Saturday November 23, 2013

  1. Good Morning to you all,

    Up early and getting ready to take the dogs for a long hike, plan to take them for a longer hike this day as tomorrow is sounding like it will be horrendously windy and cold. Not sure we will be getting out in that as they are saying the temps will fill like they are in the 20's.

    Wonderful day yesterday, had a nursing student with me and managed to see more patients than I had planned to but still got my 1/2 day off. Was able to dash by the grocery store, picked up a nice sized turkey for the two of us and the dogs as well. LOL

    Came home and spent quite a few hours getting my house in order, had it all cleaned with fresh sheets on the bed and candles burning when hubby got home. He said the house smelt bootifulmous. *puffs chest out* LOL I slogged scrubbing and cleaning bathrooms etc felt good to do the extra stuff like skirting boards and mirrors.

    Going to enjoy a restful weekend with hubby and the dogs, they will get some exercise tomorrow even if I have to just run them around the house so they can run and burn off some energy.

    I plan to do some more writing with ideas that are bouncing around in my head.

    Ted our Christmas Play is coming together, it will involve all of our office staff with roles they will play but no music or anything like that. Just speaking and laughter but the ending will be serious, no speaking but sad looking faces. We will be doing a skit on HIPPA violations but at the end of the play our 'office' will be closed for business due to the amount of money we have to pay out for the violations. Lets just say the play will involve the HIPPA 'Police', hand cuffs, LOL and stuff like this. hahahahaha

    May you all have a most magical day no matter what you get up to.

    Much love I send to you this day.
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Sabby

    Lots of activity yesterday, got up late, drove out west and then took my bike on a nearly 2 hour ride, one of the longest I've taken since college. I wasn't sure about it the first 10 minutes or so, cloudy and mostly uphill. But after that it was sunny and less difficult. And some very nice scenery. Quite sore afterwards.

    The rest of the day I rested, ordered pizza and watched movies. Had 3 glasses of wine and suprisingly I feel OK this morning. Not sure what else I'll do, might go into the city and do the art museum, but I was there not too long ago so it's a maybe. Quite cold and windy today so no more bike riding, but might get out for a walk.

    Nothing else planned today except to see "The Evil of Frankenstein" on Svengoolie. Going to see my dad tomorrow.
  4. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    It's 9:17 AM (EST) here.

    Just did second Wake-Up and currently drinking First Coffee. First Wake-Up was around 3:00 AM. At that time I created about 15 DVDs of a project that I video-taped earlier this year for work. The goal is to burn (create) about 100 DVDs. I have 75 more to go after last night. I'm asked to create these DVDs so that they may be given as Christmas presents by my hospital to its nurses. This year marks our hospital's 100th year of existence and the video-tape is about how nursing has evolved at our hospital since it's been open to the public. Actually, it was a interesting and fun project to do. Burning 100 DVDs is very boring, though. But it's getting done!

    Sabby_NC - Your play sounds very interesting and that it will be a LOT of fun to perform and to watch. I do hope you video-tape it. And, if you can, share it at least to the rest of your employees who might not have seen it performed (and to us).

    Nothing much planned for today. Gonna try to burn the rest of the DVDs. Also hope to work on the composition that I started several days ago. The ecumenical choir rehearsal, last night, was interesting. We went over three songs. I rehearsed the choir for one of them and the accompanist who will be playing the piano during this Christmas Show event rehearsed two other songs. I really didn't need to be there last night at all. But at least the process of rehearsing has started. It's just one more thing to do during this holiday season. The choir was receptive and fun which is always a joy.

    Well. . . gotta go. There're more DVDs to burn and I'm using the computer typing here which I need to use for the whole Creating DVDs thing. Also, I need to drink Second Coffee! LOL!

    Warmest regards to all . . .

  5. by   Sabby_NC
    Phew back from our hike with the dogs, slogged for over two hours. We headed off from home around 7AM and headed to one of our fav places. Dogs got a long walk as the gate was still closed so that was an added bonus to walk further in getting into the park.

    Banjo got a nice brush when we got home as he his blowing his summer coat, the boys had their frosty paw ice cream. Banjo is out like a light next to me and Newly is sound asleep in his lambs wool bed.

    Our robotic vacuum- Neato Brand- is doing his job, we call him Geeves the butler. LOL Does an awesome job.

    Well I am going to enjoy my cup of tea and watch my HGTV Property Brothers.

    Have an awesome day.
  6. by   TopazLover
    Sabby, I look forward to you guys violating, big time. Ted sounds boring to copy DVDs, but sounds like a good cause. Joe, I cannot even imagine riding for 2 hours. Around here that is common but not for this chick. Do you have safe riding areas? I hate sharing the road with bikes when there are no bike lanes. It feels so unsafe for all.

