SCARY Situation w/ DH Today!!

  1. Here I was wolfing down my breakfast this morning, all dressed up and ready to go out job-hunting, when I heard my husband (who was in the living room changing our grandson's diaper) say "Whew! I feel like I'm having one of your hot flashes" and then "Ugh, I'm so dizzy........"

    That got my attention, so I went in there and he was sprawled under the Christmas tree, diaphoretic, his face grey, his eyes starting to roll back in his head. He was rouseable to voice, but when I felt his pulse it was weak, thready, and tachy (110's). I took his BP, it was only 98/68 (his normal is 120/80), listened to heart, lungs etc. He was slightly nauseated and c/o a feeling like our 14 year old was sitting on his chest. All of it went away fairly quickly after he'd been lying down for a few minutes; his BP came up and HR went down, and he said he felt better.

    So much for job hunting today.......I told him I wasn't going anywhere, but HE was if he had another episode like that. In the meantime, the baby was screaming---I think seeing his grandfather collapse scared him---and our older son was tending to him; after a while, everything calmed down and I decided to try sitting dh up and checking an orthostatic. The instant he got into a sitting position, however, he became diaphoretic and grey again, and his systolic dropped to 78. OK, no more 'chances', it was time to call way was I going to try to get him into the car. I've seen too many people look the way he did, and it wasn't good.

    Sooooo........older son stayed home with the baby while we took our fun ambulance ride to the hospital. He looked awful; the paramedics gave him a fluid bolus, but no NTG since his BP wouldn't have tolerated it. Then we were in ER for over 4 hours before they decided to admit him; his EKG looked great, cardiac enzymes were perfect, CXR was clear, and the GI cocktail they gave him got rid of the discomfort in his chest. But even though he looked and felt much better by this time, he still wasn't quite right, and the ER doc, who knows me well, asked me if I'd feel better if he were admitted to telemetry for the night.

    Well, DUH. I wouldn't have slept a wink all night if he'd come home, no matter how much better he seemed. I didn't like the tachycardia or the way he'd dropped his BP or the lethargy, and I know I'd have been checking him every 5 minutes. So we got him upstairs to my old stomping grounds, the med/surg floor, and by the time he was settled in bed and his nurse was doing his admission assessment paperwork (most of which I'd already filled out---old habits die hard), I was ready to fall over in a heap myself.

    I mean, that man scared the s*** out of me today. I've been married to him for 25 years, and never in all that time have I seen him look or act the way he did this morning. He's a hale and hearty almost 55-year-old, but for the space of a few hours I was imagining all sorts of terrible what life might be like without him. I've always been OK in the middle of the emergency, and I handled things as professionally as possible today; but when everything was said and done I felt like bawling---I love him so much! Only nobody ever really knows HOW much they love someone until something threatens him or her, and then it's OMG, what if........?:uhoh21:

    But he's going to be all right, I'm reasonably sure of that. The hospitalist thinks it may be GERD (although he can't explain the near-syncope or the BP), and they're going to do some more testing in the morning; meanwhile, he's on tele, and I know he'll be watched extra carefully because he IS my spouse, and even though I don't work there anymore, I'm still part of the 'family'.

    I'd appreciate it if any of you who care to, would remember him in your prayers tonight........I figure he can use all of the good thoughts he can get, and I know I'd feel comforted as well. Thank you in advance.

    Good night.
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  3. by   RNin2007
    Wow, it sounds like you sure did have a scary day...I will certainly keep your husband in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything continues to be uneventful for him and he is home soon!

  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    ((((Marla)))) I am so sorry for this scare. Let us know how he is doing, ok?
  5. by   honeyb111
    :icon_hug: Marla How scary for you and your family. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted.
  6. by   dianah
    Marla, how scary! I hope he remains stable. Glad you followed your gut feeling to have him admitted for observation. Get some rest. ((((hugs))))
  7. by   LoriAlabamaRN

    You poor thing! My heart was racing FOR you as I read it... what a nightmare. You're both in my prayers. Get some rest. Let us know how he's doing!

  8. by   VeryPlainJane
    No angioplasty?
  9. by   Grace Oz
    Marla {{{HUGS}}} Only just read this. What a dreadful shock! You certainly DO have my thoughts and prayers for your DH. For YOU too!
    Keep us posted and here's hoping for a clear diagnosis and quick resolution.
  10. by   pugmum
    Quote from mjlrn97
    I'd appreciate it if any of you who care to, would remember him in your prayers tonight........I figure he can use all of the good thoughts he can get, and I know I'd feel comforted as well. Thank you in advance.

    Good night.
    You got it... maybe a silly thing to say, but try not to worry (too much). Big hug and let us know how he is doing. My husband is about the same age, I can imagine how I would feel. :flowersfo
  11. by   Fonenurse
    I do hope he improves really soon - you will need to tease him that this is an extreme way to get out of changing the nappies in future! Poor thing, I guess this wll have frightened him as well as you - but it sounds as if he is in really good hands. All the best.
  12. by   Jessy_RN
    He is so lucky to have you, so sorry about the scare.
  13. by   nan1993
    Marla, I am sorry for the scare. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted.
  14. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Wow, Marla. That would have really scared me as well!

    I'll definitely keep your hubby in my prayers.