SATURDAY 20th October, 2007.

  1. g'day and to saturday! lol2:

    yes! it really is saturday!

    here's a little something to kick off your day:

    now, before you go running away.... this is australia's unique and favourite spread!

    we spread it on toast for breakfast, sandwiches and everything in between! it looks awful, but tastes divine!
    and, to help wash it down:

    that should get yer blood running!

    wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy saturday!

    catch you later when it's later in my saturday! :trout::spin::d

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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    you snuck in a saturday when i wasn't quite done with the friday but that is all right..i got a eating lesson preview for my trip to oz
    mornign gracie girl
  4. by   dianah
    Grace, describe the taste of Vegemite, please?

    Good morning!

    We're just winding down the day!
    Oldest drove youngest to a church youth meeting.
    Feels good not to have to shuttle.
    It's a whole new can of worry worms, though, lol!

    Tomorrow dh and I drive about 2 hr to the Twentynine Palms Adventist Church, to help our friend w/music.
    He said to have 3-4 pieces ready.
    We have 6-7, just in case.
    Old hymns (Flee As A Bird, Nearer My God to Thee) and a few newer ones, with our little twists added to them.
    We did a little arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon, then led into As The Deer (panteth for the water, so my soul longeth after Thee . . )
    Dh does such a great job on his banjo!
    He's playing an 1889 nylon string classic banjo.

    I must be tired, I'm babbling . . .

    Y'all have a good day!!!
  5. by   psychonurse
    Well there is about 2 hours left in my Friday but since I am here I will write a little also....I need to be doing something cause I want something sweet to eat and I don't want to. So I ate a spoon full of peanut butter and sat back down to type. My furkids have been out for thier last trip outside and ready for bed.

    I had a great restful day today. I worked 5-12 hour shifts in a row to get five days off but it was worth it. I am feeling so much better now and I still have 2 days left. I have done a lot of things for myself this week. I made some Halloween cards and some scrapbook pages on Wednesday, had a massage and then came home and had a teleconference for the union. Thursday I paid some bills and relaxed around the house and then took my puppy to an obedience class. I stopped at a Nothing but Noodles on the way home and I had some great crab ravoli and it was great.

    Today I worked on the books for the union and tried to straighten out my house a little bit. I got called from work to come in and work this weekend and I said "Absolutely not unless there is another riot."

    The next two days I have things to do for the VFW so it will make a really nice weekend. Lot of relaxation and then I will be ready to go back to work on Monday. I am going to take a little vacation and go to Reno the beginning of the month for a VFW function and have a little R& R for me....

    Will come back later and check the posts. Will keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers. Hope everyone has a great Saturday.

  6. by   Grace Oz
    Well, how to describe the taste, hmmmmm.........
    some say it tastes awful!!!! lol
    But, most of us Aussies raised on the stuff LOVE it!!! lol
    The best I can offer is it tastes savoury, a bit salty maybe.
  7. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from Grace Oz
    G'day and to SATURDAY!
    I remember the "Lucille Ball" discussion Miz Grace lol

    Can't make myself go to bed, no wanna ... lol -- but my butt says to get off of it so ... I better!

    Quote from dianah
    He's playing an 1889 nylon string classic banjo.
    Sounds like it is gonna be some wonderful music!

    Bet that instrument is mighty fine!

    Quote from psychonurse
    ... I need to be doing something cause I want something sweet to eat and I don't want to.
    Sonya, I am having the same prob tonight lol
  8. by   bethin
    Good morning!

    Going to bed, up early in am for work.

    Hope you all have a great day (and me too!) Had an interesting Friday but will blog about it later.
  9. by   nursemary9

    Well a nite off & I can;t sleep. Probably cause I did so little today.
    DH & I just kind of watched DVD's & Tapes ALL day!! DH tapes many shows for me every nite since I sleeo in the evening!!We still have MANY hours left. Er could Veg out for months!!

    So, I read & read & read till I got tired of reading---a Rita May Brown & Sweety Pie Brown book, Good book, but I was getting a bit tired of it all ready.

    So you all guessed it----back to allnurses!!

    Grace, Thanks for starting the thread!!
    I really think I would enjoy Vegemite--I love SAVORY!! Plus, I love trying new things!
    I'm enjoying a giant vodka and tonic right now, & that is relaxing me--more then it should be.
    Good morning to all--won't name eash of you.

    Well, you all have a good Sat. My Favorate show --Meerkat Manor==
    is on now, so I guess Ill watce it now.
  10. by   Grace Oz
    have a safe trip sunday, di!
    i'd love to come and hear you both play!

    sleep tight, bethin.

    zoe, have a nice cup of warm milk, that might do the trick! ????

    psycho, gosh! i'd be totally exhausted after those shifts!! glad you're rested. enjoy the rest of your time off.

    chats, are you coming for a visit down under???? hope so! be sure to come my way so we can meet and greet and i'll show you the sights!

    it's quite warm here at present! the glorious spring has turned into summer real fast!

    we've been doing more painting today.
    pic courtsey of; roccaways on flicker.
    and funnily enough, the wall colour in this pic is the same as our front loungeroom!
  11. by   Grace Oz
    hi mary ann!
    haha, reread your post girl!! reads like that vodka is slurring your spelling! lol
    i loved meerkat manor! excellent show!
  12. by   suzy253
    Quote from nursemary9
    I'm enjoying a giant vodka and tonic right now, & that is relaxing me--more then it should be.
    Good morning to all--won't name eash of you.

    Well, you all have a good Sat. My Favorate show --Meerkat Manor==
    is on now, so I guess Ill watce it now.

    LOLOLOL oh're really enjoying that V&T aren't you. How funny!!!!
  13. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning chats, zoe, bethin, suzy!

    , I'll pass on the vegemite

    Dianah I love those old hymns

    Mary I've read a bunch of Rita Mae Brown books too (like the earlier ones)

    Trying to decided whether I should head off to the inaccurately-named Chicago Botanic Gardens. They're not in Chicago, they're more than 30 minutes north of the city. From where I live on the west side they're 30 miles away (east into the city then north). It's a long drive but this may be the last time before Thanksgiving I'll have time to go, before all the leaves drop.

    I'll probably go...the last two days have primarily been about studying, and I'm getting both bored and a bit lonely. I just got some new film for my camera, so I can put it to good use.
  14. by   sirI
    good morning!!!

    thanks, gracie, for starting the good morning thread. hope you sleep well later on.

    hi, dale, di, psychonurse, zoey, beth, mary ann, joe, and suzyq. ya'll have a great saturday.

    teaching acls today and tomorrow. see ya later. everyone......