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  1. Since I see from other threads that there are other readers of science fiction and fantasy out there, I need help. I've "caught up" with too many of my favorite authors and need to find new ones. I've been haunting the bookstores waiting for new releases - have actually shown up at opening time and demanded they go to the storeroom and unpack the new release NOW!
    Some of the authors I enjoy most (besides the classic writers such as Asimov,Clark, Heinlein, Zelazny, Niven, Bradley, etc.) are Spider Robinson, Allen Steel, Jennifer Roberson, Mercedes Lackey, Sharon Shinn, some Eliz. Anne Scarborough.
    Any suggestions of new/different authors would be greatly appreciated - especially if they've been writing a while and I can buy used or paperback - buying all these hardback new releases is breaking my budget!
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  3. by   CashewLPN
    hmm.. you might want to try Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Series...
    Red Mars
    Green Mars
    Blue Mars...
    and, I think the 4th, is called the martians, or somthing like that...
    they're very techincally detailed... not fast reads though...

    on a lighter note...
    the very inaccurately named Hitchhikers Trilogy...(theres about 5 books) It starts with the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy....
    (to those in the know... 42, and I always carry a towel...)
    its a very fast read, and, funny as all heck.

  4. by   bagladyrn
    Thanks for the suggestions - Yes I have my towel - always with me - read the Hitchhikers series years back!
  5. by   Ted
    I used to read LOTS of sci-fi from short stories to trilogies. My favorite thing in the whole world used to be going to the Boston Public Library, taking out a small handfull of books that had collections of short stories and read, read, read. . .

    Of course, that was over 20 years ago. . .

    Barbara, my favorite collections of sci-fi books were the Hitchhikers guide books. . . but I thought there were only three books! There more than three?????


    Barb, what are the titles of the hitchhiker series??? I just might take up reaing sci-fi again (as opposed to watching it on "the tele". . . I'm such a star Trek fan! Love all the series! )

    Just an aside. . . .

    I met Isaac Asimov, once! Well. . . more than once, actually! One of my MANY jobs used to be selling home-made baked goods down in the open farmer's markets in New York City. One particular farmer's market was located near where Asimov used to live. I partically peed my pants when I saw him walk. . . past. . . my baked-good stand. I actually yelled out to him asking for his autograph!!!

    He kept walking by! :chuckle

    And he walked by my stand everytime he was at the market. . . never purchased anything from my stand. . . I guess he was afraid of the over-zealous fan, I guess :imbar

    AHHHHHHH. . . . . memories. . . . and THAT was over 14 years ago. . . . Boy! Do I feel freakin' old!
  6. by   karenG
    I am a big fan of Tad williams, also laurell Hamilton, Raymond fiest and of course tolkien! theres more but will have to sit and try and remember the names!!! I read anything!!!!!!!!!

    oh if you are a hitchickers fan- did you hear the radio 4 adaptation? absolutely brilliant!!!! I keep listening to it in the car- cept it makes me laugh and thats not good when on the M25!!!!

    Karen :
  7. by   bagladyrn
    I love Hamilton also - but have caught up with her also and I think the next one is not out until the end of the year! Never heard the radio adaptation of the Hitchhiker series. I wonder if it's available here as it would be great for my next cross country drive - I'll have to check!
  8. by   lucianne
    I tend more toward fantasy and speculative fiction. Have you tried Orson Scott Card, Gael Greeno, Joan Vinge, Sherri S. Tepper, Charles De Lint, Guy Gavriel Kay--that should be about 60 paperbacks for you.

    My kids love Hitchiker's and all the Terry Pratchett books as well.

  9. by   pickledpepperRN
    The Robinson "Mars" series and his other novels are excellent, "Antarctica" comes to mind. Octavia Butler, Vonda Mc Intyre, Stephen Barnes, and Joe Haldeman will be treats if you've not read them.

