School teachers organization a "terrorist organization"

  1. Statement by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney On Bush's Education Secretary Paige Calling the NEA a "Terrorist Organization"

    WASHINGTON - February 23 -
    The Bush Administration has crossed a shameful line by calling an organization of our nation's school teachers a "terrorist organization," as Bush's Education Secretary Rod Paige labeled the National Education Association today in a meeting with governors.

    President Bush should apologize to the nation's teachers.

    This comment is not only an insult to the men and women who are so committed to teaching our nation's children-it is also deeply disrespectful of the brave men and women who are risking their lives to keep our nation safe from real terrorist threats every day.

    The Bush Administration would like to label all those who disagree with it as "terrorists" in order to cover up its policies which are harmful to working families and to divert attention from its inability to create good jobs. The fact is that 11 million American children try to learn each day in crumbling schools. Instead of labeling our teachers as "terrorists," the Bush Administration should get its priorities in order by fully funding its No Child Left Behind Act, investing in schools and infrastructure in this country, and stopping handouts of millionaire tax breaks to the ultra-rich.
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  3. by   gwenith
    Can anyone say "McCarthyism"?
  4. by   fergus51
    Disgusting. How he could even say that is completely beyond me. Maybe he should spend a few days trying to teach in an underfunded school in a bad neighbourhood.
  5. by   kidluvinRN
    I am a school nurse, and a part of this "terrorist organization", officially. I was offended and I couldn't believe that he said it, (but then I am constantly awed by the stupidity of the president.) No Child Left Behind is rhetoric, at best an unfunded mandate. It sounds good?!? Well the realities are that schools, teachers, children need a lot more than sound bites to succeed.
  6. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Quote from gwenith
    Can anyone say "McCarthyism"?

    I totally agree.