Satan's Child

  1. I need some advice from all you wise people. My four year old daughter and I have been discussing what she wantedto be for halloween and we finally came up with being a princess. Anyway she is sooo exited she went and told the 4 boys who live next door. The family is very religous and that's fine but they have taught their children that Halloween is Satan's Holiday and anyone who celebrates are Children of the Devil. They keep calling and taunting my daughter calling her the Devil's child and they keep telling her she is going to burn in hell. She is totally freaked out and is now terrified.

    I went to talk to my neighbor calmley and nicely and she wanted to hear none of it, she told me my family and I ARE GOING TO BURN IN HELL. She then went on how about how I am a disgrace being a single parent on so on, how could I do that to my daughter, I wont get in to that It's a whole other story.

    She asked me what I teach my daughter about other holidays such as Christmas and told me that she is going to teach her the TRUTH about Santa Claus and the real meaning, Thats when I lost it, It is my business what I teach my child not hers.

    So I need your help I have no idea what to do with her and her children they continue to terrify my daughter no matter what I try to tell her and teach her.

    Any advice is welcome Please help
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  3. by   NICUNURSE
    I would also remind this woman (who I assume is Christian), that the bible also teaches tolerance and doesn't give any of us the right to judge one another.
  4. by   ERNurse752
    What a freak...

    Sounds like you've already tried confronting her and reasoning with her.

    I hate it when so-called "religious" people go around judging and condemning other people.

    She needs to realize (and it sounds like you've already tried this) that her beliefs are her own, and she can teach her family whatever she wants. But everyone else's family is NONE OF HER BUSINESS!

    Since there is no reasoning with her, I would make it clear for her and her children to STAY AWAY from you and your daughter.

    I'd probably tell her if she tried to "teach" my daughter one more thing, she could teach it to my attorney too...

    Good luck and let us know what happens...

  5. by   nascargirl381
    The thing that makes this the worst is our children go to pre-school together. My daughter goes 4 days a week and her son only goes once thank god, but he taunts her there I told her to stay away from him but he has the other little one's doing it as well, It's a shame kids learn this so young...

    Thank god school started, she home schools the other ones so they won't be around to often!!!
  6. by   dawngloves
    What a weirdo! I am so sorry for you and your daughter! I wish I had some advice, but I am so mad right now!
    Maybe you could tell her and her kids that you are Satanist and you are working on a spell right now and it'll work the next time they come within 100 feet of you and your daughter!
  7. by   sherae40

    I am so sorry that you have had to go thru this. Your neighbors are NOT Christians in any sense of the word. They symbolize the holier than though Pharisees of Christ's day.

    While, it is true that Halloween is actually Satan's holiday - this is not the way that true Christians act or should ever attempt to respond to someone else. It is not their place to judge you for your beliefs, lifestyle or what you choose to teach your daughter.

    I am a born again believing Christian - that does not mean that I am perfect by any means - it simply means that I am forgiven for my sins. I am also a divorced single mom of three kids. I do understand the pain and condemnation that many so called Christians project onto us single parents. Please remember that is their problem and not yours. Jesus loves us for who we are.

    I applaud you for attempting to talk with your neighbors. The one thing that I want you to know is that your beliefs regarding Halloween and/or Christmas and other holidays - has nothing to do with heaven or hell. You will NOT go to hell for celebrating Halloween. Your neighbors on the other hand will be held accountable for the people that they hurt - supposedly using Christ's name. It would be interesting to find out what religion/faith they practice. I will guarantee you that it is not of God's choice that they treat you and judge you in that manner.

    There is only one reason that people go to hell - it is by not accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. As we all know there is alot of sin and evil in the world, but that even is not what sends people to hell - although if they are practicing evil, then they really haven't accepted Christ into their lives. Some day there will be alot of people who thought that they were going to heaven - totally surprised at where they find themselves.

    Now - what to do about them? Myself, I would talk to the police as this is harrassment. If any of this occurs at school, I would also involve the principle and counselor. This is not the way that it should be - but unfortunately there are religious fanatics out there that give us true Christians a bad name. If you are interested in finding out more about the Halloween info - check out - James Dobson's site - he will have some good info on there.

    Please tell your daughter that Jesus loves her - and that she will not go to hell by being a princess.

    God bless you.
  8. by   nascargirl381
    Thats a good one maybe we'll put some hoods on during the next full moon and chat loud enough in the back yard for her to hear us.

    I need some exitement in my life and that could definetly create some.
  9. by   cactus wren
    What a horrid experiance for both your daughter, and you....I`d for certain go to the preschool, and let the teachers in on what`s been going on, surely they can corral that poor misguided boy....I personally feel that people like that mom are practising child abuse. No child should be taught hate of people with different beliefs.
  10. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by cactus wren
    .... No child should be taught hate of people with different beliefs.
    Exactly right!!
  11. by   nascargirl381

    Thanks!! I think what surprised me the most was her comments on being a single mother, she knew I left a very bad marriage and It was the best thing I could have done for myself and my daughter. She actually had the nerve to tell me I should have stayed in an abusive marriage. She told me that my daughter was going to suffer now look what I done to her life and that we would never amount to anything!!!!!

    I started nursing school when she was 3 months old worked dead end jobs to pay the bills, managed to stay off welfare and graduate from nursing school, while the dead beat dad threatend our lives and then finally disappered

  12. by   mario_ragucci
    Lol, you can assure this woman, and her daughter, that there is absolutely no such thing as satan, hell, devil or pitch forks. All peoples from all over recognize some kind of made up representation of evil in people. Tell her to take it easy.
    For Holloween, have your daughter dress up as jesus getting killed with the crossbeam and painted nails (in palms). Another kid can go as mohammed in some arabic turbine beating himself with pretend chains. Lol, you know. That would be so cool.
  13. by   nursecheryl
    Find out where this family goes to church and call the minister of the church and let him know what this family is putting you through. Sometimes the head of the church can put a stop to this because no truely christian church would agree with this. You can also talk to your minister/priest/rabi, sorry I'm not sure what religion you are. And, see what advice he may have for you. The other thing that concerns me is if she is willing to treat your daughter this way it may be a sign she isn't the greatest mom either. Maybe child services needs to check this place out esp since she home schools things can be hidden much easier. Does she seem neglectful or abusive. I wouldn't do this as a payback but she dosen't sound to sane to me. Kind of worried about the poor kids. You've seen carrie haven't you
  14. by   nascargirl381
    She and her husband seem to be great with the kids, they are always doing something with them I know that they go the the YMCA almost everynight, going fishing and camping. They do not look like they are neglected in anyway. She is your typicall PTA mom and he's the cub scout leader. Your Leave it to beaver type family. I know they go to the catholic church up the road bit I don't know if I could go to the head of the church though, but if the harassment continues I am going to have to.