Schools almost do you deal with the critters(lice) if they show up?

  1. School is about to start and I wondered how everyone deals with those nasty little critters that children seem to catch at school and daycare. Have a friend who had to have her gall bladder removed quite unexpectedly and her children ended up at my house.......saw scratching and looked.....major infestation so I called her.....yes I called her in the hospital and asked her what the hell she had been doing about this problem......She said I have been using RID once a week, but I can't seem to get rid of them! I couldn't believe it.....told her hello they become immune to it if you use it too much! Needless to say I had a very busy week ahead of me. I had my 4 kids(who didn't have it, but had to be treated) along with her 4 who were infested. It was a mess. My sis-in-laws mother(she is a hairdresser) said to use Dawn and Vinegar 1/2 and /12 on their hair and I did that along with alot of picking and a couple of haircuts. Sally's Beauty supply sells a shampoo called Teatree Oil shampoo(generic paul mitchell) and it has an odor that lice don't seem to like. Used it for 5 months with no lice problems.......ran out and had none for a week.....boom daughter came home from daycare with it.......
    Anyway, what do you guys do to combat these NASTY little creatures? And we all know that the ol myth of only dirty people get it is a myth, right? Technically it is the clean....they like clean hair that they can attach too so put gel and hairspray in that childs hair!
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    Awww Robin and you poor little babies! Yes, we all know the truth about lice! I've never had to deal with it, so I can't offer and advice or tips. I just wish your babies well and critter free soon!

    And I'm sorry for saying this because you say she is your friend, but what kind of friend dumps her kids on someone without so much as a warning to what's jumping all over their little bodies FOR MONTHS NOW? I'd bill her for every penny you have to spend..... including your babysitting services!

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    No Heather this was last year.....thank god....sorry to say I don't let her kids stay at my house unless I check them.....sad I know......
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    I thought about what you said Heather and had to reply more.....She has been my friend since 1986 and I have been so disappointed in her the last 6 years or so. When we were in high school she was the straight A student who was the perfect daughter......then she got pregnant. That was a shock, but I stood by her.....we told people I was the father because who the real father was....was none of their business(long story....he held us hostage with a gun about a year later). I stood by her on that and many other times over the years......I try not to go into it too much because it seems that "I" am always the one who bails her out and does for her. The only time she calls is if he needs something and I am always there......I allow it though so she is not to blame. I am as much to blame as she is. We have had our problems and I have jumped her quite frequently. Did you ever have that one person that you thought would amount to something and be someone when you felt that in your own life you would be lucky to survive? I pinned all my hopes and dreams on her because my life was so horrible that I wan't even sure I would make it to graduation. She has 4 children by 4 different men now and her last boyfriend(she was with for 7 years) got her hooked on drugs and beat her. Molested one of her children and the only reason she finally dumped him was he tried to kidnap their daughter........anyway I ramble. I had such high hopes for her that I am so disappointed sometimes. She has gone to school and is a respiratory therapist.......takes care of and supports her children, but I couldn't hardly stand to go to her house(not much of a cleaner,,,,,,I mean cluttered with kids is one thing......stepping on food in the living room floor is filth) and such. Will write more on this later.......ex mom in law is on phone......
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    I think we all have friends or family members that we have been disappointed in. I certainly have.
    You are a good friend to continue to stick by her, honestly, I probably wouldn't. I've stopped talking to a particular friend of mine because her husband beats the **** out of her and she continues to take it. The last time he went after her, it was with a baseball bat, and she wasn't seriously injured but scared enough to come stay with me for a couple of months.
    Then I came home one day to a peculiar smell in my house... sort of like new tires, like in a tire showroom.
    She and Mr. Wonderful had smoked crack in my house.
    Oh, no. That was absolutely, positively the end.
    Last I heard, her husband was in jail for assaulting her 14 year old niece, but he's on work release, and she picks him up in the morning, brings him lunch, and takes him back to jail in the evening.
    Totally disgusting.
    Wow Robin, this thread is about so much more than lice, isn't it? Rebecca's right, I probably wouldn't have stuck by her either.

    There comes a time when you have to realize whether people are more harmful or beneficial to your mental health. Sometimes you just gotta clean house....

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    There are people in this world who are just energy vampires... they prey on the less miserable and try to convert them.
    I just don't understand people who can help themselves and don't. Its too much like beating a dead horse for me to stay around for long.
    I work hard to make my life the best, most productive and fulfilling that it can be... why would I want to hang out with those who obviously didn't care as much?
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    Luckily I haven't had to deal with lice in a few years now, but when I lived in Southern California, you had to be vigilant about prevention. My son only got it once, same situation you described, a "friend" asked me to watch her kids for a weekend, and "forgot" to tell me they had lice.

    When my daughter got older, she picked it up from school a couple times. The best product I have found is Nix, the creme rinse, but no matter what you use, you have to be sure to get all the nits out of the hair and wash all sheets and pillows, and put all stuffed animals in a plastic bag for at least two weeks. A real time consuming pain in the a$$!

    I seem to remember that there was a product, in a spray bottle, that claimed to repel the little buggers to prevent infestation. I used it on my daughter, and it seemed to work. Don't know if it was coincidence or not though. I also checked her hair daily so if she got anything from school I could catch it early.

    In my opinion, one of the biggest problems at that time, was that my daughters school did not have a "no nit" policy. The children who got lice were allowed to return to school if the parents showed that they treated the child by bringing in the empty bottle of Rid or what ever they used. But as with your friend, not all the parents treated the childs bedding or removed all the nits, and they would become reinfested and continue spreading it to others. You might want to check with the school or daycare to see if they check the children before they are allowed back.

    Sorry this post is so long, but it really strikes a chord with me. I spent so much money and so much time battling these things, and it was very frustrating.
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    Oh, now my head is itchy just thinking about these things!
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    Originally posted by RN2bNC
    Oh, now my head is itchy just thinking about these things!

    I remember I had lice once as a child, and I always had very long, very thick hair. My mum and nana must have spent hours going through my hair with that teeny toothed comb.

    Of course my sisters got it (same type of hair as me), and it was a mess for awhile.

    My neighbor Rhonda got it, and her mom shaved her head. Poor thing. I was in elementary school, but she was in 7th or 8th grade at the time.

    This guy came into the ER the other day (by ambulance, no less) because he had a moth stuck in his ear. Still alive. My ear itched the rest of the shift (and I was there for about 14 hours after that).
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    Originally posted by MsPurp

    This guy came into the ER the other day (by ambulance, no less) because he had a moth stuck in his ear. Still alive. My ear itched the rest of the shift (and I was there for about 14 hours after that).

    Sympathy itching!

    ( I do the same thing!)
    Originally posted by RN2bNC
    Sympathy itching!

    ( I do the same thing!)
    We do alot of sympathy itching in OB too

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    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER

    We do alot of sympathy itching in OB too

    Don't want to think about that too long... may compromise some plans I have for later on tonight.