Rx For Healthcare Professionals

  1. Nursing students were doing rounds in a hospital. They noticed that the nurses were all wearing pins on their uniforms. When they looked closer, saw that the pins were shaped like apples.
    "Excuse me, " they said to one of the nurses. "Every nurse has a pin on that looks like an apple. Did you all graduate from the same nursing school ?"
    "Oh, no," answered the pretty young LPN. "We wear them to keep the doctors away!"

    People who provide a service as important as healthcare take their work quite seriously. RN's, LPN's, and CNA's, devote most of their waking hours to the care of the sick and needy.
    And dealing with day-to-day issues that effect the health of humans can be quite stressful. Coping with pain and suffering, handling emergencies, understanding the needs of anxious patients, explaining complicated medical procedures to family and relatives, incredibly long hours, as well as juggling a dozen different decisions, and you've got a classic pressure-packed day in the life of a typical healthcare professional.

    There are many ways to contend with stress - everything from jogging and paddle ball to biofeedback, aerobics and herbal tea. All these methods work to some extent but they take up precious time. The quickest, most effective way to beat stress is to go after some good giggles.

    Why use humor in the workplace? The answer is simple.
    You get immediate results. It takes no special talent or ability, no physical prowess or skill, you aren't required to have a masters degree or a license, it makes you feel good, it's fun, fat free and you don't need batteries.
    Humor and its ability to diffuse stress has been the subject of intensive investigation. There is now incontrovertible scientific evidence that laughter can actually change the tense atmosphere of the workplace into a relaxed environment that will improve productivity.

    Often the laugh is provided by veteran Nurses:

    After visiting her uncle in the City Medical Center, Barbara took the nurse aside and whispered to her, "Tell me honestly, is he making any progress?" "No, and he never will," replied the pretty nurse. "He's not my type."

    CNA's often have to deal with patients whose comments can cause unnecessary stress. Handling them with humor lightens up the whole atmosphere.
    "I'm in love with you, " the hospital patient told his CNA. "I don't want to get well." "You won't," said the CNA. "The doctor saw you kissing me, and he's in love with me too."


    Nurses have a sense of humor and enjoy bringing a smile to a colleague's lips:
    Marie and Blanche, two nurses, were having lunch in the hospital cafeteria. "Why does the x-ray specialist keep dating Donna the night nurse?" asked Marie. "She's so plain."
    "Well," said Blanche, "I suppose he sees something in her that others can't."

    Keeping a supply of funny things provides comic relief when you need it. Medical science has made US aware that there is now another way to cope with stress. Healthcare professionals who may need a cure for one of the most depressing and debilitating maladies of our times, can now access the newest and best prescription: Humor.