    Been busy applying for jobs and hoping for the best. We are going to get that cold blow soon. It is already cold here and breezy. I am going to the farmers market, wish me luck. Even on non-holiday weekends the parking lot can be more like a demolition derby. People fighting for spaces and freezing if you park out in the far lot. Sometimes that is even filled.

    We have planned a small dinner for T'day. 4 of us and enough food planned to feed a small army. None of us will have to fix meals for a long time. I get to hostess this event, and cooking will be in both my kitchen and my neighbor's. It should be fun.

    Best get going to face the crowds.
    Have a good day and stay warm.
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning - sounds like you all are having a good day.

    My focus is to do the big clean that Sabby did yesterday. Also, I found bathroom stuff (rugs, shower curtain, etc.) on sale at Kohl's so will plan that as well. Dh and Spidey headed out to have breakfast at a local diner before they go get more firewood.

    I'm on call. Still have in the back of my mind the thought that my daughter-in-law might go into labor.

    It is sunny here but cold this morning. Should warm up though.
  8. by   dianah
    Good morning to all.

    Sabby, I too would love to see a video of your play!
    Glad you enjoyed your hike today!

    Ted, good luck with the duplicating (what a time-consuming task! Our studio owner, Eric, has done same for us and while it is not one of his more enjoyable tasks, he will do it on occasion). Seems yours is for a good cause!

    aky, sounds like a nice T-giving planned.
    Find anything at the farmer's market?
    We were at an antiques shop last weekend and while I spied several cameos they were WAAAAY expensive (and I have no idea if they were worth the asking price). I looked with you in mind, though! You have made me aware of them!

    Waiting for oldest ds to finish in the bathroom, then dh and I can get ready.
    Once dressed and presentable, we'll head over to The Big Church, our friend's Little Sabbath School, and help with music.
    Then lunch with youngest.
    Probably then head up to Oak Glen to see friends play.
    Not much else planned for this weekend.
    Have had lots of rain (well, lots for US! ), not complaining at all.
    Still partly cloudy today.
    Cooler temps are nice.


    My one (quite unattended -- I have ten black thumbs!!) rose bush, and part of our yard (below).

  9. by   dianah
    Joe, your recent lunch at a nice restaurant: what a good treat for you!
    Nice bike ride, too, thumbs up for your continuing to exercise.

    Fingers crossed, Steph, that you will be able to attend the birth (and not be on call).
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    Pretty photos Di. I can't believe it but the wine barrels in my yard still have some flowers. We haven't had days and days of freezing weather yet and the daytime hours are mostly sunny and warm. Thank you God.

    Starting in on the bathroom shortly - of course that means a big clean. Our poor old bathroom needs HGTV to come in and renovate. It is a mess. I hesitate to have people over because they might have to use the bathroom!!!!
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  11. by   Ted
    Forty done. . . 60 more to go. . . UGH! (Yes. I'm whining. LOL!)
  12. by   Joe NightingMale
    Quote from aknottedyarn
    Joe, I cannot even imagine riding for 2 hours. Around here that is common but not for this chick. Do you have safe riding areas? I hate sharing the road with bikes when there are no bike lanes. It feels so unsafe for all.
    In my neighborhood I'd stay on the side streets.

    But since I've gotten my bike rack I've been taking my bike to locations where there aren't cars. Our forest preserves have trails that you can bike. And we have a lot of Rails to Trails projects in this area, where old railroad tracks are turned into trails for hikers and bikes, that's where I was yesterday.
  13. by   TopazLover
    Dianah, cameos can be "worth" many thousands of dollars or worthless. I once put on a bracelet that was selling for $35,000. Yeah, that many zeroes. I have never paid over $100, but my DH did for one that is very special to me. It is Civil War era. It is only worth what someone will pay. I doubt the bracelet will ever get sold at that price. She offered it to me for $17,000. I did not laugh, but thanked her kindly for letting me see it. People who sell cameos usually like them and love to talk about them, if they are not busy. I have learned much just by chatting. Today I found a sweet one from the 50's for $2. I have spent as little as 25 cents for interesting ones that have no real value other than I like them.

    I got the most beautiful mushrooms I have ever seen, green beans, Brussels sprouts, and Yukon Gold potatoes for the mashed potatoes for T'day. I got a parking space almost inside the market! Lucky me today.

    Now settling in for a cold night. Perhaps some hot choc. by my electric fireplace.

    Keep working, Ted. I do have some cheese for your whine.