Running for the boarder

  1. I don't know why l'm so outraged and mad...l shouldn't be surprised..........just heard on FOX News tonight that the kidnapper of the little Runnion girl may well be a Mexican national...which means if he runs for the boarder and makes it across...he cannot be extradited to US fot this henious crime he committed.....because...the longest sentence in Mexico for any crime is 40 yrs and they will not extradite a National facing a life sentence or death penalty.....l know this was an issue with other countries following 9/11.....however, l think this is a slap in the face considering how freely Mexicans traverse our boarders and work in our country....somehow can even get welfare benifits...THis makes me wanna this point in time l am mighty glad l don't live in a ''boarder state''......some neighbors huh???................................LR :angryfire
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  3. by   fergus51
    Canada has the same policy when it comes to extraditing accused criminals who may face the death penalty. They actually required that the state of California guaranteed they wouldn't ask for the death penalty in the Charles Ng case before they would extradite him. I assume Mexico would do the same. Hopefully that sicko won't make it across the border and he can be tried however the state sees fit.
  4. by   traumamomma
    If you can cross the border for a wage increase equivilent to $120 an hour, free citizenship for your newborn, free health care, free public funded education, why not rape and murder?
    Don't forget this is not the first

    If Mexican terrorist try to come here, we are doomed.
  5. by   l.rae
    Imho this creep is a terrorist.....l know about Canada's policy, and France also......but Mexico won't even extradite for a life sentence...give me a break.........l would be in favor of abolishing the death penalty if they replaced it with hard labor camps instead of airconditioning, cable tv, and free college...etc....we should make these trashy humans wish they were dead.........LR
  6. by   kristi915
    They caught him! He killed her right? And her body was found 60 miles away from her home. It's on there's a little section to the left of the screen that says he was caught and more details would be coming soon. I was watching soaps, and that emergency thingy popped up and said that he was!!
  7. by   jennyej
    This world is getting worse by the minute. We have so many children, women, and now even men just disapearing. Why in the world would someone want to harm a little 5 yr old girl? I don't have any children and with the way the world is today I am beginning to think that I don't want to bring a child into this world.
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    Not too sure that the world is getting worse by the minute. IMO due to internet,TV and easy access cars. We are just HEARING about these things instantaneously today. Lots more was able to be kept hushed up before this medium developed.. Situations like these have been happening for generations.
  9. by   Debbielynn
    I personally think in crimes like this, the parents should have the right to punish as they see fit. Torture is a word that comes to mind. Or better yet, lets send him to Big Bubba in prison and he could become bubbas new love slave for a few weeks.!

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