Satellite radio

  1. Anybody here have it in their home/car? (XM, Sirius, whatever)

    I've been thinking about getting it, but really know nothing about it as a whole. Was hoping someone could fill me in on some of the details. I'm mainly confused about how the equipment operates, and the online stores I've browsed so far aren't much help. I think I'd like to have it, but since I know nothing about it, I'm hoping someone could enlighten me on the basics... I mean, how are you supposed to know the difference between receivers, antennas, head units, detachable units, etc?

    Or if anyone knows a good site that breaks this stuff down into units even a dummy like me can understand, I'd love to see that too!

    Thanks guys!
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  3. by   sphinx
    My husband has XM satellite in his car. Don't know how much help I could be. re: antennas, his radio has a regular one for the regular stations, and another one for the satellite (it is like a black triangle in the middle top of his windshield on the outside). No switching is necessary, just change the station, really. There's about a gazillion choices available on satellite, and it's nice to have in the car if you are on the road much. He drives every other weekend back and forth about 1.5 hours each way to pick up his son, so it's nice to have radio you can listen to all the way (no static, etc). You very rarely get a spot where you don't get a signal. And it's neat how you can push a button to find out the artist and song title!

    Sorry I can't be more helpful, but thought I'd give ya at least that teeny bit.
  4. by   rollingstone
    Satellite radio sounds good, but like cable or satellite TV it becomes another monthly utility bill. The digital cable I have has tons of music stations, commercial free, if I want to listen to them. Granted, I don't have commercial free radio in my car, but usually listen to a CD or news anyway.
  5. by   nekhismom
    I think satellite radio sounds like a good idea. I just wonder how much it costs? I mean, since I am going to be moving soon, it would be HANDY, but I don't exactly want to create much debt.
  6. by   traumatango
    I had xm in my car about a year ago before I traded it in, cost me abt 9 dollars a month, actually listened to that more than the regular radio, and the commedy channel was great.. Grin
  7. by   kmchugh
    I got Sirius in my truck after moving to WAY rural Illinois, where the most common radio programs seem to be aimed at telling me exactly why I am going to hell. I pay about $12 a month for it, and I think it's worth every penny.

    I like to listen to music, which I get several channels of commercial free. I like talk radio (but not fundamentalist browbeating), which I also get now. I also love the comedy channel. Best part is, as I drive cross country (which I do occasionally), I can listen to a program without having to search the dial as I leave a stations broadcast area. I can listen to the same program, and never have to search.

    I love it.

  8. by   qbfan413
    Have had it for over a year and love it........we have a boom box for at home and adaptor for the car. We have XM and have no complaints. My husband really likes it for NASCAR and other sports.....GO PACKERS