1. I am really irritated by something I read on delphi forums. I caused a major stir by posting my position. What do you think of this? I am making this concern made known because I think it causes further diversification in our ability to attempt to be unified so maybe we can actually make a dent in the issues we face as a profession.

    What do you think of nursing groups who base their membership on the color of their skin and they deny membership to someone who is of a different color?

    I am not saying the color of my skin nor the color of the groups skin because I think that would affect the response....

    Please I want to know if this bothers anyone....or am I being idealistic in trying to get nursing to be a collective force based on our likeness as professionals.....

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  3. by   karenG
    at the end of the day are we not all nurses? despite all my training and experiance, I am still a nurse and care for my patients. I think that is all that counts- and dont think colour/creed/race should be an issue! its not the first thing I notice about people- i notice their smile!!

  4. by   GPatty
    I think I tend to agree with Karen. The first thing I notice is a person's smile.
    Why does EVERYTHING have to be segregated all the time?
    The Lord made each and every one of us in His likeness...
    we're the ones who can only see the differences and not the likeness.....
  5. by   eltrip
    I've been curious about that very topic. I don't understand what the point of separate nursing organizations is when the organization isn't based on skills or specialty, but ethnicity. I am puzzled by this. I am curious to know why . It would be illuminating to hear a rationale for this.

    Enquiring minds want to know!
  6. by   adrienurse
    Seems pretty silly to me, considering the fact that we have no way of knowing what each other's ethnicity unless we disclose it (or post a picture). You would think that color wouldn't factor into this equation.

    Not a group that I'd like to belong to. Good riddance.
  7. by   Vsummer1
    "What do you think of nursing groups who base their membership on the color of their skin and they deny membership to someone who is of a different color?"

    I think this is absurd. Especially in the "new united" America. We come from everywhere, have different religions, culture, skin color, hair color.... yet we have all come together as a country more now than ever.

    While I realize that there are groups providing scholarships (I am a student) to different races, I think that is a move towards getting MORE minorities involved and thus a positive thing. And I think that men have some special issues in nursing that perhaps might bring about a support arena, but overall....

    If it is bb about NURSING then let it be about nursing and leave out all the superficial crap.
  8. by   renerian
    I thought it was not good. I got a bunch of nasty emails in my box from people who said they needed to be separate as they had separate issues based on the nurses skin color. I tried to join their group and they would not allow me too.......I thought it was a sad............I agree a nurse's smile is the first thing I see and give to a patient. I don't think it says anywhere that color has anything to do with being a nurse....

  9. by   Vsummer1
    How the heck would they know? Get a new user name and join anyway LOL!!!
    better yet, post the location and we ALL will infiltrate!

    If nurses of a certain color feel they have certain issues, I would like to understand that and perhaps it would make me a better person. I could join for the education value. Now, I might actually BE that skin color....

    Where is this again?
  10. by   pebbles
    I had two thoughts.
    1) We all bleed red and cry salty tears and we all have sore feet at the end of the day, so whats the big deal about our skin colour....

    2) If those people thought that they wanted to be that exclusionary, I wouldn't care too much to be part of their in-group anyway. Some people form clubs just to keep others out.
  11. by   fergus51
    Seems silly, but I do understand that some groups do want to get together and discuss their particular challenges in nursing and I may not be relevant. An example is there is an Aboriginal (Native American) group for nurses here in Canada, and their community has special health challenges and issues that they need to be concerned with. So I understand them wanting to get together and talk about that community with others who work in it, just like I like to talk to other OB nurses and other Canadian nurses at times more than a med-surg nurse from TN....
  12. by   fedupnurse
    I believe some of these groups that prefer to keep themselves separated help to propogate negative issues. We as nurses all have similar issues: poor staffing patterns leading to unsafe environments for patients, poor wages for what we are expected to do (save lives) and lousy pension plans with no medical benefits upon retirement. Those issues effect all of us regardless of race, sex, religion, etc. It is just another way to keep nurses separate.
  13. by   TCW
    Sometimes it is nice to find a group of people that support you, that understand where you are coming from...that come from similar backgrounds...

    That being said, I don't believe any group should knowingly and willfully exclude ANYONE.

    That's just my 2 cents.

  14. by   live4today
    renerian.........this is my personal professional take on this subject:

    in life.......we have people from many nations

    within those many nations are groups of people who relate better to one another due to their likeness in how they were raised and taught to believe......through their experiences for belonging to those various groups.

    example:those of us who live in this nation called america live in four different parts of this great nation: east....west....north...south.

    when we travel outside of our given comfort zone.....we yearn to go home again so that we can be among those who talk like us, think like us, eat like us, have a sense of humor like us, dress like us, etc.

    it's good to get away and mingle with other cultures outside of our own.......but, there is just something about "coming home again" to "let our hair to speak".

    within each group of people, are relating to men......women relating to women......yet...within the same culture or ethnic group.

    within that subgroup of sexes are even more subgroups: age division.......keep in mind now.....we are still within the same group.......only in various subgroups of understanding and comfort.

    it is not racist for a group of women to form together based on their own understanding of one long as they are not flaunting their need to group together for comfort in the faces of others......this would hurt terribly the feelings of others who do not understand their need to do so. that would be like having employees talking in their native tongue in the presence of others they work with......which is not allowed in the military work environment......don't know how it's treated in civilian employment places.

    nurses of different cultures have always had their own "subgroups"......known or why pretend among us that these various "subgroups" do not exist???

    i can appreciate those groups need to feel a certain closeness, bond, understanding, and comfort level that they would not experience in a broader group of nurses that include all cultures, ethnicities, etc.

    our avoidance of these issues are nonsense......imo. this issue needs to exist for a true purpose.....and i see nothing at all wrong with us being upfront and personal about our differences so that we can learn from one another.

    if we really said what we feel at times regarding one another's different cultures on a public forum.......we would be slammed big time......and you all know it. we can't even drop the "pretense" around here on "off topics" without slamming each other's opinions, so why are we kidding ourselves that we could have an open discussion regarding the need for some nurses to continue having their own private groups based on their own "commonalities"?????????

    i will not debate my example here........just to let you all know upfront and personal........however.......i have no problem sharing from my heart about it from my own personal and professional experience.

    thank you for appreciating my own personal opinion here even though it may mildly, moderately, or strongly disagree with your own personal opinion. i respect this about others.....bottom line.

    in his grip :kiss
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