1. Any fans?

    New albums is great, and I'm very excited about the tour. We've got tickets to an August concert in Nashville!
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  3. by   nurs4kids
    oh..i thought this was about Rush Limbaugh

    who is Rush anyway?? <old>
  4. by   caroladybelle
    Sorry, not a Rush fan.

    May see Styx, Journey or Heart if they tour though - class reunion this summer, so the 80's music thing is running through my brain.
  5. by   misti_z
    I can't believe I'm the only one !!

    nurs4kids--Their first album was in '74 and have had 21 (I believe) albums since. The latest was released last week.
    Very good rock music, amazing drummer.
    Rush website
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  6. by   misti_z
    Ok, I knew there had to be others, so I did some searching thru old threads......

    Rick, how bout you?
    Dan, Xanadu?

  7. by   jevans
    I left Rush behind BUT i am going to the Ozzfest in the UK this weekend. Went last year Ozzie was fantastic! afraid of slipnott but my kids luv 'em Tool wasn't bad. Saw Deep Purple a couple of months ago there was no need for strob lighting all that was needed was touchlights off the bald heads
    Just realised I must be tired spelling now bad.
    Also seeing Meatloaf in June at Cardiff Castle should be great
  8. by   petiteflower
    Love Rush!!!!!--Hey carol--I am going to see Styx-and-Kansas tomorrow night--and have tickets to see Journey in September.

    The 80's ROCK!!!! What year did you graduate?? Me in 83.
  9. by   kewlnurse
    Love Rush, but their last good album was Moving Pictures. If you live on the border where i do you get chastised for not like them, Triumph, April Wine... Every once in a while you'll run into somebody who's brother was in high school with Geddy or Alex... or "Yeah dud Rush Played at my senior prom, than me a Geddy smoked a doobie", lol

    Xanadu is one of my favorites

    Speaking of Rush and Canada, anybody remember being able to bu this stuff called "Rush" over the counter, it gave a wicked short term buzz if you snorted it, I beliee it was butyl nitrate.
  10. by   caroladybelle

    Had ticketws to see Ozzie/Foreignor at the Orlando T-Bowl - it was the show that got cancelled when the plane crashed and Randy Rhodes was killed - I still have the stub - I wore a tacky terry cloth tube top and had just gotten a bad 80's perm - My hair got bleached out by the sun.

    PetiteFlower, I am class of 1982 - even though I was already early admit at college. A small central Florida school - its going to be interesting. You know in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" where the girls at the lunch table rag on the girls dressing like Pat Benatar - Well, I was the dress like Stevie Nicks chick at school (Would have done Kate Bush, but no one would have gotten it).
  11. by   Furball
    Originally posted by nurs4kids
    oh..i thought this was about Rush Limbaugh

    who is Rush anyway?? <old>
    So did I!!! And I listened to RUSH in college a lot!
  12. by   mario_ragucci
    Emotional feedback, on a timeless wavelength, barring a gift beyond price, almost free

    Some will trade their dreams for small desires, and lose the race to rats, get caught in ticking traps, in the mass production zones.

    Our hope will depend on a world without end, whatever the hopeless may say.

    "What three rush songs ar these lyrics to? No one know :-(
  13. by   jevans

    Just returned from the Ozzfest
    Spent a weekend soaking wet and freezing cold!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great company though!

    Ozzie was fantastic Tool ok but Slayer was better this year

    We have decided that next year we are coming to the States coz I hate the British weather in May

    Next stop is Stonehenge for summer soltice
  14. by   jevans

    I was very different in school, was into the Sixities and involved in the MOD revival------- miniskirts and parkers scooters as well
    It caused a lot of friction in our house as my brother was into heavy metal and Harleys
    never could our friends meet even though 2yrs earlier we were in the same class with the same interests
    I think I did it just to rebel
    I watch my 2 teenagers acting the same now
    Son's "A Mosher" Daughter's " A City Chick" ??? [I think that she is into any pop music witha pretty face and cute bum- boy bands]