Christmas coming up here, at our house!
    My very best to you all and your families. I hope everyone is well, and looking forward to a great holiday. You all were so good to offer your support. I'm usually not chickens**t about any kind of procedure, but that thing about being as close to the brain as the thickness of a piece of paper really caught my attention!
    Ya'll stay in touch, and I'll see you on the boards!
  10. by   Jenny P
    Glad to hear it went well for you, Cathy. Now just remember not to look at the 'scope when you go in for your recheck! Close your eyes for the exam, okay?