School Fundraisers

  1. Okay Friends,

    I don't mean to be cranky but I am getting sick and tired of all the fundraisers that come home with the kids from school. Band fundraisers each month throughout the entire school year, School fundraisers up the waaaazoooo!!!! Is it just me or are these fundraisers getting out of hand. School, band, cheerleaders, football, soccer, etc... and they all sell the same things at the same time ARUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGHHHHHHHHHH

    So Sorry, I just needed to vent.
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  3. by   Robin61970
    I have to agree it is getting out of we just voted for a tax millage to give the schools more money(we have NOT had an increase in 15 years and it was voted down 2-1 in polls in was horrible) It does bother me that out children here get put in metal buildings because we don't have the money to build more schools, but they won't give more....don't know what to do, BUT the fundraisers aren't for that at all and they are out of hand!!!
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I hate it too. And they TRIED to tell my ds if he did not sell a minimum of candy, I believe it was, we would have to EAT it? There was a MINIMUM dollar amt per child set; can you believe the GALL? Needless to say, out of principle, I did not CAVE! UGH! Another case for homeschooling, I guess. It gets stronger everyday.
  5. by   kristi915
    It's hard to raise money for certain activities. Band needs to raise money to take trips, and to pay for transportation for parades. The cheerleaders need money for their uniforms, and transportation for events. Same goes for sports.

    I know it does get frustrating for the parents, but it is also hard for the students. We all have a lot of activities we are included in, and it's hard to put out a fundraiser when we know that other students in other activities are going to be selling stuff too.

    Thankfully, my STW class has found other ways to raise money. How about getting together w/ other parents and coming up with other ways to raise money, such as: some stores will donate something to be raffeled off, the kids could do a car wash, rake peoples lawns for so much per lawn, etc...

    If you and other parents come up w/ some ideas for raising money, then maybe you should present those ideas to the school. Let them know how hard it is for the parents, and maybe the parents and the school can come up with some ideas and dates for certain fundraisers.

    I hope everything gets better.

  6. by   shygirl
    I don't like it either. I have enough crap to do without having to do this also. Last year I strived to sell as much as I could. We did. We sold something like $350.00 worth of wrapping paper and chocolate covered everything.
    Come time to pass it all out. OMG, Nightmare! Some people didn't have the money, others had forgotten that they had ordered. Driving to drop off and they are not home again after they told me a time to come and bring their stuff. We were out $70.00 for all the stuff. I vowed: NEVER AGAIN!

    I vowed NEVER AGAIN

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  7. by   Rustyhammer
    My 11 year old came home with a catalogue of cheap crap and an envelope in which to put money.
    Also included was a brochure of cheaper crap that he could win as prizes.
    I just sighed and was on the fence about him selling stuff till he told me that he couldn't take any checks, only cash, because of some folks have rubber checks.
    I told him he wasn't going to participate.
    I could just see all these middle schoolers going to school on the same day with all that cash. I opted to just bow out and wrote a letter to the school explaining why.
  8. by   aimeee
    Fundraising is one of my pet peeves too. So far this year we have customized monopoly games for band, wrapping paper for 5th grade outdoor education camp, and cookie dough for elementary school PTO. And the year has just begun. :0
  9. by   shygirl
    Originally posted by Rustyhammer
    [ I opted to just bow out and wrote a letter to the school explaining why.
    -Russell [/B]
    Boy, I wish I had guts to do that. Instead I tried to sell. But NO MORE!
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    yes, i feel you! my thing is, when you have more than one child in the same school and or district and they give each of them the same thing to sell?

    i simply stopped and explained it to my children why. i used to be the president of the pre-school tpa and the same parents and children were involved in everything and i rather give a donation than sell.
  11. by   CATHYW
    I agree with you all. My daughter was in Flag Corps and Cross Countryand my son was in Scouts and track. One (or both) of them were always selling something. Now, since I am the only Nurse at our plant, I feel as though I am trapped. People hit me up all the time for stuff for their kids. I don't feel as though I can say, sorry, no, your kid isn't worth it. So, I always find something to buy.
    I think that school budgets are so strapped these days that they are doing everything to earn $ but putting the kids out on street corners with a tin cup to beg! It is a truly sad commentary on what we have let our society and our educational system come to. Our kids are our future, and their education should be high priority!
  12. by   Rustyhammer
    I'd MUCH rather write a $50 check than try to sell candy, popcorn, high priced gift wrap, trinkets, raffle tickets, chances for a cord of wood...the list goes on.
    Well, for just a minute, let me play devil's advocate.

    I was VP of the PTA at my son's school last year. I'm not sure if it's this way everywhere, but you have no idea how much is dependent on these activities. Now, this does not include sports or extracurricular activities. We did one big fundraiser. We moved $45,000 worth of merchandise, with a $22,000 profit. That money went a long way. Without it, I think you'd all be surprised, and angered, at what things wouldn't take place.

    So, we're damned if we do, and damned if we don't.

    And yes, "cash only" is a reasonable request. That big fundraiser we did? Almost $2,000 in bounced checks. Who was dealing with the bank, tracking down buyers, and sending certified collection letters? Me.

    So, you can all boycott the fundraisers, but I hope you don't miss the things they allow for.

    And BTW - I just wanted to say what an awesome idea Russell had. Alot of the private schools in my area are actually offering this as an option. Write a check for a certain amount of money and volunteer a certain amount of your time at the school, and you will never be bothered for fundraising activities.

    When I consider how much time and busy work I put in last year, I would have much rather written a check (only mine wouldn't have bounced....)