Saturday May 23, 2009

  1. Greetings.

    Been a rough week. Will try to fill you all in later in the day... hope to finally have a bit of down time this weekend. Mutti has her hospital bed with an air flow matress topper, and she loves her new bed... the side rails help her to feel really secure and she is able to turn over nicely now, pulling on the rails to help.

    Her pain levels have decreased a LOT, and I've been weaning her off the pain meds. Still unable to stand, though, she slumps over to the side, or forward..and her bottom is in bad shape. Need to get that completely healed before we can pull the foley. She si quite anemic.. drew some labs on Thursday, and her Hgb is only 11.4 ...... down from 12.4 last month.

    A colleague is coming over today to help reassess her pressure ulcers on her bottom and apply new duoderm on all those areas.
    This evening I'll give her a buttblaster and hope she can move those bowels. Should get better now that she's not taking all those pain meds. She is able to sit up in her bed with a tray table and feed herself again, and read her little books, even do a puzzle or two. Can see the tv better that way as well, and read the scrolling tickertape at the bottom... she loves to read every word.

    I am beyond exhausted.. am really looking forward to spending some time outdoors today, in my little backyard nook by my fountain with a TALL White Russian !!!

    OK.. need to make my bed, wash some bed sheets, and slowly start getting Mutti's breakfast together. Need to work on my bills and checkbook as usual for the weekend, and do a bit of tidying up around the house.. other than that, plan on just enjoying the downtime.

    Hope you all are well.. have not been around to follow the news in your lives.. keeping Mary and her mother in my thoughts and prayers, and hoping Sabby found resolution to her tummy problems.

    Will get back with you all later, ok? Have yourselves a great weekend !!!
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  3. by   CseMgr1
    Morning, All:

    My long weekend began yesterday, after another rough week. I have to work Memorial Day, as I volunteered to do medication prefills on two Clients who can't manage their meds alone due to physical and/or mental disabilities.
    At least I hope I'll be able to do the visits, as I had to turn in the fleet car on Thursday, my car is still in the shop, and my sister's van has a broken window on the passenger side. The power windows have been messed up on it for years. She let it down and it won't go back up. And, (wouldn't you know it), a monsoon has set in after years of drought, and there's no way I can drive it in this wind and rain. I guess I'll have to find a clear trash bag or something to cover it, until we can get it fixed.

    BIL has also not been doing well this week. He started running intermittent, low-grade fevers last weekend. I thought he might be developing an infection from his Penrose drain. My sister finally transported him to the ER on Thursday (his surgeon refused to allow his HH nurse to do a C&S of the drainage at home). Turns out that a section of his midline incision, which was masked and covered by steri-strips had become infected and dehisced. He also had a infection of his one remaining kidney and was dehydrated. An I&D of the incision was done, and he was given IV fluids and Levaquin and sent home.

    He has also been an absolute bear to care for. My sister, who is burning out, lost it yesterday when he (again) refused to get up and walk. I had had enough, too, and I got in his face:

    "Do you want to be an invalid?", I asked.

    "No", was his reply.

    "Good", I said. "Then you're getting up".

    "Ya'll just don't know how I feel", he complained.

    "Maybe we don't", I agreed, "But you're getting up, just the same".

    He got up. He tried to manipulate me into taking him back to his recliner as I walked him from the bedroom to the dining room, a distance of about 30 feet:

    "I'm gonna fall and you ain't going to be able to catch me!"

    "No, I'll just let you slide to the floor, like I've been trained to do", I reassured him. "Move along".

    After he was seated at the dining room table, I pulled up a chair in front of him. We had a heart-to-heart talk, in which he finally broke down and cried, admitting for the first time how depressed he was. I think his year-long battle with cancer has caused him to crash, both physically and emotionally. "Hey", I soothed, "You are a survivor and
    not a victim, and the cancer which caused this mess to begin with has been burned to a crisp in the hospital's incinerator. "And you are not an 'invalid', by any source of the imagination", I emphasized, "Unless you
    want to be". He assured me that he did not.

    I think that was a real turning point for my BIL, for he was more cooperative afterwards and even asked to get up and go to the dining room table.

    Hopefully today will prove more of the same.
  4. by   Joe NightingMale
    Glad to hear that Mutti is doing better jnette.

    Cse I hope this is a turning point for your BIL

    Have class this morning, will probably go straight to work from there. Then a few hours of sleep and the AM shift at clinicals. Hope to see my dad this Memorial Day.

    I can hear my neighbor's radio in the background--not that loud but it's 7am on a Saturday, you think he'd have the sense to be more quiet.

    A nice day here today, we've finally got away from the colder rainier weather we've had for the last two months and into more seasonal weather.
  5. by   jnette
    Hi Joe ! Sounds like you have a busy schedule.. hope you and Dad get some time together this weekend.

    Mutti's had her B'fast.. here she is in her new bed.. and she's really feeling quite chipper this morning. Tapering off those pain meds has really helped her to be more alert and less confused. She's definately acting more like her silly self yesterday and today.

    Here she is in her new bed !

  6. by   jnette
    Case.. we both must have started today's thread at the same time.. perhaps one of our invaluable mods will merge them for us?

