School bullies

  1. Were you the BULLY or the BULLIED in school(not nursing school, although some of those instructors.....). I mean grade school, junior and high school. I was always made fun of and picked on in junior high. It was so bad I cried daily and begged not to have to go to school.
    any others?
    p.s: Now, those bullies are total losers in life, so HA!:chuckle
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  3. by   night owl
    Those bullies are the ones who grow up and do all the intimidating on the job like in horizontal violence. I was picked on only when I was younger by this one girl who was about 5 years older than I. Iwas pleasingly plump as a child and she always called me peanut butter and jelly. If I rode my bike passed her, she'd pull the handle bars so I'd fall off the bike...******! Then I don't know whatever happened to her. One night when I was at work about 15 years ago I had to take a pt to ICU and guess who was there???????? Yep! I almost sh!t my pants!! I was waiting for her to call me PB&J! But I was weighing all of 102 lbs so how could she??? HA! She left our facility and God only knows where she is now....who cares?
  4. by   LasVegasRN
    Third grade was not fun for me, although, it did prove some things to me early in life.

    It all started one day in the playground. Small private catholic school. I was the only black girl in a class of about 20. I would go to daycare in the morning and the daycare bus would drop me off at school. The name of the daycare was "Land of Little People". One of the girls in the class saw me dropped off. She started teasing by saying I was from the "Land of the Little Monkeys". I kept telling her to stop, she kept yelling it over and over, "Land of the Little Monkeys, Land of the Little Monkeys" and spit in my face.
    The bell rang, I was so angry I couldn't speak. She could run faster than me (at the time) so I couldn't catch up with her to beat her ass.

    Recess comes around. Same girl went around to everyone in my class saying I was from the "Land of the Little Monkeys". We were playing kickball that day. When it came up for my turn to kick the ball, one of the boys in the class said, "You can't play with us anymore. No n-ggers allowed."

    I looked at each and every one of their faces. All of them. The only person who told the boy he was wrong was another girl. Molly was her name. But, as she was the ONLY one who said anything, they told her to shut up or she couldn't play either.

    I didn't say anything, I just went inside the school and sat in the lobby. I was numb. What my class didn't know was I was going through the same taunting at home. My parents moved into a house in the country which was traditionally "White Only" and we broke a color barrier on the cul-de-sac we moved into. Our neighbor was the head of the local Klan. Each and every day, my sister and I were called "tar babies", "baboons", "pick-a-ninnies" by this neighbor. Each day my Dad slept with a gun under his pillow. Every week we received hate mail. Twice in one year our house was fired bombed.

    Back at school, I'm sitting in the lobby - numb. The principal walks up to me and asks why I'm not outside playing. I said, very numb, "They said they don't want to play with a n-gger so I'm in here by myself". I have never, ever, seen a man turn so red and so angry in my life. Our principal was always so meek and mild mannered and I thought he was going to spontaneously combust.
    He said, "You wait right HERE" and walked outside. I continued playing in the lobby - numb.

    The principal called my class inside. We all went up to our classroom. I was still so numb I didn't know what was going on. When all of us were seated, he walked into the room. The first thing I noticed was our teacher looked like she had been crying. The principal SLAMMED the door, and said, "Today, I have heard something which I NEVER THOUGHT WOULD COME FROM CHRISTIAN CHILDREN!!! NEVER!!!..." He went on talking for a long time. I don't remember all he said, I remember at some point thinking that the whole class is going to really be mad at me for saying anything. Two girls in the class started crying while he was talking. At the end of his talk, he told everyone except me to take out of piece of paper and write an apology for what they did, and turn it in to me when they were finished. I wanted to sink under my chair - I was so embarrassed!

    Everyone wrote their apology letters (which I think my Mom still has to this day) and each of them SAID they were sorry, sincerely, when they came to my desk. All except for the boy who said I couldn't play. That boy has been incarcerated since high school.

    I later found out that the principal called the parish priest and all of the parents to tell them what happened. The sermon at the next mass was about Christian love. I don't remember what it was about, I was still numb at the time. I do remember Father Neary having everyone come to confession and do a whole lot of Hail Mary's. :chuckle I didn't have to go to confession - I'm not catholic.

    I don't know what happened to the girl that spit in my face. She transferred out of the school in 4th grade.

    The one girl who tried to stand up for me... she's Molly, as in Molly Shannon. You may have seen her on Saturday Night Live. :angel2:

    What did I learn from all of this? Not to hate anyone. And, that teachers, educators, parents, and even your local priest, can help in diffusing bullies.
  5. by   shygirl
    Is this a true story? I mean about the Molly Shannon part? How nice for someone to stand up.
    I was only picked on once in high school, This girl (senior) used to trip me everyday in the hallway. All her "friends" would laugh. I didn't want to go to school anymore. I was shy and didn't want to tell on her a be labeled a "nark" which was a popular name in my younger days.
    I was a sophomore and very intimidated by her. I would walk all the way around the school to avoid her and be late for class. This went on for about half the year.
    One day I had to use the bathroom during class I was in the hall alone and guess who comes around the corner? bit*h face!

