Sacrificial sales?

  1. I really enjoyed all the reponses to " Whats in your car?

    Great minds think alike and.. hey maybe we were all Girlscouts or Boy scouts at one time know BE PREPARED ;-)
    Question today:

    Have you ever sold something that was very important to you so you could help a friend, family member, or improve another's life?

    This response dates me

    In 1981 I sold my very HOT 1976 Gran Torino..Baby blue,
    V8 engine, cassete player, ski racks on the top, seats so large that at least seven friends could catch a ride in my car.

    We did not wear seat belts then. We literally drove around with arms and legs hanging out of the windows.
    Of course in the winter we just hoped that no one fell out as we spent time spinning doughnuts in the parking lots :-)

    Anyone with me on this?

    Anyway, I sold my Beloved Torino and dealt with one car in the family so I could work less and stay home with my first born son.

    It was a sacrifice without regrets!!

    How about you? Any sacrificial sales?

    Joy and Smiles *Darla**
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  3. by   kids
    In 1988 I traded in my 1978 'bored, blown and blue printed' Trans Am as a down payment on a 1984 Caprice Classic station wagon (held 8) as my then husband and I had just been given custody of his 3 children, giving us 6 kids total.

    I still miss my car