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  1. need a bit of help, anyone else having problems with selective posting, some threads I can post on and some won't let me, anyone know whats going on. Dont ask me to pm a mod as I did on the 5/5 and still waiting for reply

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  3. by   gwenith
    Don't know perhaps it's biased against the Scots!
  4. by   aimeee
    This would be the sort of problem that most likely has to do with a software glitch of some kind. Sorry you did not get a response from whoever you pm'd. I suggest you report this concern in the feedback forum as it is likely that only Brian can solve it.
  5. by   chrisrob
    I would really hate to think that might be the case, nah don't believe that us Scots are the friendliest people going, everyone luvs us

  6. by   angelbear
    Also could be that you are trying to post to a closed thread. It tells that in the bottom right where it normally says post reply. No wait you would probably already know that since you couldnt hit post reply button. Never mind I am tired and brain dead at the moment. Sorry
  7. by   P_RN
    I just checked and your profile is not restricted at all. If this happens again will you go right then to feedback and let us know what when and how?

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  8. by   chrisrob
    P_RN I can't figure this out you say I have no restrictions but I can't even get to certain threads I'm getting notification that people have replied but when I try to view the thread I'm getting this message
    "You do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:
    You do not have permission to access the page that you were trying to. Are you trying to edit someone else's post or trying to access administrative features? Check that you are allowed to perform this action in the Forum Rules.
    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation. "
    I can't access feedback either. Oh and yeh I am logged in
    Anglebear tired and brain dead two of my favourate words.
  9. by   Rustyhammer
    Try emptying your cache, rebooting and try again.
  10. by   P_RN
    Chris make a list of some of the threads and which forums you are getting this from. It has to be SOMETHING that we've missed.

    Oh how old are you chris? There is an under 13 restriction, that doesn't apply does it
  11. by   karenG
    cant be biased against the scots.......I am not having any trouble!! after all, we plan to take over the world!!

    and I am sure Chris is over 18!

  12. by   chrisrob
    No I'm not under thirteen Hey Karen remember you live in England (traitor) and I'm only just over 18 just hehe
  13. by   gwenith
    It's all a Sassanach plot

    (Ps Did I spell that right?)

    BTW as an Aussie I am allowed to give all Scots, Irish and English a hard time - Its in our charter
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  14. by   karenG
    Hey mum says I am part of the advance party sent to soften up the english prior to the big take over...........