Sad Green Eyes....

  1. Hey everyone...You all have been so great to spend time reading poems and pieces I write...I consider you my most important critics...I recently removed some of the poetry posts as I am entering them into consideration for publication...(One can dream) This piece actually WAS published in Childbirth Instructor Magazine, in 1998....I was the runner up! (well, I didn't make Miss America so this was GOOD for me!)....

    Sad Green Eyes....

    Sadly she said," You can't know how I feel," and sunk down into her chair as far as she could possibly recoil from me, her nurse. Alone, abandoned, and in labor, she had every reason to shut me out. I recognized the resigned edge to her voice. I had been there myself.
    Silence overwhelmed us. Gently I approached and took her hand in mine. Exasperated, she defiantly rolled her beautiful green eyes and snapped, "You can't help me so do whatever you're here for and get the hell out!" Angrily she withdrew her hand.
    I heard myself say I knew exactly how she felt. Curious at the conviction in my voice, she snuck a peek, relaxing ever so slightly in a silent bid to continue.
    So, I shared my own story of unexpected pregnancy and abandonment, but coupled it with assurance that she needn't give up hope and might possibly, in time, even feel joy.
    Soon dissolved in tears, she accepted my hug. Renewed hope in a successful future for herself and her child, along with memories from my past merged in a poignant moment of nurse/patient connection, something I will never forget and perhaps an event she may not ever recall....
    Yet, even if only briefly comforted, my young patient was able to connect with someone who genuinely understood, enabling her to rediscover her own strength.
    Why am I a childbirth educator? The answers are as varied as the patients we serve. Teaching is important, but sometimes the most precious moments are those beyond ordinary nursing intervention.
    Every day I somehow manage to touch the hearts and thus, the PEOPLE I am privileged to care for, which enriches me in ways I can't adequately convey.
    Quite frankly, I am the lucky one......

    Written by........Martha Crowninshield O'Brien RN 1998
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  3. by   kaycee
    Very nice Martha!!
  4. by   Nittlebug
    wow. That was GREAT ! I wish I could write like that. It really conveys the emotion of the moment. And those moments are what we nurses love.
  5. by   mother/babyRN
    You CAN write like that...Just pretend you're talking.....Thats all I do, or write down the memories as the words play out in your head. I am no more talented than anyone else...Your thoughts and opinions mean much to me...Thankyou...