Santa Claus

  1. Hmmmm...think about this Santa he knows if you have been good and he knows if you have been bad. kindly old gent or a CIA spook?

    or how about this....Santa wears a red suit with a flowing beard and flies around the world giving toys to all....a nice old guy or a communist subverisve with the marx type beard and RED suit and toys for all from the state?.....

    just a thought or two


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  3. by   night owl
    he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake...maybe a stalking sob with a spy satellite to boot!...the pervert

    all in all, he's a pretty nice guy anyway :d

    merry christmas dave!
  4. by   Jenny P
    Dave, you are either sipping too much spiked egg nog or working too many doubles in a row.... Everybody KNOWS it's all of the magic of the season that makes Santa happen!!
    Seriously, one of the few memories I have of my Mom is when I was about 7 and she told me there was no Santa in the red suit and sleigh. She'd had a set of premie twins that died at Thanksgiving and her heart problems were starting to really make it hard for her to do things. I was second oldest of 5, and she told me about Santa because she knew there wouldn't be much of a Christmas that year. But what she did tell me was there is a special magic at this time of year that allows or makes things happen that can't happen any other time of the year- time seems to stretch so special things get done and children are better and lights shine brighter, etc. I always remember that; and I definitely find it's true. So that is Santa to me. Now, how about sharing some of that spiked egg nog??!!!