Saturday August 19, '06

  1. In five short hours I'll be starting my 16-hour shift at work; therefore, I need to get some sleep after I finish creating this post. My hope is that everyone has a wonderfully pleasurable Saturday today.

    I'll check back in much later, so take care. I love y'all! :kiss
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  3. by   LauraF, RN
    Good morning Commuter. Didn't realize it was morning already. We are contemplating having ice cream before bed. The youngest two are a sleep. The older one is on my bed playing his gameboy. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
  4. by   dianah
    Good morning and good night!

    Commuter, I hope your shift goes smoothly.

    LPN,RNNow, have a good evening (ice cream sounds good! What kind do you have and what kind[s] do you like??)!

    I already finished a long post at the end of yesterday's thread, I'll not repeat it here, lol! See you all later! --- D
  5. by   suzy253
    Good morning everyone!
  6. by   Tweety
    Good Morning! It's a workday for me. Everyone have a great Saturday!
  7. by   sirI
    good morning all

    thanks, the commuter, for starting the good morning thread for all premium members. everyone come on in and have a good time with us. we share our daily lives here and hope you all come in today and sit a spell!

    hi, the commuter. hope your shift goes well. hello, di, suzyq, tweety, and lpn, rn now. hope this is a wonderful weekend for ya'll.

    need that won-derful black stuff that picks me up every single day, yes you know what it is that i need ...
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Good Morning

    Had a great day with the kids yesterday - you all simply have to walk across the Sundial Bridge someday.

    I need coffee too siri - it is 3:39 a.m.

  9. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Good morning. Was supposed to work last night, and didn't have to. Now, if I can only convince my debtees that this was actually a GOOD thing.

  10. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning I am off today but have to be up this early because of football. My ds has to be at the field by 7:10 am.
    I saw America in concert last night it was GREAT! Had a wonderful time. They had more songs than I could remember.
  11. by   sirI
    hi, steph. you are up early this morning! here's a cuppa for ya..

    good morning, tim. hope you have a good day.

    hello, jmgrn. i so love america. brings back memories of my college days.
  12. by   Spidey's mom
    Siri - thanks for the coffee . . . I'm at work. That is why I'm up early.

  13. by   sirI
    Ah, makes total sense now, steph.
  14. by   suebird3
    America????? Geez...ain't heard about them in a while. Love 'Sandman'.

    I work this weekend, and I ain't happy.