    Wow... you are all doing a FINE job with dbil.... and I do hope this is indeed a turning point ! Poor guy,,, he sure has been through a lot. Your story above reminded me so much of Mutti about the "walking" (when she was still able, that is) ... she would do the same thing, and we'd have to nearly threaten to throttle her to walk a few steps !

    Now I'm beginning to doubt she'll ever walk again. But all hope has not yet faded.. still a tiny glimmer.....

    Why is your car still in the shop? Reminds me of mine last summer when I had my rear-ender on the 4th of July... it was nearly 6 weeks before i got it back !

    Hope you can do your visits... has your employer been understanding about your whole situation with your sis and bil? I sure hope so.. you so need a break.
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning :smilecoffeecup:

    Just me, the computer and my 2nd cup of coffee with Splenda (the kind with fiber) topped with whipped cream. Dh and son are still asleep.

    Nice to see you jnette and so glad Mutti is doing better. Love the photos - she has such a great smile!

    Cse - wow, you are a good sis-in-law! Hope your car situation gets worked out.

    Joe - you are such a busy bee . . . . all I hear is a car driving by now and then as I've got the front door open to let in some of that nice cool morning air before it gets too hot. I live smack dab in the middle of a rural farming town in my husband's grandparent's home that they built next to their huge general store. I think 1928 was when it was built. When the house is closed up - you can't really hear the cars. And no radios. Although I'm usually the one with the radio on. :wink2:

    Hi to everyone who comes after . . hope your weekend is going well.

    I have to finish all my studying on the Hindu faith as my presentation is due next Wednesday.

  8. by   jnette
    Here's Mutti snoozing after b'fast with her Dr. Seuss book on her lap.. but see how she can look out the window to the front yard, the neighbor's house across the street, the trees, sunshine, blue skies? (Can't see it well on this pic, the backlighting of the outdoors faded it out) but she has a great view to out there. Might get a birdfeeder on a hook stand to place in front of her window......

    If I can keep ol' Charlie from jumping off the porch to snatch the birds...

    Yesterday he carried a big ol' SQUIRREL up to the front porch !!!

    Squirrel must have played possum, 'cuz once Charlie set him down on the porch, that little bugger jumped up and got the heck out of dodge !!! :lol:
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Jnette - I love that photo! Dr. Seuss too!

    Our pups keep bringing in baby birds . . . . either the cat is getting them down from their nests or they are simply tossed out by mom or are falling out . . but yesterday there was one in Danny's room, still alive.

  10. by   jnette
    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Jnette - I love that photo! Dr. Seuss too!

    Our pups keep bringing in baby birds . . . . either the cat is getting them down from their nests or they are simply tossed out by mom or are falling out . . but yesterday there was one in Danny's room, still alive.

    awwwww.... is right. Charlie has a feast every spring.. keeps snatching baby birds, and when we open the front door in the mornings, all we find is a tiny little foot or two and a tiny feather or two lying on the porch...

    I want some of your warm weather ! It's finally getting better here, but still not really WARM warm. Clouding up now as I type.

    Trying to get all my winter flannel sheets etc. washed and on the line to bag up and store in the basement. Seems like that's all I've done this week between Mutti's sheets, tearing down the big bed, etc... is laundry, laundry, laundry, laundry.

    Just call me the ol' Irish Washwoman.
  11. by   dianah
    Jnette, thank you so much for the update, you are all in my prayers.
    She looks happy and content, lying on those cheerfully colored sheets!
    I hope you CAN get a little down time for yourself this weekend!! What a week it's been!

    Cse, you gave just the right medicine.
    I hope your bil is on the upswing, and the car issues resolve.

    Hi to everyone, don't have a lot of time, as we're getting ready to go do music at a neighboring church.

    Last nite we took Shel to the emergency vet (9yo red tabby), he just looked miserable, wasn't eating (or drinking??? couldn't tell), and was vomiting pretty regularly.
    We left there at midnight, they're keeping him overnight for labs and obs.
    Xray showed nothing suspicious in the intestine or colon, but it did show a very small (and probably non-functioning) left kidney and a large right kidney w/stones.
    Don't know if the stones are what's causing the prob (obstruction ----> hydronephrosis???) . . .
    I'm waiting for a call now to see what the labs showed.

    Dh is so worried, as it was almost a year ago to the day when his beloved Bobby, brother to Shel, whom we bottle-fed, died.

    We'll see how things go.
    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, in the midst of others' more pressing and looming troubles.

    I better go git ready.
    Y'all have a good one!
  12. by   jnette
    awwwww... (((Di and dh)))

    I do hope Shel gets what he needs... these dear furbabies of ours are just so precious to us.

    Hope you have a good weekend !

    Mutti's still snoozing, I have the last of my clothes on the line in the fresh breeze, and I'm enjoying some quiet time here. Will prepare Mutti's lunch shortly and about 2 pm my colleague is coming to help me reassess and re-dress Mutti's bottom.

    After dh gets home from his golf tournament, I'm going out back awhile.. don't want to waste any of this glorious day we're having !
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  13. by   Spidey's mom
    I just bagged up our garbage and found myself covered in ants!!!!

  14. by   jnette
    Quote from Spidey's mom
    I just bagged up our garbage and found myself covered in ants!!!!

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww............. !!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope they didn't bite you all over !

    Poor Girl. Off with the ants, OFF, I say !!!