Saturday October 19, 2013

  1. Good Morning My Lovelies,

    Up way too early but it is so hard to turn off the inbuilt alarm clock, so the dogs have been out and fed and are now back fast asleep. Hmmm what is wrong with this picture huh? LOL

    Oh well I can catch a nap later on this afternoon before we have our movie and Jacuzzi date night. I so love that time where we can sit, relax and be massaged by the bubbles. (not from a drink either) LOL Although we usually do have one while catching up on our week etc.

    Another great day in the office, got our visits done I did three and D did three then we caught up after that. Got a heap done and I got so fidgety I cleaned the office and had it smelling beauuudiful by the time we left to come home.

    Got home and got our home smelling beauuudiful too, got the house work taken care of while sipping on a cup of tea. Hubby bought a new computerized vacuum cleaner as our Roomba decided to fry its own brain. LOL

    He bought a Neato and it is awesome, we have it set for the same time each day although we give it the weekend off, LOL, it will go back to its charging unit three times before it calls it a day but will run for an hour or so before it has to do that. Once charged it will go back to where it left off cleaning.

    Fascinating to watch as it will scan the room, run around the perimeter then start working its way around, this picks up everything so much better because it actually sucks like a vacuum rather than the Roomba just sweeping.

    Amazing to see what it picks up each time it does a run. Funny to watch it dock itself as it wiggles its back end until it is connected. It does a wonderful job and we could not be happier with it.

    Rather chilly this morning but we are still excited to take the dogs for their walk and have picked out the trail we are going to do but decided not to go to the mountain as it will be too cool to walk.

    After we get the dogs tired from their walk we will be heading to the mountains to have a look at the fall colors before coming home to potter around doing our own thing.

    I would like to do some cooking due to the cooler temps and freeze some meals for da man.

    Hope you are all doing well this day and enjoy what ever you get up to whether at work or at play.

    Much love to you all.
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  3. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    It's 9:29 AM (EST) here.

    Finished editing the video yesterday. Got it properly formatted for web-use and uploaded that nearly 1 hour/900+ MB video to the Vimeo web-site (took forever for the upload!). I then re-watched the video from my Vimeo account and (drum-roll, please) found yet ANOTHER spelling error in the credits!!! UGH!!! Re-re-edited it early this morning and I am currently re-uploading (what I hope to be) the error-free version of the wedding.

    Amy and I had a wonderful date, yesterday. It was a "dinner and a movie" date! Ate well-prepared and really nice tasting Chinese food then saw the movie, "Gravity" in 3D! Wow! The visual effects was quite frightening! it was a great movie. Afterward, we went shopping so that this guy can have, finally, a well-fitted suit. I haven't purchased a suit in DECADES! Of course, none of the suits that I currently own do not fit (as I've gained a few pounds during the past 20+ years! LOL!). Why purchase a new suit now?? We're going with some friends down to NYC to see a premiere of a new Opera titled, "Two Boys". One of the stars of that opera is a young, talented and successful gentleman whom we've known since his high-school days!! This talented and young opera singer is one of the "locals!"!!! His name is Christopher Bolduc. (Google him. He has his own web site!) I am happy to say that Amy and I played at least a small part in his path towards professional opera singing. Several times throughout the years, we helped produce the musical, "Godspell" for our church. (Amy was the director and I was the musical director.) Christopher along with a lot of the local high-school youth at the time were involved in these productions. I guess Christopher liked acting and singing! We are so very proud of him! Interestingly, his mother works at the same hospital where I work. She is one proud Momma!

    On my other computer (I have two in my studio), I just checked and saw that I still have 134 minutes for the wedding video to upload to the Vimeo web site. Ugh! I bet if I got off this computer, the upload process might be a bit faster, internet-wise. So, I'm going to say "ta-ta" for now!


  4. by   TopazLover
    Good morning Sabby. Guess all my pot and pan banging did not wake this sleepy crew.
    Sounds like D is ready to fly the nest. The new machine sounds like fun.

    We are getting crisp weather, good for soccer games. Today I get to watch DGS pay against one of the better teams. His greatest hope is to win and ruin their homecoming. Normally that would not be thinkable but apparently the other team is not up to it's usual standards. It is a private school. Perhaps they did not give out as many soccer scholarships as usual.

    With a bit of chemistry I am doing OK. Getting laundry caught up. Last night I ate. I have decided that for the moment I will not even try meat. My dinner last night was broccoli, carrots, potato, mushrooms steamed with just a touch of butter. A couple of red bean crackers with just a hint of Jarlsberg cheese finished me off.

    Oatmeal for bkft and I try to drink a bit. I never was good at drinking, certainly never quarts of water each day.
    Best get going. One load ready for the dryer and the next waiting for their turn in the washer. I think I will sweep the floor before I go to the game. DS is picking me up so no parking issues for me!

    Enjoy the day.
  5. by   Joe NightingMale
    Glad you're doing OK AKY

    Morning Sabby and Ted

    Up later today, cat woke me up early, managed to get back to sleep for another 2 or 3 hours.Work wasn't bad yesterday, got everything done, was till pretty tired. Bunch of training next week, hopefully it won't take too long, otherwise could be a bit of a crunch. But the workload shouldn't be bad.

    Ran some errands before I got home yesterday and rode the exercise bike. Woke up with a bit of a headache and feeling quite dry, wonder if I'm getting dehydrated from the exercise.

    Spent some time listening to classical music, trying to decided if I should go the the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's March performance of Schubert's 9th or to their June performance of Mahler's 1st. After listening at length to both I decided on the Schubert in March. Will have to get tickets soon.

    Going to meet a friend for lunch downtown, the I'll drop by my dad's later. Before then I'm planning to run to REI to pick up a bike rack. Found one that's small enough and cheap enough for me. My little Kia is just too small to put a bike inside or in the trunk.
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Got a little sunburn from watching Spidey play flag football. Loving that the weather is nice still.

    Good afternoon - it is already almost 3 p.m.

    Gotta make an apple pie before the sliced apples go bad and I've got two pears that need to be eaten as well so I'll toss those in.

    Spidey's on the couch with one of the dogs (Marla). I might take Rex out for a walk. Ziggy and the cat are sleeping in the basement.

    Husband is on a tractor.

    Glad to read about your day everyone. Hope the weekend continues to be good.
  7. by   Liddle Noodnik
    nursing some kind of respiratory crap, makes me mad more than anything, I would not be so miserable except for the stupid dry cough that insists on keeping me awake. I don't know if the lack of energy is from that or the illness. TIRED of it! it started on Mon? Tue? not sure.

    and no one to whine to or to make miserable and that ticks me off too!