Santa Gossip! Who's been naughty? Oh I aint gettin nuttin for Xmas Again! Lets Play!

  1. I heard that Santa was only coming down one person's chimney this Christmas...
    Uhhhhh I've been sworn to secrecy but I am just waiting for the culprit to explain just why she went against tradition and left her buttered buns on the table instead of the usual milk and cookies, Hmmmm?
    Now Santa's giving all our gifts to HER!
    And last night at work I opened the linen closet and you'll never guess who was in there with some little guy with pointed ears wearing green TIGHTS with a little red hat! Believe me I now know why they call'em tights!
    Anybody else have any strange unexplained Holiday happenings?
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  3. by   duckie
    I have to confess, I have been a bit naughty this past year but I had really good reasons for all the naughty stuff I did.....honest. I just bet you give me a few minutes alone with that Santa fellar, and I'll be gettin' all kinds of goodies in my stocking. Oh Santa........come to Duckie!!!!!! That's right, come to Ma Ma......MaMa make it all better!!!!! Yea baby!
  4. by   duckie
    CAUTION.......the above post has been made by a deprived woman who has had no lovin' since her sugar daddy got this nasty little critter called, MRSA! BOB, oh BOB, where for art thou dear BOB?????? 'scuse me, gotta go take another cold dip in the duck pond!
  5. by   baseline
    I've been very naughty.....but I was good....I mean NICE!
  6. by   Mkue
  7. by   emily_mom
    I've been so darn nice this year that it's just about killed me! Wait til next year when I'm finally done with comes the coal!
    I've been very naughty. But what's new?

    I heard that this Gazza guy is really Santa, using a fake user name to check in on us and see if we've been naughty or nice....

  10. by   karenG
    well being good is not fun although it depends on what you are good at!!!!

    so think I can expect coal for christmas.

    and I havent spotted any of those elves round here- maybe they are only found in America????

  11. by   CraftyLPN
    coal and a glass of water and a toothpick clean the water from between the teeth this year!!!!
  12. by   Lausana
    I think I've been nice this yr...but just in case I plan to sit by the fireplace on Christmas Eve wearing nothing but a garland skirt and a couple dashes of tinsel :uhoh21:

    Hey you gotta do whatcha gotta do my friends!
  13. by   LasVegasRN
    Okay, don't let me see Santa. I asked that fat fart for a man last year and what did I get?? NOTHING!!

    Yeah, bring yer fat azz down MY chimney SANTA. I GOT SOMETHING FOR YA!!
  14. by   BadBird
    My Daddy told me when I was just a kid that he shot Santa, so I have been naughty ever since. Hehehehehe