    I could have met Asimov in 1962. I was waiting for my Dad in the coffee shop at a convention in San Jose when he sat in the booth behind me!
    I was then too shy to say anything. Since I have learned that I didn't have to be smart & witty as i thought. Just the fact of being a not unatractive teenage girl would have earned a smile and a joke.

    Oh also look for Barbara Hambley, SF or mystery. Too many to mention. I subscribe to Analog & Asimovs magazines too for shorter fiction.
    CONNIE WILLIS! If you don't love her books I will be amazed.
  10. by   Ted
    I could have met Asimov in 1962. I was waiting for my Dad in the coffee shop at a convention in San Jose when he sat in the booth behind me!
    Spacenurse. . . I was 2 years old, then!

    Loved his short stories! Just wish he purchased even a loaf a bread from me at the farmer's market (on the corner of 57th Street and 10th Avenue) . . . .

    Regarding "Hitchhikers". . . PBS (Public Broadcasting Company) used to air a "Hitchhikers" series that I believe was produced from the BBC! The costumes and special effects were so campy! And I LOVED what few episodes I watched!
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  11. by   karenG

    I am sure you can get hitchhikers on tape from amazon. it was first broadcast on radio 4 in 1976 and became a big cult thing over here- the TV series followed a few years later but the radio series is far far better!

  12. by   CashewLPN
    very Funky!

    um.... ted, I cant think of the titles, but, they're in 1 giagundo book now....

    oh, and trek.... Definately a closet trekkie here... but, my closet has screen doors!!!
    uh, what else...
    I guess thats about it...
    Live long and prosper...
    and, never forget the towel...
  13. by   pickledpepperRN
    Originally posted by efiebke
    Spacenurse. . . I was 2 years old, then!

    Loved his short stories! Just wish he purchased even a loaf a bread from me at the farmer's market (on the corner of 57th Street and 10th Avenue) . . . .
    Ted you look young in your picture.

    Anyone read the "Robots in Time" series? William F. Wu actually met and worked with the good Dr. Asimov.
    He taught a community college creative writing class. His Dad is a retired neurosurgeon.
    Bill is a freuent panalist at conventions and a nice guy. I am jealous as even his masters thesis is interesting.

    I am so out of the Trekkie (Trekker) closet. I was working in an ICU years ago when a ST TNG actor was visiting another floor. The staff, MDs, and supervisor all came to tell me. No, I didn't go to look. There are expen$ive conventions for that.
    I am in a club that has meetings in one of our homes, goes on field trips to museums, bowling, and "sacred sites" where episodes were filmed. I saw the tree where Finnian leaned and pointed to his chin for "Jimmy Boy" Kirk to sock him!
    It's only a few miles from where Kirk fought the Gorn.

    Oh, Oh, Oh!
    Did you see Robin Williams in the Becentenniel Man?
    I was so afraid of being disappointed, but it was good.
    Robert Silverberg! His original stories and those with Asimov robots are excellent. Anyone mention classics like Hal Clement, Poul Andersen, or Fred Poul? Fred is still alive and writing!
    Greg Bear, fine writer, is Poul Andersens son- in- law.
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  14. by   Ted
    Spacenurse. . . You belong to a trekkie fan club???? That's way cool!

    I never went to any convention. Can't remember any of the actor's names. . . (except, of course, for Lenoard Nemoy, and what's his name who used to play captain Kirk. . . ummm. . . thinking. . . ummm. . . what's his name??? )

    Anyhow, I've read tons of sci fi stuff. The sad thing is that all I remember is the brilliant imagination of the writers and the wonderful feeling of escapism I experienced when reading the short stories or books. (Although I do remember much of the Hitchhiker's guide stuff because I used to laugh until urinary incontinence with those books! :chuckle )

    I'm sitting here reading all of the names of authors everyone is rattling off. I may or may not of read them. . . but I just don't remember. I really horrible at remembering names. Well, I do remember Asimov. . . sigh. . .

    Barb - Going to look for that big giagundo book of the hitchhikers. . . never heard of the word "giagundo". . . must be really big!