Ryder Cup Revisited

  1. Just crying about the spanking the Euros gave the american Team. I cant personally recall such a spanking either at it. MY Praise, and Kudos to the Euro Team, they performed Fantastically and showed excellent spotsmanship throughout. Collin, and Sergio, and Darrin and the others congrats, job well done.
    American Team I would love to say good try. I would love to say that even in losing you can hold your heads up high. But I can't say that. The pummelimg, the spanking you recieved. And from what I saw and the lack of pride, and failure of spirit and determination that was displayed. Woods, Toms, Mickelson, DiMarco,Furyk you should be ashamed. Zack tried and actually showed a little light, maybe there is hope for the future.
    With all the talent on the American Team. And maybe thats the problem. Overpriced, Overpaid, Over rated. At the very least keep it close. Not just have a melt down. Or is that part of the answer. Maybe they need and only will perform Financially, Financially and not with any pride for representing American Golfers and people.
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  3. by   EricJRN
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  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    Tom Lehman said the European team was phenomenal.
    The American team was never able to develop momentum.

    Didn't Tiger begin to make birdies in the back nine starting Saturday? Too little, too late.

    I'm sure they're celebrating like crazy over there! Good for the Europeans.