Same Sex High School

  1. as i surf the net and this site, i am listening to the local news. one segment was regarding same sex high school to possibly be implemented this fall in pa. i am still thinking how i feel regarding this issue because if it starts in pa, it is possible to catch on state wide throughout these united states.

    there are pros and cons to this idea and would like to know your opinions, thanks.
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  3. by   pokey sn
    I thinkd a same sex high school would be a good idea. For one there would be little stress about what people are wearing and whose dating who. Kids could just focus on their studies----that's a good thing.

    i see that you are graduating soon. My final is tommorrow and my pinning is the 27th of May. We are almost there!!!!
  4. by   emmy
    I am enrolling my daughter into a same sex high school next year. I remember when I was at school it seemed to me that the teachers spent a lot of their time trying to get the boys attention and little time teaching. This isn't the only reason that I enrolled her into this particular school, it also has a great arts and technology centre, something which interests her greatly.
  5. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I think same sex high-school are especially good for girls. When a school has only females as students, then the validictorain is female, the class president is female, and so on. No need for such nonsense as cheerleading, when there are no males on sports teams. In a regular HS, the cheerleaders are the most popular girls. At an all girls school, the focus tends to be more on brains, and academics, rather than looks.
  6. by   karenG
    I went to an all girls school...........yes its nice not to have boys there- cos you do tend to work! the flip side is no contact with boys means they seem like aliens and interaction with them tends to result in lots of giggling! I dont regret going to an all girls school, we had no competion for the best clothes- we wore uniform, it was polite and we tended to work hard and not break the rules. however one of my teachers told me at a re-union that he prefers a mixed school because an all girls enviroment can result in bullying and girls tend to be *****y and a bit catty. (think of work sometimes- all female nurses can be a little stressful!) so pros and cons to it. my sons attend a mixed school and are developing a healthy attitude towards women- respect included! Although my eldest at 17 says girls are very expensive!!! he's learning!!

  7. by   jnette
    I, too, attended an all girls high school. No distractions, no competition for boys' attention. School was for learning.. one's social life was for AFTER school.

    I think it's great.
  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    pokey, thanks and congratulations to you, too!
  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    thus far, i agree with the pros of your posts. i was trying to find the article online with hope it would convey the reasons this suggestion was ponder. thanks for your inputs.
  10. by   teeituptom
    I can see advantages
    I can see disadvantages
  11. by   Chibi Baka
    I can see advantages
    I can see disadvantages

    I agree, however one pro i am really thinking of is... well the lack of thousands of preganant girls like at my school.. they travel in packs or somthing too.. it is really quite disturbing.. there are 4 pregnant girl alone in my 3rd hour... i find it unsettling for some of the children that will be born to these less than competant "mothers" (some are good people but most of them are just too selfish and stupid to have kids(e.g one thinks her boyfriend wont cheat cause shes pregnant. she thinks she owns him now. its sad because when shes not around hes all over anything with breasts and 2 legs... he is 18 and still a sophmore.. shes a senior...sad really.)
  12. by   teeituptom
    thats one thing for sure
    boys will be boys
    girls will be girls
    going to different schools wont slow thwm down
    I dated a cheerleader at a neighboring high school, the enemy school, didnt slow us down either
  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    I gotta wonder if "depriving" the sexes of each other doesn't make them a little more eager to "be together" when they do get together...KWIM?
  14. by   teeituptom
    Quote from CNM2B
    I gotta wonder if "depriving" the sexes of each other doesn't make them a little more eager to "be together" when they do get together...KWIM?
    as a kid I was always eager

    now Im older

    and eager about GOLF