    My heart started pumping really hard and she walks over to me and I don't know what happened to me, I became hysterical grabbed her and slammed her into a locker and told her if she ever tripped me again she'd be sorry!
    I walked away from her shaking so hard I could hardly breathe.
    She never did it again.

    P.S. I became very agitated just remembering and typing this! LOL
  6. by   aus nurse
    Oh my Vegas

    You know, I was very quiet and not that popular at school but even so, all I really had to worry about in third grade was who would play with me.
    Your experience made me want to run right up to that little girl in the lobby and hug her. How sad that you had to face the ugly side of human nature at such a young age. I guess I really led a sheltered and privledged life in comparison. Thank God for your principal who knew wrong when he saw it and had the ba!!s to do something about it.
    But, you know what? I admire you so much for coming through it without being bitter and for becoming the warm and generous woman you are today. I can imagine your parents had a lot to do with that. I don't know whether I could have been so generous.
  7. by   kimmicoobug
    Honestly, I was both. When I was the bully, me and a friend pulled a prank on a girl in the seventh grade. We were in the orchestra and me and my friend were the elite violinists (dorks, we were since we would have sleepovers and practice for hours on end instead of having typical teenage fun) Well, this girl was kind of an oddball and she wasn't a very good player. So, one day my friend put a wad of gum on this girl's seat and ruined a pair of jeans...God, that was mean and I feel so guilty that we did that to her. Her playing eventually improved and she was liked after that.
    I was bullied up until high school. Kids can be cruel. I was teased because of race. I am half-Asian, but look full Asian. I ate the food every single day, attended an Asian church, went to Saturday Korean school. Of course, these kids knew this. In fact, it is one group in particular who just terrorized me. On a few different occasions, I had my house egged and "chinks" written on the sides of my house. I had rocks thrown at me at age 10. I was called "chink" and "gook" on a daily basis. They made fun of my mom and the things we ate. Oh, and of course playing the violin and the cello didn't help my image. This same group also made slurs at some blacks, as well. I moved away at 15 from that neighborhood, but ran into my main tormenter 2 years later. By this time, my baby chubs had melted off and I became really cute. This guy remembered me, had the nerve to tell me that we had some good times together as kids, and had the nerve to hit on me! I guess I had a lot of repressed anger directed at him and I just let him have it. After taking his crap for five years, he just stood there and took it. That felt really good. The other person is working minimum wage at Wal-Mart with a 9th grade education and has had runins with the law and problems with drugs. I don't have any hard feelings now because they have grown up and so have I. I am glad to say, though, that those people were the only ones to have personally attacked me for race. I occasionally have a person make a comment that I find funny or even shake my head at. (recent: told my friend I made a Korean dish for Thanksgiving that is very, very similar to eggrolls. She said, "cool. I am in the mood for Chinese.")
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I was mercilessly bullied thru junior much so I really did want to die. Kicked, pushed, spat on, laughed at. All because? I wore hand-me-down clothes in a school where most the kids came from "upper middle class" homes where they wore the latest, greatest fads. I will never forget how it made me feel. Fortunately, by high school I did not give two shyts what ANYone thought, got a job and bought my own clothes. I gained the confidence to do what pleased me and not worry so much about others and I guess this improved things because others did not bother me anymore. I would NEVER bully others and never will tolerate my kids doing the same. I would not ever want me or mine to cause others the same humilation and pain I endured.
  9. by   sharann
    Wow. You guys all have had some times. Too bad we didn't know then what we do now...
    Vegas girl, you had one hell of a principal. Sounds like a TRUE Christian, a good person.
  10. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by shygirl
    Is this a true story? I mean about the Molly Shannon part? How nice for someone to stand up...
    Yes, Molly was the ONLY person in my class who stood up for me. I'll never forget that for the rest of my life.
    Molly always had a soft spot for people. Her Mom passed away when she was young and her Dad is the sweetest man I know. She would hold "shows" on the steps of the school during recess and I always got to be part of her "show". If anyone deserves fame and success, it is her.

    Aus nurse, thank you for your kind words. It only takes one person to come out of a crowd to let you know that not ALL people are cruel. And a principal with a heart of gold. That's all it took for me.
  11. by   MelSky
    i was bullied all through junior high. now those bullies are drug dealers, in jail, stripping, or doing other degrading things. and then there's me... a deans list nursing student
  12. by   baseline
    I wasn't bullied. Teased. I never hung out with the IN crowd, although that's what was expected of me. My parents were well to do, and my father was sort of a big deal in town. I however, was very rebellious....being the "60's" and all........I managed to survive.

    Vegas......I had my ups and downs with my parents.....but I am eternally grateful that I never learned about hate and predjudice. I never see "color". I am so grateful for that! And so happy that the B_ _ _ _ _ _ s" didn't get YOU down!!!!!
  13. by   nursegoodguy
    Wow! Those are some experiences!
    Hmmmm do you think if we were bullied that is why we became nurses? To help others when they are distressed in body or spirit...
  14. by   Mkue
    I wasn't bullied in school and didn't know what it was back then, now that I know.. it shouldn't be tolerated at school at all.. I really feel for these kids who are bullied, it's so sad