Screen Names

  1. I am just full of curiosity lately.

    What is the significance of the screen name you use on this bb.

    Mine is kind of a local joke at the fire dept/ ambulance service I volunteer for.

    I am anything but petite, I am almost 6 foot tall, and queen sized--and can lug hose with the rest of the guys. I am always joking with them that they have to be careful with me 'cos I am such a petite flower. So that is where my name came from.

    How bout the rest of ya.
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  3. by   2muchfun
    Usually what I say when I'm putting a drunk in 4-points and cutting off their clothes, I'm having "too much fun." yeah, right.
  4. by   MomNRN
    Mine is pretty much self-explanatory - my two most important jobs in life!
  5. by   H ynnoD
    A Friend started calling me Donny when I was about 26,now everyone does,except my parents of coarse.H,last name inital.Getting much older now.When I introduce myself its always Donald.A guy from church called asking for Donald once.Told him I thought he was a telemarketer at first cause I'm not use to being called Donald.When I was younger it was easy to avoid bill collectors,they were also the only one to ever ask for Donald.Donald,Nope, No Donald Here.:chuckle
  6. by   FROGGYLEGS
    My dad's name is Donnie. You don't have to be a Donald just because you grew up.
  7. by   iliel
    Iliel is from a book by Alister Crowley..Moonchild. After the main character made her "transformation", a man named her Iliel.
    Guess I sorta identified with her.
  8. by   ScarlettRN
    I think mine speaks for itself, yes?
  9. by   night owl
    Mine sure does!
  10. by   Tweety
    On every other message board I go to I'm Tweety. But that was taken here. Mine isn't original at all. Just call me "Tweety"! Which is the pet name my spouse uses for me because I'm so tweet.
  11. by   Ted
    First initial of first name. Last name. E (Eward) Fiebke

    I use this on almost every bulletin board I visit. I have such a poor memory. . . wouldn't remember different userID's otherwise!

    However, you can call me Ted

  12. by   gwenith
    I always thought if I wanted to use a psuedonym I would have gone with one of the original variants of "wendy" such as gwendolyn but that would you believe was taken and a bit old fashioned so went with "gwenith" then got on the board and saw that many of the names also said something about the person and thought of changing it but by that time "qwenith" had developed her own personality and characteristics and I rather liked her so I stuck with it.
  13. by   Tookie
    Mine is fairly slef explanatory - I married into it.

    No l am not a hobbit by the way
  14. by   Mama Val
    Always wanted to own my own resturant/pub. My old boyfriend said that when I did I should call it Mama Val's, being that I am part Italian. He wanted free beer for life (for thinking up the name) when I finally open it up.