Send a card to cheer up Warrior Woman's Mom

  1. Sometimes something so simple as a card with caring thoughts can make all the difference in how a person's day goes. I know Ruth is having some difficulty not being at home, who wouldn't? I know a card of encouragement would mean so much to her so if you'd like to drop a card her way, the addy is: Harborside Healthcare Perrysburg, Attn: Ruth Pisarski Room # 211, 28546 Starbright Blvd., Perrysburg, Ohio 43551. I'm sure this would cheer her up to know that so many folks care about her and the family. HUGS!!!!!!
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  3. by   Brownms46
    All we were waiting on was the above addy info...consider it done!
  4. by   Mattigan
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    You bet, Duckie! :kiss
  7. by   night owl
    All done Duckie! Thanks for the info...
  8. by   SherRN
    In the mail Duckie .