Santa Clause gets the boot...A very merry PC Christmas

  1. Has anyone else heard about this?????...I applogise for not remembering exact details, but, l heard an elementary school banned Santa!......not Baby Jesus...but Santa for crying out loud!!!...Instead they will have a clown visit the children. Most pple who know me even a little bit thru this BB knows l despise PC......when is enough enough already....where do we draw the line and when will the voice of reason speak up and expose these namby pamby idiots that are afraid to offend anyone? Are we going to come to the place where we can't decorate the outside of our private homes because they are on a public road/street and might offend someone?...honestly, l can see this happening. I think pple should boycott moronic behavior....It's not about demanding the religous aspect of Christmas be observed..(although l am all for that)...In fact this rant is not about religion or personal is about unreasonable expectations and restrictions of displaying whatever it is Christmas means to you in a public place.

    It was a big issue in Cincinnati a couple of years ago because along with other icons of other religions, a Nativity was displayed...wasn't a problem until the KKK came along and demanded to put up their cross...and legally couldn't be stopped. The next year early, like in March, several buisnesses reserved all the space ahead of time so that it wasn't an issue the following year.....and this year...nothing of any religous theme can be placed....So l do see where sometimes this is a difficult situation.

    My theme here is not should religous expressions be allowed, but how far can they push this PC?....right on up to our front porch?...I mean when you ban Santa ........seems to me that in trying to preserve liberties...the VERY FAR stripping them away at the speed of lightening......I HATE PC!
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  3. by   Robin61970
    It's all a big load of ********....and yes I said it.....for god's sake let the kids be kids......
  4. by   kimmicoobug
    I hear ya, Robin. Sad.
  5. by   Mkue
    That is PC gone too far, what is this world coming too?
  6. by   emily_mom
    The ACLU is trying to block a group of parents from putting an angel statue in a park in memory of children that have been lost. It is near one of the local hospitals, and they want to make a big donation towards it. What the hell is it hurting? Angels are so big right now and not just used for religious things. Hope they don't come to my house...I'm an angel collector!

  7. by   canoehead
    I agree, Santa doesn't seem religious to me.

    But just to put another spin on it, in our town the only guy willing to sit there for hours and be Santa turned out to be a child molester in his spare time. Cute huh?
  8. by   l.rae
    WHAT IF...they say you can't wear Christmas theme clothes/jewlrey and such in public?...l honestly think it is coming to that....some may say it's an over reaction, but, if they had been told 5 yrs ago Santa was going to be kicked out of Christmas when the PC BS over nativities was brewing...would they have taken it seriously?....doubt it....
  9. by   researchrabbit
    Clowns instead of Santa? Most kids are scared of clowns. Just goes to show that schools really aren't in touch with kids.
  10. by   BadBird
    Just goes to show that there is a never ending supply of azzholes in this world. I think all the parents should dress their kids up as Jesus or Mary that day and send them to school.
  11. by   Robin61970
    Let them tell me I can't wear Xmas crap in public....guess my ass would go to jail cause I would do it just because they said I couldn't do it! And I don't even like Christmas,LOL
  12. by   l.rae
    Originally posted by BadBird
    Just goes to show that there is a never ending supply of azzholes in this world. I think all the parents should dress their kids up as Jesus or Mary that day and send them to school.
    ROTFLM..politically incorrect..AO:roll know this point in time, l believe you could actually get away with that....when the 10 commandments were banned, there was a movement to have them printed on t-shirts for kids...and they couldn't ban them from school because they fell in the guidlines of dress code for non-uniformed won't take them long though...wait and see...........LR
  13. by   Ted
    . . . . Santa is religious! He represents the sacred "Commercialism". . . . a very strong and popular religion in our country!

    Right now, I'm praying to Santa for a $2,400 video camera. I'm combing the white beard of a Santa Statue as I type!!!! All praise Santa! "Please give us things. . . lots of things. . . and may the stores make lots of money off of your devoted congregation!"
    (And give Teddy his coveted digital-video camera!)

    O. K. . . everyone join me: "Amen! "

    :chuckle :roll :chuckle

    Yep. . . I'm not a real fan of PC. . . this one story about banning Santa is definately over the top!

    Santa must be seen by all. It is His commandment!
    "Dig Deep into Your Pockets. . . .and Spend, Spend, Spend!!!"

    All together, now: "Amen! "


  14. by   l.rae
    Ted, if the PCer's have their way you will be tweeking the nose of Bozo the Clown (instead of combing the santa beard).....having said that.....AMEN brother Teddy.....carry on........LR