santa clause

  1. how did you learn there was reaLLY NO SANTA CLAUSE? i may have learned later than some because my brother and sister were four and five years older than me and when i would question it they always gave me an answer just like my parents. anyway, i can' remember my age but i learned from my sunday school teacher by her telling us a story of how her kids found santa clauses presents hidden in the shower. my mom was ticked when i came home and told her that i knew there was no santa clause.
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  3. by   kewlnurse
    Yo, what are you talking about? Is this supposed to be a joke? If it is, it isn't funny. Don't bogart the Claus man.
  4. by   Cardiolo
    What? There really is no Santa Clause?
  5. by   MollyJ
    Tiger, you musta been really baaaad. Santa still visits me. Coal in your stocking, huh?
  6. by   night owl
    Yes I'll admit it. I got coal one year. I got caught peeking in some presents that I found...WHAAAAAA!!! He still visits me anyway.
  7. by   RNforLongTime
    only 113 more days till christmas
  8. by   CEN35
    The other second graders were talking about it. Well..........I came home and told myyounger sister............and we decided from what we have heard, that if our parents knew, that we knew there was no more Santa more presents. So we pretended every year there was a Santa Clause......until like 5th grade.......when my parents asked if we really still beleived in Santa Clause.......and we said sureeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Had to keep those presents coming ya know?

  9. by   waggy-2
    Santa Rules!!

    Sit on his lap every year at the in-laws.

    Also sit on Santa's lap for a big bag of M&Ms every year at our
    fire company's Christmas Party. Do almost anything for M&Ms.

  10. by   CashewLPN
    hey-- do you all really mean theres no santa?
    haha... good joke...
    I mean, yous all really had me scared for a minute...