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  1. hey all please forgive me for posting way off topic, but i'm trying to help my hubby find his biological father. i'm posting a copy of the search letter that i have mailed out to dozens of people, please take a moment to read it and maybe pass it on. thanks you are all a great bunch!

    to whom it may concern:

    i am trying to find my biological father, wesley orville campbell. this isn't to bother him or to cause him any trouble, just to find him and get to know some history and if he would like, to get to know him.

    here is a little about myself:

    i was born august 3, 1964; i was named jeffrey howell burt. my mother's name at the time was phyllis joan burt. my stepfather, john greer, adopted me in 1977 when i was 12 years of age. the adoption was handled in gladwin michigan, and the lawyer involved was doug jacobson. i have been married for 16 years this past christmas, and my wife and i have 3 daughters.

    here is the information i have on wesley campbell:

    his nickname had been scott, that is the name everyone used; in fact phyllis' family didn't realize that was only a nickname. in 1964 wesley had blonde hair and walked sort of bow legged. i have been told i look a lot like him. he had been married, but separated from his wife juanita at the time of conception and/or birth of myself. i believe wesley had a son and a daughter older then i am, and that the older son was named guy. wesley's mother had lived in waterford, and wesley had lived in oxford or pontiac on omar st. wesley had been in the navy, and had worked at one time for the oakland county road commission in michigan. at one time around the year 1977, i believe wesley owned or worked for a sport machines business, that dealt with snowmobiles or motorcycles, this business had been located in oxford or lake orion area of michigan.

    as i stated earlier in the letter, i'm not out to cause wesley any trouble, i just need to know who i am and who my father is. i want wesley to get to know my family and his 3 granddaughters if he would like to. i know my daughters would greatly appreciate it. if anyone reading this could help me out i would greatly appreciate it. and if you can't, please excuse me for taking up your time, but please pass the letter on to those you think may be of some help. i'm anxious to find him.

    thank you,
    jeffrey howell burt greer
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  3. by   Cindy_A
    Have your tried posting on some of the geneaology query boards? Rootsweb has many, many surname boards. Plus Cyndi's list, scroll down to adoptions, there are 133 links related to adoptions. Hope this helps! Good Luck!
  4. by   nursedawn67
    Originally posted by Cindy_A
    Have your tried posting on some of the geneaology query boards? Rootsweb has many, many surname boards. Plus Cyndi's list, scroll down to adoptions, there are 133 links related to adoptions. Hope this helps! Good Luck!
    I have the rootsweb, but have not seen the cyndis list...thank you so much for sending it!
  5. by   ziggyRn
    I would try a private investigator... they track people down all the time. But I have no idea how much it would cost? Good luck, Zig.
  6. by   FritoPie
    I forwarded the letter to a friend of mine whose last name is also Campbell. I know it is a long shot - but you never know. Many times I have discovered what a small world we live in. My husband was adopted when the was only a few days old and has just listed his name on the state adoption registry - we haven't heard anything yet but they said it would take approx. 10 weeks. If his birth parents are not registered we will not receive any information. Does your state have an adoption registry that your husband could join?
  7. by   nursedawn67
    Thank you so much to all who read this and even forwarded it on, my hubby and I appreciate it so much. I did hire 1-800-us search at one time, they sent me a bunch of names and addy's. Today I am mailing out the letter you read to those addresses....hope it brings some good luck.
  8. by   CATHYW
    How about trying the Navy? They may have an old address that you could work from.
    Good luck to you and your husband. I have 2 adopted cousins-one was reunited with her birth mother, and they get along well. Her mother, my cousin, had passed away from complications of diabetes before she began looking.
    Also, my godddaughter is adopted. She was given up at age 3 by a 20 year old pregnant mother of 4 whose boyfriend did not "like" my goddaughter.
  9. by   Jenny P
    We traced down my hubby's father and got to know him the last 8 years of his life. He'd been trying to find my hubby for years also, so it was a good reunion for us (although not without some fears and trepidations).
    Go to the towns that you think he lived in and look up the old records of deaths and marriages for his surname (okay, we did this before the internet was so accessible). Check in old newspapers for obituaries, births, and marriages. Check in the current phone directories for the names listed when you find a match. We found a person who had the exact same name as my hubby's (in the phone directory) who didn't know any of the names we had from an old obit. Turns out that that person was my hubby's 1st cousin, but only knew everybody by nicknames (which are very big in that particular family). We wanted info on health histories more than anything else; but found some neat relatives also.

    Good luck!