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  1. Okay all you SF addicts gather around. Some news for you all.

    !) Blake's 7 may return.

    Paul Darrow, who played the ruthless anti-hero Avon, is in a consortium that has acquired the rights to the show from the widow of its creator, Terry Nation.

    I don't know if anyone saw Blake's 7 it was a BBC production as famous for it's wobbly cheap sets as for it's convoluted story lines.
    Made in the spirit (and budget) of Dr Who but it did have it's own charm.

    The cheap sets were so legendary that there is reputed to be a picture of a a quarry ( you know the one it was in every second episode of DR Who) that showed the film crew at the bottom of the cliff filming blake's 7 and another crew at the top of the cliffs filming Dr Who. They did it that was so they could save on catering:chuckle

    I look forward to it's return
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    No, never saw this series - sounds like fun though!
    By the way - seeing as you are a Heinlein reader, do the current political shenanigans in California remind you of his description of California politics in the novel "Friday"? I saw it as exaggeration when I read it years ago - now it seems entirely too apt!
  4. by   oramar
    Just barely remember it. Loved Dr Who, specially episodes with Tom Baker. Still watch it on PBS occasionally.
  5. by   karenG
    oh I grew up on Doctor Who and blakes 7. best doctor who was Tom Baker, then Jon Pertwee. have to say the Americans made a hash of it when they did that hour long film with Paul Mcgann as the Doctor........the tardis was all wrong!!

    and blakes 7- have you seen how old the characters look now!!

  6. by   pickledpepperRN
    I'm in the middle of five generations of SF readers. Grandfather read H.G. Wells & Jules Verne, Dad the pulps, I started reading Superman comics and my Dads magazines (Asimov was my 1st favorite), my kids & daughter in law started with Piers Anthony (after fairy tales & Greek myths) still like fantasy and LOVE Red Dwarf, Nephew likes Gibson & Babylon 5.
    My absolute favorite writer is Octavia Butler. She is just not prolific enought (after Asimov who is?).

    We are fortunate to have Ray Bradbury and Larry Niven living here. Nice men who are glad to socialize with fans at a yearly CONvention.

    Dr. Who had good stories & the props reminding me of when we were kids putting on a show.

    OK as my daughter wrote at age 5, "A nuff is a nuff."

    Edited to add, "Any filkers?"
  7. by   Wolfpax
    Love the sci fi stuff in the movies but prefer to read fantasy such as Terry Pratchet, Robert Aspirin, David Eddings and a little sexy horror such as Laurel K Hamilton... when I get to watch tv I'm usually glued to the Sci Fi channel and lately they've been disappointing much as I like the twilight Zone, enough already... Never had the opportunity to see Dr. Who, always had trouble getting in PBS
  8. by   Ted
    I loooooooved watching Dr. Who!!!

    And I vaguely remember watching Blake 7. Reading about the two filming on the same location. . . apparently at the same time. . . was a hoot! :chuckle

    Long live campy special-effects sci-fi shows!

  9. by   gwenith
    Special effects? Ted we are talking BBC TV here thier idea of special effects is to take several large sheets of carboard to teh local rubbish tip to see what they can glue on as a background!!!!

    Terry Pratchett HMMMMM my favourite. Love his books!! REad a lot of Mercedes Lackey and of course Larry Niven - OH! Spacenurse you have MET him!!! One of the last of the true science science fiction writers.
  10. by   pghfoxfan
  11. by   gwenith
    Originally posted by pghfoxfan
    Well of course!!!
  12. by   donmurray
    Any of CJ Cherryh's stuff, SF rather than Fantasy though. A cool website.
    Larry Niven! Ringworld! or Ben Bova (sp?)
  13. by   pickledpepperRN
    We have the oldest continually active club here. A yearly convention too!
    All are welcome. Larry and Marilyn Niven are almost always at the meetings.